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22-07-2001, 17:24
AS I SAID B4 THERE !HAS! BEEN COCAINE FOUND IN PILLS AND NOW HERE IS THE PROOF. www.dancesafe.org/labtesting/ (http://www.dancesafe.org/labtesting/)
sorry but even the admins/mods can now say sorry Bitch we were WRONG.I was RIGHT yet again.white ez / no name...9.0 x 4.0
288mg Miami, FL
July, 2001 MDMA (95.2%)
Cocaine (4.8%)
typical (black/purple) so sit on that!
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22-07-2001, 17:29
thats a fucking shame.
(a) what a waste of coke.
(b) that is the fuckin dodgiest looking pill i have ever seen. some fuckin gimp has now verified one of the biggest myths about pills.
still, no heroin and no glass http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif so herald-sun can bite my ass.
... (http://www.praystation.com)got a place for watching that will paint pictures and colour lights... (http://www.once-upon-a-forest.com)

22-07-2001, 17:36
well just a couple of quick things.
1) thats one pill out of 30 for that month, and roughly 1 pill out of 200+ that i have seen sent in over the months. Considering people generally send in strange pills not good ones the percentage is even smaller.
2) 4.8% * 288mg = 13.8 mg http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif. Not sure about you but if i ate that much coke i dont think it would do crap, let alone that much mdma and its more effective orally. Yes one pill has coke in it, yes we knew that from some other site that reported that years ago too. But your saying you can *feel* the coke in pills thats why you know theres coke in pills. How you could is beyond me. This really doesnt prove much except that some dealer wasted or spilt a shitload of coke.

22-07-2001, 17:58
Sorry guys not here for an argument thats 4 sure.Just a while ago there was a thread witch MOST people said there was NO cocaine found in pills AT ALL.I dont give a shit about the ratios of active content nor do i care about the ratio of ez tested, and positive returns of cocaine found.All i care about is that I said there HAS been traces of it found and to shove the "LAB REPORT" up the asses of those who said there is NEVER cocaine in pills.Basically all this is...is a "see i told you" and a "yes i was right yet again" thread *looks at mods* with the *BIGGEST FUKN GRIN*Thank you columbian pressers i believed in you all along ...Now we CAN all say.. Dam guys...these ez are cokey...AHAHAHA LMFAO! Thats gotta shit ya.
(nickstar) that amount of coke wouldnt do shit i know http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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22-07-2001, 18:10
Bitch1, I think that the issue was and still is twofold:
1. Cocaine & Heroin are more expensive than MDMA, making them impractical adulterants for use, and vastly more profitable sold as what they really are.
2. Cocaine & Heroin are not orally active in the ammounts present within a pill.
Which finally begs the question, what are you on about? The fact that this combo can be made is no reason for it to be mass produced or marketed, and you most likely will never run into these substances sold as MDMA. The mods and everybody else remain correct in their rational assumptions. Pills containing cocaine and heroin are deemed so rare that practicality negates their existance. The pill in question seems to be a one-off of debateable importance.
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22-07-2001, 19:37
First of all, the amount of coke in the pill is even less than 13mg or whatever it was figured out above... (sorry, not trying to play you down)...because that weight includes the filler. bitch1? What the hell are you on? Musta been one nasty comedown that forced you to get so fired up. You know what? it could be some big conspiracy, and that pill could have been made by someone involved with the media, and they sent it to dancesafe themselves...just so a pill could have been found with coke in it! Maybe! shit ay?
Are you going to have a big cry when pills with heroin are found too?
Speaking of fillers, does anyone know the average amount in a pill, or does it differ alot from pill to pill? One of the pills on dancesafe weighed over 300mg and yet only MDMA was found in it. are we talking 2/3 filler to 1/3 gear? I hope its more even...
Thanks to the genius who pointed out that the weights should instead be mg's as apposed to g's. (corrected)
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22-07-2001, 19:42
Dude (thoth) your obviously not all there so i shall try my best to dumb this down enough for you to understand.Your point 1 & 2 are taken and i already know this.Why these were brought up i dont know.My point is... no matter how small the quantity of coke or how rare it is... there is still coke found in ez.Now nobody ever said it was RARE... 90% said this combination was NON-existant.So my point is just to set these knobs straight with lab tested proof that no matter what you say coke and mdma in pill form can and will be found.Every mod said this mix was a myth and never to be seen... so my point is simply... THERE IS COKE IN SOME PILLS! Got it now THOTH?Was that so very hard for your mind to absorb sooo much infomation at once?now thoth go to the top and re-read it again.****(then repeat till it makes sense)

