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05-12-2010, 21:59
Can anyone tell me what the dosage is for powdered Kratom? I bought 1K of Bali to try, it came as a powder. I have tried it twice so far, using an amount that fits into one of those little dosage cups that come on a bottle of Nyquil.
The effects are pretty good yet mild. I have been using pod for two years and am looking for something to get me off of it, so I am cutting down on pod and replacing with Kratom, so far it's not too bad but have to get the dosage right. After pod i am used to the taste so no problem there. All this you can take 28 grams of this type but only 3 of this type is crazy.
Also if you have powdered Kratom can you just eat it? I have a friend that tried this with pod, he made tea and then ate the mash, after he said he would never do it again as he couldn't $hit for a week and when he did it was like a brick in the desert.....

So what's a good dosage for powder and can you just swallow it? Is there any advantage to make it into a tea?


05-12-2010, 23:35
i think the dosage depends on the person and i would suggest making a tea with 1 level tablespoon of powder and see if that works. if not then up it by 1/4 tablespoon the next day and repeat until you get what you want from kratom. i usually add some lemon or lime juice or grapefruit and consume the whole mess. good luck.

05-12-2010, 23:46
Pods and kratom don't mix well - the pods out-compete the kratom for receptors in your brain. If you use pods, wait at least 6-8 hours before trying kratom. Also, if you are a pod user you are going to have a high tolerance so you will need more kratom.

Bali was a good choice of kratom for quitting pods. When I quit the pods (after a long taper), I need like 12-14g of bali to feel a good effect. Note that 12-14g feels good, but not very intense, however, adding another 6-8g of bali only leads to a dizzy nausea feeling. So if you find a dose is feeling alright but not quite there, only add like a 1/4 of the original dose.

Yes, eat the kratom powder. I mix it with water and chug it down. Tea might kick in faster, but I think it's a pain to go through the work of making a tea with it. If you don't like mixing it with water, you can make little bundles with rolling papers or toilet paper and swallow them like a pill (known as `bombing.`) I use both methods, mixing with water and bombs.

If you don't have a scale and don't want to get one - I would stick with the nyquil cup for measuring, but next time try maybe 2 nyquil cups worth.

05-12-2010, 23:48
So no straining, just drink as is? I think I probably am at the 4 or 5 level tbls. yesterday and today. But I don't get any of the "upper, talky, happy effect" that I heard of with small doses. The first day I stuffed a large capsule with some and that did nothing. With the 4 tablespoons, then straining, I get an effect like taking 3 tramadol, not much but kinda of something there.
Right now much better than WD so I will take it.
Also any better batches out there, I got Bali reserve...... Like 145 for 1k, there is some stuff out there selling for 20k for a kilo........ So does the more expensive must be better rule apply?

06-12-2010, 00:04
Thanks Jay! Just the info I needed. So I thought I would taper the pod, less in the morning and then in the afternoon use kratom and maybe tramadol. Or do you think it's better to just stop the pod and go only kratom? I am down to about 1/2 cup of crushed pod per day.

07-12-2010, 03:25
Forget straining - just get used to drinking water with kratom. If you can handle pods, you can easily handle kratom. A bit of an acquired taste, but with all things that make us feel good, we begin to associate even the nastiest of tastes with feeling good.

More expensive doesn't always mean better - too many different vendors with different goal$.

I would say taper your pod use down to a teaspoon or less a day. Take your time and taper slowly. A good slow taper will take as much time as you need to feel as little discomfort as possible. This last time I barely felt any w/d. I couldn't afford to not be able to function at work.

I would suggest not using the tram unless it's an emergency. I would say try not to use kratom until you are down to a few teaspoons - or maybe even until you are done with pods entirely. For me, I find pods are sooooooooo long acting that I can dose once a day and feel zero discomfort. But YMMV, tapering is about listening to your body and what you are really feeling - not listening to your mind saying `I need to feel better than good!` Make sense?

You have to know how much pods you have left, or are willing to pay for, and if you have a deadline on when you need to be off them.

07-12-2010, 05:22
Jay, Thanks so much for all the help, sorry to say its great to talk to someone thats been through it already, but I see you have some comon sense that I lack. I thought half a cup of pod was pretty low, a teaspoon I don't think would even matter. I am just so sick and tired of the whole crushing and making tea every day. Like you I have a demanding job and family, I was going to get on subox but I made yet another mistake, I started cutting the pod but adding fioricet. I figured since pod was in such short supply for some reason this year I would use what I had and kinda switch over to fioricet and not feel too bad, for some reason I was scared to get on the subox, money, docs, hooked again, just didn't seem good. Then I found Kratom and thought it might help. My subox chances are gone as now its just not an opiate but fioricet also, but I think I can still drop the fio's if I have to, I have only been using the prescribed amount per day, 4-6.

anyway I will give it a shot, cutting the pod is hard, at first I found that one dose would last for 2 days and you could only do it once every 4 days, my friend got hooked right away, and told me how bad th WD was. I was thinking, how could anyone get hooked if you can only take it every 4 days, but sure enough I squeezed it to 3 then 2 the every day, not even getting high, just normal. I never increased the dose stayed pretty much at a cup of crushed. Then I cut to half a cup one day and one cup the other. Now I am so tired of making it and paying for it I just want to get back into work and family. I have some kind of social adversion problem so any kind of drug helps with it, up, down, sideways anything to get me talking, my mother used to say I was shy. So I need something but am afraid to go to the doctor or make an appointment even...... Thanks for the great info, I ordered a couple small amounts of different kinds of Kratom just to see if there is any real difference......

