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27-09-2010, 16:42
i had a feeling that was the case, thanks g

27-09-2010, 16:43
numorphan. thats what i meant.

12-10-2010, 23:46
hello all,
although this is my first post, i have spent many a night browsing the threads of bluelight.
anyway, about 2 weeks ago i was able to get my hands on 20 opana er 40 mg. as we all know, many methods of IVing these things have been suggested, and very few of them work well, if at all. i just wanted to comment on one of these methods, which i have found to be quite simple and vastly superior to insufflation in terms of potency. and that would be the soaking pill for 12 hours method.

i soak a 20 mg piece, with coating removed, in a half teaspoon with 2 ml of hot water. (a regular cereal spoon is too wide and not deep enough, so when the pill starts to gel up and expand, it will stick up out of the water, thereby not allowing the maximum amount of OM to be released.)
after 10-12 hours have passed, i remove and eat the gelled up pill and replace it with a cotton filter. during the soak, the pill absorbs a significant amount of the 2 ml, so i end up with about a 70 unit solution in the syringe when all is said and done. after that it's just tie off and feel the fantastic rush.
using this method, IVing 4 mg of opana feels like IVing one 30 mg roxy. so if you've got a 20 mg piece soakin, 10-12 hours later it's gonna feel like shooting 150 mg of oxycodone. lightweights, please use caution.
i know just about all of this has already been covered somewhere at some point, my main goal here was just to express that this method does work, and if you decide to do it you will certainly not be wasting your pill.

13-10-2010, 02:48
Hey everyone,
This is my first post as well, but I browse these forums fairly often whenever I pick up something new. I don't use opiates very often, but I've tried most of them, and oxymorphone is by far my favorite. Whenever i pick up an OC 80 i end up blowing it all in one day. I'll do a line of about 20, nod for about 3 hours, and keep redosing until it's gone.

I got my hands on a 40mg Opana, and it was a much better experience IMO. I did 10mg my first time, seemed to take longer to kick in than OC, but I was good all night. Did lines of 15 the next 2 days and had a great time. Only downside was a day of light w/d when I ran out. Probably a good thing my source didn't have any more, or I'd be completely hooked by now.

14-10-2010, 07:41
i have 40mg opana..the thing is intranasal don't work as well as im hearing everyone say it does.. the high is just like taking it orally, except it works in 20 min instead of an hour..only difference is i gota take 80-100mg orally, but it lasts for around 8 hours also. Nasal lasts about 4 hours at the most, and it gels up like fucking crazy for me i don't get how everyone says it doesnt gel up when yu noseblow it..after blowin i dont sniff thru my nose til like an hour later(presuming i got all the drug i could from the pill) and then sniffing to clearing yur nose you will get 2 or 3 good sized gelled up balls..i've caught one in my throat and spit it out and its like a good sized "loogie", this shit gels up instantly so idk if the bioavailability is any better or not...im using half the dose but it only lasts half as long. The only thing i can say happens better than orally is that it works about a half hour earlier so i'm guessing all that happens is you get some of the drug dissolved nasally when you snort one but not all of it (until you sniff in and swallow the rest of the drug "loogies")

23-10-2010, 06:00
^Its usually anywhere from 3-8 years i think, it matters how long they have the patent on the drug. I dont see why they wouldnt be able to export it to other countries it would just be the same brand everywhere though until the patent runs out.

I read the meeting notes from FDA and Purdue. Looks like when they changed the formula of OC they want it considered a new drug with a new patent, another 3-8 years.

29-10-2010, 05:44
does tagament work w opana?

29-10-2010, 06:39
it does!

31-10-2010, 18:47
Hello everyone, longtime lurker here. I have a chance today to get Opana ER 40's and was wondering if anyone here has tried this stuff out yet. Can you rail this stuff out or can you only bang it or what.

you can rail it but dont make a habbit out of it the stuff thay use to make it geil up is bad for you . A little will get into your lungs when you do it if you keep doing it you will feel like you have the flu and then your lungs will fill with fluid and you will die. If you dont beleave me look it up !!!!!!!

31-10-2010, 19:13
opana is very good dont snort it put it in your mouth and chuww it up

01-11-2010, 21:55
^psh, there are no confirmed deaths because of chronic intranasal opana use.

01-11-2010, 21:57
^no but there have been chronic opana-insufflators here on BL who have begun to show respiratory issues.

