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17-07-2001, 10:06
I've had a bit of a problem, both times i've been pilling i've got sick afterwards... i'll be fine (well kinda sketchy) for a couple of days afterwards and then i seem to come down with some kind of bad cold... glands swell up, headache, sore throat and shit... i'm not sure if it's sleep deprivation or an allergy to E... both pills i took were MDXX...
any suggestions ppl???
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17-07-2001, 11:05
checkout.. Tonsilitis linked with lue? (http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/Forum35/HTML/000358.html)
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and also perhaps..

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Basically, a hard night out and a mixture of drugs and the environment, fully screws with your immune system and leaves you quite vulnerable to getting sick. Not to mention water bottle sharing.. etc..

17-07-2001, 11:34
try eating overly healthy leading up to your big night and maybe some multi vitamins and vitamin B tabs. this seems to help me power through to the next weekend . Oh and plenty of catch up sleep can't hurt!
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17-07-2001, 11:47
ohh... i used to get that.... but not anymore. its could be from a) dancing too much and dehydration b)not enuff dancing... the stuff stay in your system, its happen to me b4. and remember the higher u go, the harder u drop. and it s drugs, so it will most likely have bad effects.

17-07-2001, 11:52
try eating overly healthy leading up to your big night and maybe some multi vitamins and vitamin B tabs. this seems to help me power through to the next weekend . Oh and plenty of catch up sleep can't hurt!
Concentrate...it's in YOUR reach.If you deny this, than its YOUR fault...

17-07-2001, 14:11
One word:
From my (short) experience, there's absolutely nothing better. I think the mix of bulk vitamin Bs and C does v.good things. Out of three times I've pilled, one with vitamin C tablets was ok, the next with nothing was pretty painful, and the third with berocca was def. the best. Before, just afta (as you come home) and then the next day (afta some sleep). That's worked really well for me at least http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

17-07-2001, 17:16
I agree. I think what we call post-e sickness is actually post-"staying up all night, not eating anything, dancing like a motherfucker" sickness. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif I find a combination of antioxidants (eg Bio-ACE Excell -- really good stuff) plus extra vit C, E and B-group vitamins works like a charm. I also take echinacea when I have a big weekend (I'm pretty sure it's been said here on BL that it's perfectly safe to have with pills) and I reckon it makes a huge difference -- it also helps your skin stop looking dirty so even if you feel like shit you won't look like it! http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif Hope that helps!!!

17-07-2001, 17:19
Just as an afterthought, some more advice...
EAT!!! I know food is the last thing on your mind but it doesn't do your body much good to go 24 hours without food. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

17-07-2001, 18:23
OK. Taking drugs CAN (not does, can..) lower your immune system. So take multivitamins, berocca etc and keep get plenty of sleep. AND EAT! (I know, this is all hard but...)
Also remember, you are USUALLY in an environment with hundreds of other people breathing their germs on you. Sweating, dancing in a warm club with your body temp slightly higher, your immune system down and surrounded by shouting, screaming people getting real close trying to talk to you....
It's bound to happen. Look at me, I'm sick now for cryin out loud!

Miss Peks
18-07-2001, 03:41
Yeah I'm sick too, and I'm on hols http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif.
Sometimes no matter what you do there is no way of avoiding of getting sick, but these things will usually help.
Don't stay out for hours after a party, try to go home and get some sleep!!! Take some fruit next time you have a pill (ridiculous I know, but it helps!!!). Before you go out try to have a restaurant meal (not shit food, but healthy food), it's good!!!. Afterwards and before hand make sure you are getting all of the neccesary vitamins that you need.
Another thing that people I know should consider is this (not that I can talk).
Going out every weekend and staying out all night and sleeping all day regardless of if you're taking pills or not isn't going to help your immune system at all!!!!!!!!!!! If you're getting sick constantly maybe your body is trying to tell you something, like hey I can't handle doing this I NEED A BREAK!!!
Oh yeah that last paragraph was for everyone not neccesarily you E-4ria http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

18-07-2001, 04:02
I agree totally, Pekkie -- I went out to heaps of places last weekend and finished up at Cage Friday night and Altona Saturday night. I haven't had any substances for a month, and I haven't shared my drinks with anyone, but still ended up with a massively sore throat on Tuesday and I'm suspecting a decent flu. Possibly it's a combination of being very tired, and spending lots of time in an enclosed environment with heaps of people during winter. I'm surprised more people don't get sick on a regular basis to be honest.
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18-07-2001, 04:11
i still get sick after i go out. cold cold cold!! my nose is so runny and ive not been overly naughty. so like pekkie said, well, i guess it is time for a break. my body is telling me so. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif
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