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01-06-2008, 10:01
Is opana even readily available??

I heard from one of my buddies that only about 10 prescriptions for Opana are given out in a given year.
This could very well be a myth though

Sorry i am of no help though in regards to your questions, I've never had any experience with injecting

01-06-2008, 10:20
I heard from one of my buddies that only about 10 prescriptions for Opana are given out in a given year.
That's bullshit, sorry. And it's not *really* the "rare gem of pure bliss" that it's made out to be here on bl. Then again, I used to be impartial to it, but as I recently acquired somewhat of an opiate tolerance, it seems that i am able to fully enjoy opana without the extreme sedation/nausea I used to get from it. And about iving it, all i know is that it's got that form of silica in it that really isn't too good to iv. And good luck shooting the ER's lol.

01-06-2008, 11:20
I heard from one of my buddies that only about 10 prescriptions for Opana are given out in a given year.

Yeah that is definitely bullshit.

Anyways, I've read that people inject the IR, but I wouldn't try to IV the ER. You'd be best to use a micron filter if you're going to try it. I wouldn't use heat because opiate/opioids dissolve in water very easily, whereas the binders/fillers don't. If you use heat you'll just cause the binders to dissolve, and obviously that would be bad.

As to getting syringes... In my state you can't buy syringes without an prescription, so I would check to see if there are laws in place like that in your state. There are a few alternatives, buying online, or going to a veterinarian supply store (which is what I did while I waited for my pins to arrive). They usually only have larger size needles available but if you want to bad enough you'll deal with it. You could also look for a local needle exchange.

Hope that helped.

01-06-2008, 19:54
Sorry for all the stupid questions. I haven't banged anything for over 10 years and am a bit out of practice. Thanks!
No problem, its not a stupid question - we want you to learn the safest possible way to do this, if you are going to do it. This topic has been discussed many, many times, so if you don't get the info you need in this thread, try a search for the key words that are your title ("injecting opana") and you will find a ton of answers.

For now though, I am merging this with the mega-opana thread.
Good luck, and shoot safely please.

01-06-2008, 20:25
Im wondering if Opana is injectable and if so, do I need to do anything special to prepare it (aside from the obvious dissolving and filtering)? Also, what size syringe is best, and what excuse do I give the pharmacist for needing them? Sorry for all the stupid questions. I haven't banged anything for over 10 years and am a bit out of practice. Thanks!

I posted very detailed instructions on how to inject the IR's (the ER's are NOT injectable) earlier in this thread. Just read through from the beginning, and you'll find it. I have IV'd Opana IR 10mg pills over 300 times, so the method I detailed is a result of significant personal experience.

01-06-2008, 21:39
So you got high twice off of a 40mg pill with a tolerance to oxycodone? Hope these don't get a bad rep after some new person OD's on them.

Did it last longer than OC or was it about the same?
people have OD'd on them already look up rich murphy RIP thread in TDS. Close friend who was too young.

02-06-2008, 06:24
so has anybody combined opana with another opiod/opiate or benzo before? how long does opana usually last? 2-5 hours?
the opana ER 40mg are not suitable for IV, correct?

I tried it with klonopin and a few tramadols and it was fucking wonderful, as far as the duration 6 hours in I was GOOD and it seemed to fade after 8 hours or so, it last much longer than any other opiate ive tried maybe twice as long as OC, and the ER are a pain to IV so Ive heard, but it can be done u gotta get the silica out , I didnt try i just licked off the time release, crushed em up very fine and tooted them

03-06-2008, 07:59
Sorry for the redundant question but thanks for the info. I think Ill just stick to snorting them. Its still a good high and is alot easier to keep secret. (Uh...no honey, those arent track marks. I just bumped my arm". Yea, right!) Regarding the orange coating, I scrape it off with a knife, or sometimes a nail file.
As for withdrawing from it, poppy tea works great, for me anyway. It allows me to go from apx 60 mg per day down to nothing with no tapering off. I use 4-5 pods per 12 cups water and brew the whole mess in a coffee maker. A pot lasts me about 5 days so its a pretty economical method, plus the pods are always available, at least so far. Of course the catch is that poppy tea is also addictive as hell, so im going to face withdrawls sooner or later. But as long as its not today Ive decided not to worry about it.~~Nancy

10-06-2008, 10:18
It's best IMO to rail it; on a full stomache of greasy food. Happy Rails to you!!!:)

27-06-2008, 09:21
Hey a buddy of mine had these and I passed because I just didn't want to spend the money on the pill. But if I used to do 40mg of oxycodone snorted at a time. or 50 mg of hydrocodone. Btw I did 2 80's before in a 12 hour period with no tolerance but they were freaking purdues so you know how that is, still got me so high though .Then I was put on 16mg of suboxone high i know. So now i'm only on 4 mg a day. Pretty soon willl be off.