22-07-2001, 20:17
Um, no heroin in pills, maybe.
There were two pills that I saw which tested positive to opiates under an E1 tester, these were red ck's and blue mitsi's, both same size and shape and both well pressed.
I had a blue mitsi and it certainly gave heroin like affects e.g itchy skin, pinned pupils, nausea, stoned and made the effects of marijuana greatly exasibated.
So maybe there is "heroin" or another opiate in some pills.
Allways test first and you can be pretty sure of an amount of goodness over bad.

22-07-2001, 20:21
oh yeah I know a dealer who sold quite a few of these dodgy opiate like pills.
I can certainly atest to the fact that one was quite active orally.
Think of panadeine forte and I'm sure you'll agree that a pill can contain enough opiate to be noticable.
Again, allways test.

23-07-2001, 01:48
As DanceSafe does NOT list quantitative amounts of active ingredients i.e. how many milligrams of XXXX is in a tablet, the figures quoted are relative percentages of the active compounds and NOT percentages of the pill weight.
So if the pill weighed 288mg, it was VERY unlikely to have been completely composed of active compounds.
More likely is that the pill contained less than 120mg of MDMA, as they usually do. So if the percentage of coke was as stated, @4.8%, and for arguments sake there was 120mg of active ingredients, it means there was 5.76mg of coke in a pill.
If an average small line (20 to a gram) of coke is say 50mg, and if it is the normal shit quality of coke in this country, say 30%, then even a small line of shitty coke is ~15mg. And many people dont even feel any effect from snorting it.
I speculate that coke was added either by accident - someone grabbed the wrong bag, or opened one over the pill mixture and it spilled, or maybe as Bitch said the pills came from South America where such a product is cheap. It may have also assisted as a binder. Someone also said they look poorly made which should remind you that the people pressing the pills aren't necessarily those making the products.
Potential variables added everywhere.. thank goodness for DanceSafe.
And Bitch, your elegant manner of presentation will ensure all who doubted you will be reminded of it forever. And if anyone gives you shit again just bump this thread..he.he

23-07-2001, 03:31
bitch1 needs to remove the barrel full of grudge from her ass
talk about uptight and for no real reason
as your argument has about as much significance as well.. hmm i dont know
it just doesnt have any
by telling us this, you have solved nothing, made yourself look quite silly.
sorry im not normally this harsh, but you caught me on a monday....
your like those people who think cause they have been dumping for ages, they know evertying about it... newsflash.. you dont
i bet you have said heaps "whoah im coking full off these pills"
ps. i really am nice, really i am http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
pps. and the person who stuck up for you, prolly just wants to get jiggy wif you
ppps. im a fuckwit http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
the secret to success is clean underwear and a good top hat

23-07-2001, 03:35
Hahahahah you want an apology? hahahahhahaha
Oh boy...
Yes, we know some stupid pill makers put cocaine and heroin and anything else they can get into pills once in a while... Most have enough brains to realise how much of a waste that is... (as has been pointed out by many people in this thread, and countless others)
The point of many of us saying that there is no cocaine or heroin in pills is because of the common belief that there are lots of either 'cokey' or 'smacky' pills, it was never a definative statement on behalf of the mods/admins that there has never and will never be ~any~ cocaine or heroin in pills...
You're right that some people did believe that there is definately never any cocaine of heroin in pills, but your arguement is based on a technicality and a very minor one...
Supaspeed recently had a talk with someone in the police force who deals with testing pills that they receive, and apparently none of those tests ever showed heroin or cocaine... *shrug* ...they could have been wrong, but its irrelevant, the point is that none of us are ever likely to come across cocaine or heroin in a pill... We might one day, but the chances are slim enough to justify saying never...