Hope you are winning your battle over there, and stay safe....

09-12-2010, 05:10
I understand the need to feel like you are talking to someone who understands your situation. That's why I try and help out with advice where I can. There aren't too many other ways for someone who's been addicted to help others out with their experience.

You say crushed pod - that could weigh out way different from blender ground pod, which is what I did. Our systems of measurement are hard to compare, so a 1/2 cup of crushed pod could be much less than I picture. If you can afford it, but a decent gram scale - it helps to have a standardized `language` in common. If not, no big deal, in any measure, tapering is the same - reduce the amount as much as you can without going crazy. Then stay at that amount for a few days, then reduce again.

I'm not familiar with fioricet - I've only googled it and it's one interesting ingredient (butalbitol) - I would ask what would happen if you reduced your use of fioricet to 4 times a day, or 3? I don't want to encourage you to taper two things at once, but I feel like fior with pods is overkill. Again - it's hard for me to be specific because I'm not entirely sure how much of each you are taking.

In any case - tapering is so much more easy than cold turkey. BUT, it takes determination and a calm attention to what you are feeling, and reaction based on reason. Yeah, I'm a little analytical so for me once I know what I want to accomplish (get off pods, or kratom) I take notes daily. If you haven't already, I suggest taking notes of your progress, tests, and results. For me, having a journal of the experience helps to make sense of things in the long-term versus the current moment of `I don't feel good enough, so I should take more NOW.`

If you haven't already, search this site for the other threads on tapering substances. Maybe there will be some info in them that can help you. Be sure I'll be checking back here to see what's going on if you need someone to bounce ideas off.

I've quit pods and other opiates 4-5 times now. 2 (or 3) were hell from cold-turkey, and required me checking myself in so I wouldn't off myself. The last 2 times I didn't have the option of checking myself in, so I was very dedicated in tapering - and it's been fairly smooth sailing this way. It might not be the easiest, but determination and a support group can do it. Support group being anyone from family, friends, online forums, doctors, or 12 step groups. Just get people you trust on your side to help you reach your goal.

09-12-2010, 20:43
Thanks so much, Jay
I purchased a scale, should arrive tomorrow.
The problem with most of this tapering is work. Usually I was taking my 1/2 cup of pod in the morning and going to work, then I tried to cut down and only did it every other day and on the odd days I would take 150 mg of tramadol. Then I stopped the tramadol and tried 1/2 cup one day and 1/4 the next...... Seemed like I could cut down and if things got too bad I could jump on subox. Then came the pod shortage, no more boxes of 1200 med for $400. So I started to get determined about tapering and things went pretty well. Then came the " treat" days, gee I have been doing good, it's a weekend, I will double up and treat myself or I have a long day and deserve it.
Then came the stupid idea of adding the fioricet, adds barbs and caffiene, so I figured at one point if there were no more pods I could just switch over and not feel too bad. Then I found the katrom that all the pod drinkers seem to be jumping on.
So back to the point, main problem is work, when I leave at 5 or 6 in the morning I have to take my dose wether I need it or not, just because when I will need it, even if it's 6 hours later I won't be ale to get it.
I have never really increased my dose, just enough to be stable and function. My job oddly enough put me in front of police, judges, and all kinds of FBI, CIA, DEA and whoever else you can think of that you wouldn't want to look you in the eyes.
Anyway.... Thanks, scale will be here, I will track usage and weights better, try to taper and bury myself in family, work and my hobbies more......

10-12-2010, 03:56
dosing all depends on what you have

i only have used uei ( alot of times ) and its basically 1-1.5 g for a great time

less for a good time if you got shit to do...

erowid has a dosing chart for different kinds...

07-02-2011, 19:55
Problem..... Went to doc, got on subox but was also using fioricet to taper the pods. Now the subox (16) doesn't help the fioricet problem so now I have to try to get off the rios with something that won't upset the subox. Doc gave me one (5mg) V per day..... Nothing really.... And since rios are freely available can't really control well...... I have heard of others using buspar as well as subox, any other suggestions?

07-02-2011, 20:37
I parachute my kratom by the teaspoon. Usually 3-6 teaspoons get me goin good on Bali. Roll a teaspoon of kratom in sum toilet paper, place at back of throat n swallow w/ gpj. Lol helps if u don't gotta gag reflex. Anything is better than that sandy kratom dirt taste