So basically i'm thinking my tolerance will fall back kind of low. But maybe i'll have dimished effects sense i'll probably dose a 2mg sub in the morning then try it at night. Or the next morning.

01-07-2008, 02:21
Opana ER up the nose too much gum up. How to defeat the Timer-x?

01-07-2008, 02:30
Appears the matrix is resistant to ph change, has strong tactile strength and degrades at temp far above required temp that destroys the good stuff. IR's are great insulfated, except I also have some nose discomfort the following days. (doing IR blues/ER yellows) Thx.

01-07-2008, 05:15
Ive noticed no one has had any pictures of opana that ive seen so heres some 40mg ER's that i get quite often. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v347/vintendo/100_6073.jpg

03-08-2008, 23:01
I'm pretty shure those Opana ER's must be shootable as well, I doubt it's actually even that hard to circumvent the time-release mechanism on them. You just need some proper knowledge of chemistry and some creativity.

I think that by letting the crushed up pills, or maybe even the pills whole, dissolve in a glass of acidified water with a pH of 2 (simmilar to stomach acid), they'll slowly give off their dose of Oxymorphone to the acidified water during 12 hours. After 24 hours, all the Oxymorphone should have been given off to the acidified water, after which any remains should be filtered out. Than one has to basify the solution to precipitate the Oxymorphone, filter it through a small filter to obtain the Oxymorphone base. This can then be dissolved in slightly acidified water to get a Oxymorphone HCl solution, for example. Wether this is possible or if it just ruins some perfectly fine pills, I don't know yet, it depends on what kind of gel the pills turns into on contact with water. For the people who have tried dissolving it, did it just turn into a little blob around the size of the pill, or did it turn into a blob the same volume as the water it was added too? MS Contins just turn all the water they're dissolved in, into glue, the more water the you add to this glue, the less viscous it becomes, but it still stays gluey. However, some pills that gellify when coming in contact with water, only turn into a blob of gel around the same size as the pill would be when intact. If it's the case with the Opana ER's as with the latter situation, then it won't be too difficult to extract the Oxymorphone from them, and it will most likely be high yielding as well. When dissolving a crushed and powdered pill in a glass of fairly acidified water of pH 2, the pill should slowly give of all of it's Oxymorphone to the water during the following 12 hours, just like it would when swallowed and dissolved in a human's stomach. Just to be shure, 24 hours are waited before the remains of the pil will be exhausted and can be disposed, as it should have given off all of it's Oxymorphone by that time. After that, the solution could possible be used as it is, depending on it's concentration, or the dissolved Oxymorphone could be precipitated by basifying the solution and letting the solution stand in the fridge for a few hours. After all the Oxymorphone has precipitated, it can be obtained by filtering the solution with a small, double coffeefilter, leaving the pure Oxymorphone behind in the filter. When the filter has dried, the Oxymorphone is scraped of off the filter and dissolved in 10ml of water containing 4-5 drops of 10% hydrochloric acid or 2 drops of 37% hydrochloric acid per 40mg pill. That way, theoretically, one should be left with a clean 10ml solution of 3-4mg/ml Oxymorphone.

03-08-2008, 23:29
Ive noticed no one has had any pictures of opana that ive seen so heres some 40mg ER's that i get quite often.

Try telling bigpoppa that!

04-08-2008, 07:59
Ive noticed no one has had any pictures of opana that ive seen so heres some 40mg ER's that i get quite often.

oh yes, those beautiful 40's. two more weeks until refill. i can't wait.

05-08-2008, 04:35
For me it's going to be around 2 weeks before I'm going to get some to try it out for the first time as well, I can't wait! And I'll be getting Hydromorphone at the same time as well, something I haven't tried before either, I can't wait even less!

06-08-2008, 18:13
It gels up after about 15 min your hawking it out. i'm prescribed 240mg daily and was looking to see if these opana could have more of an effect.... jury is still out as far as i'm concerned

06-08-2008, 18:31
^Jury is still out regarding what?