23-07-2001, 03:39
One example of each:
Red cK, sydney = some kind of opiate.
White noname, usa = trace elements of cocaine.
Yellow McDonald, melbourne = pieces of glass.
Pills not containing the above elements? Over 1 billion served, thankyou drive through.
This doesn't help our education of the media and the public at all, but it's worth saying to prove that we're not interested in hiding the truth. There have been pills found in Europe containing caffeine + atropine, but we don't often warn about those combinations because they are very rare.
The take-home point that we've been trying to emphasize from day one, is that the dangerous combinations are uncommon in most parts of the world, and that the harm-minimisation actions that we are all capable of taking (ie., using a tester, observing common sense, keeping hydrated and cool etc.) are usually enough to keep you alive in most circumstances. If you're triple-dropping unknown pills in a sauna then be prepared to be a statistic.
Someone who took a number of the above pills wouldn't even notice the cocaine content, and it wouldn't be a health risk issue. There would be more influence from set & setting on the MDMA content of this pill than from the cocaine contained. Therefore the cocaine content is not only a moot point, it's also a waste of money on behalf of the pillmaker for two reasons. First, the cocaine content is less than active, so you couldn't charge more for these pills on that basis. Second, I would hazard a guess that there is NO country in the world that cocaine is cheaper than binder and filler, so it's not economical to use cocaine in their place. It's probably more likely that the pill picked up a few milligrams of cocaine on the surface by being stored in a used bag.
I would be far more concerned about the massive temperature increase and dehydration risks associated with ingesting a pill containing PMA/PMMA. This is why I believe it's far more important to educate people as to the dangers of the common dangerous adulterants than worry about rare or benign combinations.
BigTrancer http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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Mr E. Moore
23-07-2001, 03:46
pfffft. Big deal. Just because some dodgy piece of crap has trace amounts of coke doesn't change much.
I don't think anyone ever said that it would *never* happen, out of the thousands of pill batches out there there was always bound to be some idiot putting something utterly stupid in their pill.
What we all said was that it would be a big waste of money and coke if they ever did do it, as I'm sure the presser of this pill would admit.
by the way, did anyone have them new mitsis? they were heeeellll cokey man, choc full of coke I reckon hehehehe roflmao.

23-07-2001, 05:00
Damn, thats why those Splits were sooo cokey! couldn't have been speed/mdma effects!
Gah. As stated above, the amount is tiny, coke is a waste, and the pill looks like it was pressed in some random raver's house rather than a professional outfit of international crims.
You've won - there was trace amounts of coke in a pill. congratulations. Ever see the story on Discovery Channel about the $100 US notes? 6/10 contained traces of drugs, ranging from coke, meth right through to LSD traces on one. These were 10 random samples collected from 10 different sources in one US city. Amazing.
But wait, pills are often made by people who dabble in more than one area... could it be that the pills were stored in an old baggie (BT), or that they were shipped/stashed with coke? Or did some dumbfuck chemist get given an ounce of coke and think it would be funny to mix it into his batch of 10,000 he was making? Who knows.
Coke was NOT the active ingredient, as are many other adulterants, and as stated before, the ethic is to mainly focus on adulterant that are harmful. Pissing contests need not apply.
As for the "opiates" - rumour has it that pills are getting chocked full of prescription opiates just to get people fucked up so they wont know they have been ripped off. Think morphine, etc...
Anyhoo, coke in such a minor quantity may coiunt statistically, but not make any difference in the way i classify my pills when i eat them, and i think the same goes for the rest of us here.
If you eat a pill/snort/what the fuck ever, and you can notice DISTINCTIVE traits of coke (eg numbness/coke "feel") then maybe you have a right to call it cokey. But if you are speeding off you tits on shitty wizz and read somewhere about coke in pills, you have no right to go on and on about cokey pills. Or those "opiate" pills that smacked you out.
As stated by tarsy - no coke/Heroin ever found in pills in the last a least 3years (which would have to be the time of most prolific growth in the "rave/E" scene), and as an addendum, opiates are most likely prescription painkillers dished up by your aussie makers.

23-07-2001, 05:13
play nice stylin.... http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
the secret to success is clean underwear and a good top hat

23-07-2001, 05:34
bitch 1. I understand what you are saying. It not impossible and it does happen! But they were not having a dig at you, they were saying it happens, but VERY VERY VERY VERY rarely, almost never!
So insulting people when they are just talkin to you is...well....
not cool.
Before you give someone a peice of your mind, make sure you can get along with what you have left :)

23-07-2001, 06:41
I don't understand why you are arguing and stuff about this thread....
i think the point is to say that 'yes there is cocaine in -=some=- pills'
However, i'm not going to quote dancesafe just cos of this pill. My definition of a pill with coke in it, is one that will affect you due to the amount of cocaine in it.
So everyone agrees there isn't any glass in pills???
This is hearsay :
i. Glass found in hq (orangey/pinky/salmon) reflective pieces in core.
ii. Whole staple found in unknown pill.