01-11-2010, 22:14
seriously, this may sound gross, but put a cotton ball in your throat. Just make sure you have a string to pull it out.

02-11-2010, 03:36
^no but there have been chronic opana-insufflators here on BL who have begun to show respiratory issues.

I wonder if some of those respiratory issues stem from smoking weed/cigarettes, and other drugs as well though and not just the opana.

I personally use opana ER 3 times a day every day, insufflation and have no respiratory issues whatsoever and I know other people who aren't having issues either.

If the same starts happening to me I will definitely report it, because if it really is a big problem people need to know. There's just so many factors that can cause respiratory issues as most of us users aren't just users of 1 single substance.

13-11-2010, 05:19
Hey guys, for someone with a relatively low opiate tolerance of only 30 mg hydro per day, would you expect oral Opana ER to produce euphoria? I've read that the availability is only 10% orally, so I'm wondering if crushing and parachuting them or just swallowing them whole would be a good option or just a total waste as far as recreational purposes go?

I've been reading quite a bit over the last few days and I'm a little hesitant to rail them, just because I already have some pretty bad sinuses and I don't really like the idea of having them gel up inside. Plus what I've read about the possible lung issues down the road is concerning. Just trying to figure out if oral administration is worth it in this case, and if so, what the best method would be. Thanks.

13-11-2010, 06:38
probably will be a waste. but my friend had a low tolerance and when he did the opana ER 20's he was just snorting them and said they got him real good and high, but i never could understand that but thats just me - i have a huge tolerance and never found opana to be any fun.

so IMO no it couldn't hurt but i don't see the value of even doing opana.

14-11-2010, 19:55
I am curious if anyone has found out how/or put effort into defeating the Timer-X system in Opana ER's? I recently tried crisping a couple of 40's in a large spoon, with powder spread out in a thin layer. I then proceeded to heat it with a lighter until it tinted to a golden color and appeared to start binding together. At that point I stopped the heat and scraped the contents off the spoon. It had turned into an extremely crystallized powder w clumps, which I was originally worried were just stuck together from gelling. That was not the case, I was able to re-powder the pill perfectly, although the crystalline effects were obvious as it made a lot of cracking sounds as I crushed the contents. I then snorted the end product which def did not gel anywhere as much as normal, I also felt a high, but not as much as expected. I want to know if I'm on the right track? Would less heat for longer be better, or does anyone already have an efficient method. I am new to med and orally it seems not so great, but on here I discovered increase by nasal consumption was substantial, so I am trying to figure out best/safest/most effective way of doing so. Any comments, advice, or other methods would be greatly appreciated, thank you all.
** sorry I mean oxymorphone above, my bad!

17-11-2010, 19:35
I'm going to see my pain doc tommorrow and a urine test to confirm I'm taking my Opana is a certain, I have about 18 hr till appointment,I always save 1 pill for this reason.Can anyone tell me if it would be better to snort this one pill (the way I prefer)or take it orally? Does it even matter which way I do it? My thinking was since it has a better bioavailability rate when snorted,more would be in my urine?

Thanks for any replies

17-11-2010, 20:32
I was on 40mgers 3 a day I snorted them for 5 months. these things will skyrocket your tolerance real fast i was able to snort 4 oc80s in one line after 4 months didnt feel a thing.went to doc had him put me on methadone 120mg a day ad after 4 months of that i can now snort a 80 ad feel a good buzz
so be carefull snorting them is awesome and u need to have insurance 56 40mg ers cost $840 thank god i had insurance

they cant test for opana it shows up as oxycodone

17-11-2010, 21:59
I think you might have that wrong, Oxycodone turns to Oxymorphone (opana) in test results

18-11-2010, 17:52
Hello all, hopefully y'all can offer me some advice. I have been a chronic pain patient for about 4 years now due to a spinal injury and then a failed fusion. I was taking Oxy 60mg 3x a day and 10mg Opana ir 6x day. Since the re-formulation of the new Oxycontin, I asked to be switched to something else since I always snort my pills. Breaking down and processing the new Oxy's is a major pain in the ass and a waste of time and medicine. So I get switched to the Opana 40mg and all they do is make me sick. That 2 second warning projectile-shotgun barfing. It's driving me nuts!! I did not have this problem with the 10mg ir's, but now that I have the 40mg er's. the 10's are making me sick as well. Can anyone offer any advice on how to quell the puking? I usually never have a problem with opiates making me sick but these things are killin' me! I have lost almost 15 pounds in about a week. Thanks in advance folks!