06-08-2008, 18:54
jury is still out if snorting is worth it vs swallowing

07-08-2008, 00:22
In my experience, Opana has been the best, euphoric high I've ever had. I've only snorted it, but 10 mgs will buzz you out hardcore. That's with a hundred mg oxyIR tolerance.

It's VERY euphoric and noddy. The first and second time I did them, I got a major rush, it almost felt like a mdma/herion shot. Almost.

I recommend them above fentanyl,dilaudid, oxcodone, herion and morphine.


07-08-2008, 01:07
Someone needs to start a thread titled Opana ERs are NOT I repeat, NOT injectable. Unless someone with a lab has first hand experience that I have not read. I could not do it and from what I've read no one else can. A lot of people say what they think might work but no one has actually said "I did this and it worked". I have no idea what damage I may have done

07-08-2008, 01:11
Someone needs to start a thread titled Opana ERs are NOT I repeat, NOT injectable. Unless someone with a home lab has first hand experience that I have not read. I could not do it and from what I've read no one else can. A lot of people say what they think might work but no one has actually said "I did this and it worked". I have no idea what damage I may have done and I'd like to prevent others from wasting their time or killing themselves. I've found a lot of bad info out there like using milk, lol. ENDO spent millions of dollars and man hours to solve the IV problem and they found it. Such a waste too at ~10% BA, damn.

07-08-2008, 01:45
I have a very thorough knowledge of organic chemistry, as well as a g ood knowledge of pharmocology and medicine. I know what I'm talking about, the only unfortunate thing is I can't readilly obtain any Oxymorphone cause it's not prescribed ony my continent ... I'm going to get some in a few weeks, and I might try it out with half a 40mg Opana ER tablet, to see how it turns out. But as I'm only getting a few of them, maybe just 2, I'll only do it if I obtain enough so I can spare one in the name of science(and chemistry & euphoria). So I'll report back once I've got them, and let everyone now if I got one to spare, in which case I'll try and do an extraction on it, and report back about it.

Like I already said though, when using the Opana ER pill extraction I proposed, with a 24-hour acid water soak, followed by a precipitation of the Oxymorphone base and turning it into the HCl salt again, there is no possibility that any rubbish would come along through the extraction. It would yield the pure chemical. The only question is, how high would the yield be, and that's something we'd have to find out through experimenting.

07-08-2008, 02:01
The problem is, most people don't have such a thorough knowledge of organic chemistry. If the average addict starts messing around with hydrocloric acid and opana then injecting it, theres going to be dead bodies everywhere and lots of candidates for the Darwin award.

07-08-2008, 22:22
That's why the pioneering should be left to the ones who do have a proper knowledge of organic chemistry, to come up with an extraction proces which is easy to do for even the biggest of n00bs. Or well, not quite that, they'd kill themselves, but you get my point. On the other hand though, making an extraction proces which yields pure Oxymorphone from Opane ER accesible to the average Joe, could seriously mean there are going to be dead bodies everywhere, as having an opioid 5x more potent than pure Heroin available in large quantities(depending on which strength tablet they are, a few Opana ER will yield a lot of Oxymorphone), which could really turn out nasty.

09-08-2008, 00:30
So I thought this would be the perfect place to ask this question. First of all I have been on pain killers for about 2 years straight. My doctor has placed me on OxyContin for the past 6 month. I am seeing a new pain management doctor that what’s to put me on something called Opana ER he says it is better for me them the Oxy. My question is has any one tried this stuff? And if so is it any good for pain?
I am taking oxy 20mg time 12 hr time release. I take one in the morning 1 at night. If my pain is bad I double my dose or take Percocet until I am out of pain. I don’t want to switch my meds if this Opana ER is not as effective as the OXY .

09-08-2008, 00:32
Yes i have taken it, 5 mg, and it worked great, that was with approx. a 60 mg tolerance to oxy.
IMO it is more effective than oxy
just becareful with it, its strong 5 mg was a lot for me, i was throwing up the whole night

09-08-2008, 00:54
moving to OD

09-08-2008, 22:48
so should I get my doctor to get me 5mg?
How long does it last?
Is it time release?

09-08-2008, 23:33
no, i'm pretty sure they start at 10mg. i have used opana er for my chronic spine pain and it is very effective, more so i think, than oxycontin. opana boasts that they are a TRUE 12 hr med, and i agree with them every bit. with opana, i'm able to relieve MOST of the pain, so i don't have to take as many percs. i think it's a really great med, however, there are others here that like the oxycontin better. i think you'll be satisfied with the opana though. let me know how it turns out for you

10-08-2008, 02:48
Thanks for the help I have an appointment on the 20th of this month and will ask my doctor to switch me over.

