View Full Version : Green CU's versus pills of 2001

25-07-2001, 01:59
Ok, I have been thinking about this for a while now so I thought I would put a post in to ease my mind. The green CU's have pretty much gone down in history as the best pill ever from what I have read. I have never had one of them, but what I want to know is there anyone who has still been dropping them and if so, are they as good as you thought compaired to awesome ones we are getting these days (eg: MDMA TP's, Yonnex's, Blue Hearts). Personally I think back when the green CU's were out and there wasn't much good stuff going around, besides the gold cK's and a few others. Does anyone think that maybe the green CU's were only about as good as a TP anyway, but it was time when not much was going around which made them get such a good name for themselves? Just interested to know....thanks.

25-07-2001, 02:29
OldSkool vs. NewSkool Pills (http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/Forum35/HTML/000338.html)
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