23-07-2001, 06:55
Don't want to cause a stir but... those opiate filled red ck's and blue mitsi's were available for over a month and I know a dealer that sold over 50 of each.
What kind of dealer? a damn dodgy one, that's sure but he still has alot of customers regularly buying bunk or speed pills from him. He is currently selling Bunk MTV's and He had the good ones a couple of months back.
I know of another dealer that sold some of the red ck's and blue mitsi's too.
What's my point? some dealers who sell regularly can and will sell anything.
I may have learn't not to deal with him but I reckon most of the people buying pills from him have never had E.
Opiate pills or any other crap mix can happen and rather than debate about the regularity of such shit in the market maybe we should just let the facts be known?
So if you're buying / receiving then test it and stick the results on pillreports.
Please Ü

Mr. Horse
23-07-2001, 07:53
a lot of good answers to a pretty stupid statement. I dont need to go on about it, its all been said.
I think its funny that bitch1 expects us to start worshipping the ground he/she walks on. hehe, I thank you for a different reason bee-atch.... for cracking me up everytime I read your posts. Always worth a laugh~

23-07-2001, 08:04
You know i try hard to please. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

23-07-2001, 08:37
*sarcastic slow hand clap*
so i'm one of these mods/admins thats supposed to be apologising?
ah well, guess you missed me, and many others de-bunking the "No Cocaine" myth over a year ago. see my comments in this thread (http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/Forum6/HTML/002093.html) in New to XTC. relating to a pill found on the Eve site, containing 22mg.
notice how the FAQ isn't called "No Coke or Heroin in Pills"? it's called "The BULLSHIT MYTH about Heroin and Coke in E" coz which ever way you look at it, there's lots of bullshit to be found.
this is why we have FAQs, so we don't have to endlessly read fools "discovering" things...

23-07-2001, 08:56
This is only the second time I've heard of cocaine in a lab tested pill. There was the "scorpion" pill with only 20mg of coke(off memory) and now this.
Bitch1 you were right.
Everyone seems to preach that their is NO COCAINE or HEROIN in pills, when their are rare occasions that these substances are found in pills. As incredibly rare as it may be, it does happen.
It's obvious that what you're saying is correct. No one seems to be directly attacking any of the points you've made. I don't understand why everyone's getting so defensive about it.?
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If you want to get anywhere you'll have to run much faster.
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23-07-2001, 09:42
enough for people to say that no pills have coke in them,
i have heard SO many times people saying "these pills are cokey"
when they are sooooooooo wrong its not funny
its just the speed/mdma combo
her argument is pointless
and futile
the secret to success is clean underwear and a good top hat
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23-07-2001, 12:56
Bitch1: u said initially u didnt want this to turn into an argument yet u come on hear with this attitude.
The whole point of the matter is that people r concerned about what is in pills that will EFFECT people!
There are God knows how many substances in pills which go undetected or unnoticed because they have no appreciable effects.
Thats what we r concerned about here. Yes u have found a pill with cocaine in it; of course there r odd pills with cocaine in them; but the point is it DOES NOTHING. Its irrelevent.
Heroin is different. Heroin is not orally active but morphine is; and thats what heroin turns into when it hits stomach acids. So i would suggest there could be opiate like pills of morphine and codeine. But while pressers r dumb enough to put coke in pills, i think the cost factor of heroin would prevent its inclusion.
And if it is ever found, then the pill can be considered a morphine pill. Because that will be the pill's EFFECT!

23-07-2001, 15:06
Hey voose!
"the amount of coke in the pill is even less than 13g"
"One of the pills on dancesafe weighed over 300g and yet only MDMA was found in it"
Im getting ripped the fuck off! I want my 300g MD pills! Either that or pills with 13g of coke in them!

23-07-2001, 16:29
Screw the coke... I want one of the pills for its MDMA content.
By my reckoning, that pill contained 274mg of MDMA... mmmmmmm! http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

23-07-2001, 18:33
I think i am with bitch, agreeably coke is more expensive, but that mor expensive that it won't be used. And depending this constituents is what makes a pill good or bad, and hence different rolls everytime the pill is different, also roll on most pills is quite different from what u get with pure md... powder anyway..
infact in street value md... pow.. and a gm of co.. is about same price.. it is just that a lot more of co... is required for same roll and the roll is quite short lived hence more of it is required and hence overall use id expensive. bitch i am with u on this buddy.