10-08-2008, 02:58
A lot of people have used Opana. Theres hundreds of threads on it. A search would yield whatever answers you need. And here's one thread with a lot of info: http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=375577

10-08-2008, 03:08
10mg opana er is equal to 20mg oxy oral

10-08-2008, 12:19
im jealous of you, its oxymorphone, i was just reading about it earlier.

10-08-2008, 15:30
I've taken both oxycontin and opana in the past. First here's a little information. Opana ER is a long acting medicine while Opana is the short acting, kind of like Oxycontin is the long acting and percocet or oxycodone is the short acting. They're used in combination to relieve both pain over a 24 hour period and break through pain.

Opana and Opana ER have the same ingredient, OxyMorphone. OxyMorphone is about twice as strong as OxyCodone i believe (im not 100% sure though, so check a conversion chart 1st). But it also has some draw backs, while it may be twice as strong, it's bioavailability is very very low. Something like 12% orally.

Now if you were IV'ng OxyMorphone it would be different, then you would only have to use a fraction of the dose, but since it's only available orally AND it's considered impossible to abuse (they have there own patented abuse proof system) it doesnt seem worth it.

Your on 20 mg twice a day? I'm sorry but that is such a small dose and if you've been on it for a while your tolerance is just probally up. Just tell your doctor that you'd rather just increase your dose since the Oxy was working for you.

OxyMorphone and OxyCodone work just like Morphine and Codeine. OxyCodone turns into OxyMorphine in your blood after you take it, but OxyCodone's bioavailability is like 65-80%, so a lot more is getting absorbed.

I've been on both and yes opana does work and feels just like OxyCodone, but I had to take a lot more then i should have.

Bottom line is they both turn into the same active ingredient. One has a higher absorbtion then the other. So why change to the one your going to get less out of? Just tell your Dr. you'd rather increase.

And besides you shouldn't be switching to Opana if you've only been on OxyContin 20mg twice daily, Opana, even in its lowest dose, is a very strong narcotic, the warning label and website even say your Dr. shouldnt prescribe unless you've been on narcotics for a very long time.

Currently I'm on OxyContin 80mg, 3x daily and 30mg OxyCodone 6x daily. There's always room to go up, but if you dont want to and want to try opana, hey go for it, maybe it'll work better for you.

Hope this was helpful.

If you have any questions, send me a message on AOL or AIM, my screen name is guess..

"OxyContin" (:

10-08-2008, 21:39
woo hoo!! 8o
ive only gotten it once before, but back when i used to be worse off on oxy and h, i remember people talking about it like it was the holy grail of opiates...
now i remember last time breaking off little pieces at a time, which i intend to do again....
however, whats the best method of removing the coating? i think i remember last time trying to remove it like oxy (pop it in my mouth, take it out, let it sit on the table for a bit, then rub off) and it didnt work that way...
any reccomendations? =D

10-08-2008, 21:48
you cant just remove the coating on opana. they are in effect, abuse proof. i assume what you have are opana ER? no dice.

10-08-2008, 21:54
yea i think so, says 40 on one side, hexagonal, yellow coating...

10-08-2008, 22:15
um yup, those are opana ER, and are completely abuse proof. you could just try eating like half of a pill and see how it makes you feel. if you have only like a medium tolerance, it could still give you a nice buzz. just be careful with dosing... you can always take more, and its a very long lasting high. ( 10-12 hours )

10-08-2008, 22:24
yea actually i remember just crushing up little bits last time and snorting, this time i just split it in half with a razor and put it through my hose clamp/grinder and it turned it into a really fine powder! (aside from little chunks of the coating...ive actually got a pretty high tolerance, and ended up doing about 20 mgs so far, i feel pretty itchy and happy, but not like nodding or anything...meh!

