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20-07-2001, 04:43
Anybody got the dirt on the new batch of the white motorolas which have just hit Sydney?
Any input would be appreciated

22-07-2001, 07:02
I know of two different ones, the ones that are wide with a circle around the M on the edge of the pill (like a rim around the pill) which have been good in different colours incl white.
And dodgy smaller unrimmed ones that just look dodgy all round.
Hope that may help.

**ozE angel**
23-07-2001, 16:59
had a white motorola sat nite...got it off a friend, import.
kinda biggish...very deep, clear M stamp on it, scored on the other side.
tested black so mdma...totally luved up, not all that speedy or smacky really.
very clean feeling, cleanest pill iv had in a while, reasonable comedown, usual skatteredness and (yay) for the first time ever i didnt puke!
a defin8 winner...i hope that helped
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24-07-2001, 09:24
Here's a report:
These are going around the Gold Coast at the moment.

25-07-2001, 10:02
Yep, I am on the Gold Coast and recently tried these. No probs with them, good quality and does what its supposed to do.
Happy Hunting!!!

25-07-2001, 11:15
i have had these too. they have been around sydney for about 2 months or so. they are ok, i have seen some people get quite messy from them. Large pill, not a very hard pressed pill and crumbly, they are the same ones no doubt. My experience, was ok, little messy,little chargy. Im a bit unsure of the contents due to the way different people have reacted. Id give them a 5 or 6, theres alot better out there, but of course personal opinion!