24-07-2001, 02:14
bmradio - wtf are you on about?
Hehehe... Jakoz - I think they meant that of the active ingredients, 95% was MDMA, not 95% of the total pill weight.

24-07-2001, 03:25
Here's a theory for you all:
some stuborn person pressed their own pill containing cocaine, just so they could run around saying... "Look! theres cocaine in pills!!!"
or i may just be REALLY cynical http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

Mr E. Moore
24-07-2001, 03:56
the roll would be short lived? have you ever tried eating coke? go home, buy a gram of coke and swallow the lot, tell me what you feel. probably a numb mouth and thats about it. I mean, really people, do you think it's going to do anything at all??

24-07-2001, 05:38
BROOOOO!!!!!!! http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif
lol @ bmradio
no offense but im amused
the secret to success is clean underwear and a good top hat

24-07-2001, 08:17
Heroin is different. Heroin is not orally active but morphine is; and thats what heroin turns into when it hits stomach acids.
is this true?

24-07-2001, 09:58
It is important to be aware that the oral route is ineffective for certain drugs, like heroin, as the stomach destroys them or makes them less effective. Heroin is changed into morphine in the stomach, and once the morphine has been absorbed into the bloodstream, it passes through the liver on its way to the brain. During this journey through the liver, so much of the morphine is destroyed that only a fraction of it reaches the brain. Therefore, swallowing the small amount of heroin possibly contained in an ecstasy tablet would not have much of an effect.

24-07-2001, 16:59
I love how people justify their stupid shyte. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif One pill is found to contain coke and there we have it! Justification of claims that pills have coke in them! I think maybe we can put this down to an outlier.
Outliers are generally disregarded due to their irrelevancy to the specific field being examined. In this case this result may be due to the pill sitting in a bag that previously had coke in it, or it could be due to someone dropping a bit of coke in their MD mix. Either way, it doesn't mean shit and this is once again bitch1 simply trying to stir shit.

28-12-2001, 10:07
Just wanted to clarify this, I havent been able to find any good info. How much coke would you need to take ingested orally to feel any effects. Is it true if you ate a whole gram you would feel nothing but a numb mouth?
Any sites with info?

28-12-2001, 10:24
still trying to find some real info on this, but the thing is, the effects of cocaine can be so subtle at times, how could you tell if you were really feeling anything?
put it this way, taking cocaine orally is a very inefficient way of ingesting it, meaning that much of it would be wasted as it is absorbed by the digestive tract. would you really want to take something that costs this much in a way that would waste a large part of it?
found this in my travels, soem might find it interesting...

28-12-2001, 11:47
[quote]It's really a shame that the Establishment doesn't apply itself to teaching people how to use drugs intelligently and creatively, since, clearly, such paths to competence and maturity exist. If I had known ten years ago what I have learned through much reading and thinking, I would have saved myself a lot of money, and, more importantly, a lot of grief and self-destructive behavior which I have, fortunately, survived.That has to be one of the most intelligent things I've read. :)

28-12-2001, 15:09
this is quite funny...

30-12-2001, 10:34
technically, bitch1 is right.
realistically, who gives a shit. even if the whole pill weight of 288mg was PURE cocaine it wouldn't do much when orally ingested. when people say "there's no coke in pills" what they really mean is "you can't get a cokey effect from eating pills". and they're right!
take a look at yourselves! haven't you got something better to do, like watching grass grow?

30-12-2001, 15:15
Argh, not this thread again...
Can anyone say 'petty semantics?' or 'insecurity complex?'

31-12-2001, 04:33
Ahhh pure pre-NYE comedy this thread is...
Luko...Watching AND sniffing the grass grow is so much more fun...But the lights really hurt after a while! ;-)...
he he he...Happy NYE all! EnJoy, smile, laugh...and be merry.