10-08-2008, 23:22
all these responses are complete nonsense man, simpy take a sharp knife and make a slit in the top, then peel away the coating, u can also just take one and pop its in ur mouth and lick the coating off but u will have to let it dry for a little while (just set in front of the fan) then chrush up very fine, i use a glass candle and smash it up on a plate, then toot away, but be CAREFUL, oxymorphone is 4 TIMES STRONGER THAN OC, so whatever your OC tolerance is divide my 4, example if u are use to 40 OC then only insuffulate 10 mg Opana. all these people on here who are saying it has not abuse potential are complete morons, anyway have fun and let me know how it went, i just licked off a 20 and mine is dry now and ready to go up the nose! OH, by the way, eat a fatty snack before u toot it, the absortion is far greater like 80-90 percent of you sniff then when some fat in ur stomach, and never take them orally because the bioavabilty is only 10-20 percent (a BIG waste)

10-08-2008, 23:35
no... YOU are full of nonsense. you CAN NOT break the time release mechanism on opana ER by taking the coating off and then crushing it. i dont doubt you are getting high on what your doing, because oxymorphone is very strong, and your likely just getting high on whatever amount of oxymorphone is getting absorbed by you via the time release mechanism. so yes, you can "abuse" opana by taking it when you dont need it, just to get high, but this only works with a low/mediocre tolerance. it can not be abused like OC, ie, turning an extended release pill into an instant release pill, which is how i assumed the op meant to use it.

10-08-2008, 23:41
10mg opana er is equal to 20mg oxy oral

orally maybe, but intranaslly it is 4 TIME STRONGER

11-08-2008, 00:11
lol its all good guys no need to argue...and thanks for the advice opiatesrarely, but i know all about opiates and addiction, ive been using for 6-7+ years, and 2 of those years i was fully, completely and desparately addicted...but the last year or so ive cleaned up quite a bit, and the suboxone in particular has changed my life soooo much for the better...
but at the same time, my tolerance is still interestingly high, most of which i credit to the suboxone...now i hope none of you freak out or anything, but i ended up snorting the whole 40 mgs, and its all good, i wont od or anything, i finished it off about an hour ago and im feeling pretty good and itchy, but is still a dissapointment...
that last time i had the same thing, 40 mg opana, i had quit cold turkey a few months previously and my tolerance was way down, so i managed to get way fucked up with it and it last me a few days...
but yea thanks to the suboxone (and just from the tolerance, i know about it blocking stuff, so i havent dosed on it for almost 2 days)
im still glad i managed to get a little buzz, and ill ride it out tonight, maybe play a little guitar and chill, then get up for work tomorrow and start back up on my sub!

11-08-2008, 00:27
I am not experienced in opiate pharmaceuticals, but I have read about Opana ER, and the time-release mechanism is much more than they outer coating like OC.

OC, in fact, has a time-release mechanism on the inside as well, but it isn't like the Opana ER one, so when you crush it, or grind it through a hose clamp, a high percentage of the oxycodone is available to insufflate.

The outer coating of an OC has nothing to do with the time release mechanism. It's simply added to make the pills easier to swallow, as well as easier to identify different strengths by the color.


11-08-2008, 00:36
if it's opana ER it's almost impossible to IV and hard to rail. depending on your tolerance you should try to snort/parachute 5-10mg every 15 minutes until you feel noddy. have fun with that shit.

11-08-2008, 04:50
I take 20mg of oxy in the morning and then end up taking about 4 Percocet for my brake throw pain. Some times more.
The problem is that it really is not helping any more for the pain I believe that is because my tolerance is going up. I used to take morphine 30mg at night to help me sleep and it worked well. But my doctor keeps switching my meds around to find the perfect combination. I need to be off Percocet because it contains acedaminafin and it will damage my liver after 6 months of continues use. I have been on it for a year and a half.

11-08-2008, 08:48
I am not experienced in opiate pharmaceuticals, but I have read about Opana ER, and the time-release mechanism is much more than they outer coating like OC.

OC, in fact, has a time-release mechanism on the inside as well, but it isn't like the Opana ER one, so when you crush it, or grind it through a hose clamp, a high percentage of the oxycodone is available to insufflate.

I would just break that 40mg tablet into a half, then break those in half and eat each fourth over the course of a month... this way you will not become addicted or tolerated to it, and your highs will be extraordinary... just remember... DON'T DO THAT SHIT DAILY, OR EVEN WEEKLY IN MOST CASES!

that is complete bullshit, im not trying to insult you man, but you simply are given him wrong information, u can crush and insuffulate Opane ER, simply do a search on the forum, infact in my opinion (as well as other bluelighters) it is somewhat BETTER than OC

11-08-2008, 08:49
Im pretty sure Oxymorphone is believed to be 6-8 times more potent than morphine