31-12-2001, 10:18
what about if I swallowed 288 GRAMS of cocaine? Would this do anything other than earn me many bluelights threads dedicated to my moronic behaviour? Like if you did something like, say, snort cheese?
Lets think of it this way. With all statistical analysis, there is always a percentile that is ignored, usually the bottom and top 1-5%. So therefore, finding 1 pill with coke in it out of tens of thousands (probably hundreds) that have been manufactured in the past few years is hardly noteworthy.
Case dismissed. :)

31-12-2001, 12:07
I don't care what all of you think, I kinda like the taste of Cherry Coke.
But seriously, Johnboy, thanks for the article. Sorry to go off-topic and then go off-topic but would you or anyone else know if that method (in the article (http://leda.lycaeum.org/Documents/Safer_Cocaine_Administration.12959.shtml)) would work with MDMA pills as well? Will the alcohol or water degrade/oxidise/react with the MDMA to reduce its potency? How long will it last? I wasn't sure if this was worthy of a new thread so please be gentle ;) . Let me know and I'll start a new thread if required.
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Plague Bearer
02-01-2002, 09:58
Ok, so some moron put coke in a pill.
Given that such a tiny amount wouldn't get a ant out of bed I don't think we really need to give a shit.

02-01-2002, 12:03
Reply to the question about heroin: yes heroin is metabolised to 6-monoacetylmorhpine and morphine -both are still active.
And heroin is given orally for pain relief in some european countries. So it is orally active.
edit: I better give a reference...pharmacology 4th edition Rang, Dale, Ritter
Does coke come up with a colour change on EZ1 test? The ester bonds look like the first to go. It would at least bubble.
Heroin/morphine (and codeine??) come up red to purple on EZ1. That's what the tester made by www.chemicalgeneration.com.au (http://www.chemicalgeneration.com.au) claims. I'll test one on a pandeine pill.
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03-01-2002, 12:37
...unless you have something interesting to add, which thankfully some of you do.
yaya: the answer is you could, if you really wanted. everyone knows you can snort MDMA, either as "pure" powder, or as a crushed up pill. so we all know that you can feel the effects of MDMA taken nasally. the alcohol, or water or whatever wouldnt really have any effect on the substane itself. does this mean you should do it?
you really gotta ask yourself why you'd want to do this. MDMA is a long lasting, reasonably cheap, powerful drug that works very effectivley when taken orally. Cocaine, on the other hand, is a short acting, hideously expensive drug, that isn't especially orally active and requires either intravenous injection, or close application to a mucas membrane. Due to its cost it is understandable that many peope would seek alternative ways of getting more "bang for their buck", and especially as the the most common way of using it, insufflation, can be damaging to the nose.
MDMA works just fine orally. If you find that MDMA isn't working for you as well anymore, it isn't because your stomach has stopped working, it's because your brain has changed. No alternate route of administration is going to fix that.
Also the oral route allows all your body's defenses to save you from something that might not be MDMA.
So yeah, you could take MDMA this way, the question really is why would you want to?
popper: yes heroin is orally active, but from what i understand the percentage of morphine that ends up in the bloodstream after this metabolism, especially after the small amount that could be contained in a pill, is so low as to be in most cases unfelt. AFAIK, Australia is the only country where lab tests have shown heroin in pills. What hasn't been released is the amount of heroin. My guess it is a quite small amount by pill weight, especially as they have often been "cocktail" pills, with a number of substances.
Heroin gives a distinct vivid red/purple, more sorta hot pink, to the Marquis tester (E1).I doubt you'll see that reaction from a panadol, but feel free to try. I've seen street heroin consistently give the red/purple and it was me who verified this for chem-gen.
cocaine and Marquis? ummm i'm not sure. i thought there was no reaction. i'll have to check my texts for sure. i seem to remember it having no reaction to Marquis, and that the only test that did indicate its present was the Cobalt (something) test. (forgive my uncertainty, i'm away from home atm) unfortunately PCP also gives the same reaction...

Coke Attitude
06-01-2002, 00:56
rather boring topic...
should try snorting coke up ya ass, now thats something to write about !!!

06-01-2002, 08:15
Thanks for the info + perspective, Johnboy... much appreciated. The reason I asked was cos that seemed like a useful way to administer MDMA in small doses for light recreational use. (insert Jack Nicholson courtroom voice: "Is there any other kind?...").
Letting thread die now...

06-01-2002, 14:36
Theoretically, a panadine (containing the opiate codiene) should test up red on the E1. Not panadol, which only contains paracetamol. Does anyone want to check this? I don't have a tester.