18-11-2010, 21:46
Hello all, hopefully y'all can offer me some advice. I have been a chronic pain patient for about 4 years now due to a spinal injury and then a failed fusion. I was taking Oxy 60mg 3x a day and 10mg Opana ir 6x day. Since the re-formulation of the new Oxycontin, I asked to be switched to something else since I always snort my pills. Breaking down and processing the new Oxy's is a major pain in the ass and a waste of time and medicine. So I get switched to the Opana 40mg and all they do is make me sick. That 2 second warning projectile-shotgun barfing. It's driving me nuts!! I did not have this problem with the 10mg ir's, but now that I have the 40mg er's. the 10's are making me sick as well. Can anyone offer any advice on how to quell the puking? I usually never have a problem with opiates making me sick but these things are killin' me! I have lost almost 15 pounds in about a week. Thanks in advance folks!

You are probably puking from your dose being too high. Snorting Opana is a step up from snorting oxycodone. Try snorting less, and adjust in small increments to hit the sweet spot. If your dose is right, you will not puke.

19-11-2010, 01:17
opana is tha shit forreal... better than oc

20-11-2010, 20:43
Even though I've read everything that says that orally these won't do much, I have the 10 MG ER's so I just chewed one up throughly about 20 minutes ago. Will be curious to see if I feel anything at all. As I said earlier, I have a daily 30mg/day hydro habit. They totally taste like popcorn. :-)

I'll post back here and let you know the results, if any.

23-11-2010, 09:53
Just wanted to add some comments. Both oxymorphone Opana ER and IR formulations are useful for different purposes. Oral bioavailability is low, but it is beginning to be used orally extensively especially I believe in pain management settings where abuse is likely. One reason oxymorphone is considered to possibly deter use is due to its short lived euphoric effects (if they occur). A second is the nausea side effect which appears to be more pronounced here. Finally, courtesy of a collusion between Pharma, Government and people with way too much time on their hands (seriously who desires to make a career inventing a mechanism to prevent someone from insufflating a medication for pain?), the Opana ER mechanism which is definitely annoying to say the least. Very tiny doses into the nostril may result in onset of effects, but it definitely does block up your nostrils (though within hours or days, it all can be expended out). In general, given the potency of oxymorphone, even therapeutic oral doses are potent.

Oxymorphone, for those who are used to other highs from opiates and other substances, will produce a novel euphoric high in the right set and setting. No joke. It is baffling why this occurs with so many substances, but that it does is an anecdotal reality and oxymorphone seems to be more on the unpredictable side, for one user at least.

IR is great, and insufflating oxymorphone dissolved in water is one of the best protocol for any opiate that doesn't involve IV. The pills crush up easily and dissolve easily in water. A measured amount of water, a measured amount of pills, so that 1mg oxymorphone is in 1ml of water, is one mix. Put into a nasal spray bottle, lay back and tilt head, and let the liquid sit in your nasal cavity as you breath through the nose. This is a discreet way to dose, even in public.

The first times are always the best. The plural is used since periods of tolerance loss has led to reexperiencing of the unique oxymorphone euphoria. Psychological tolerance, like with most things, sets in fast and the warm glow and fuzzy secure feelings are replaced by an equally intense effect, but more towards a more "standard" opiate experience.

This post needs to be ended due to great effect of its protagonist.

14-12-2010, 07:10
Opana ER isopropyl alcohol extraction method. (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=543081&styleid=22).

thought i would link this in here.

15-12-2010, 02:04
So, I've been thinking, with which solvent will this method work best.

Isopropyl Alcohol (91%), Acetone, or Everclear (95% ethanol)?

Methinks the isopropyl is most likely to leave behind chemical residue, but which do you guys think would be most efficient (more OM dissolved).

HT harm redux
18-12-2010, 18:09
So, I've been thinking, with which solvent will this method work best.

Isopropyl Alcohol (91%), Acetone, or Everclear (95% ethanol)?

Methinks the isopropyl is most likely to leave behind chemical residue, but which do you guys think would be most efficient (more OM dissolved).

I'm not sure exactly about this, but Ive read many different forums and websites and more people talk about using acetone than the other two. I dont know if it leaves anything behind more than isopropyl alc, but it seems that more people use acetone, but i could be completely wrong, and their may not even be a true "right" answer. I guess you pick your poison

HT harm redux
18-12-2010, 19:56
Anyone ever heard of Oxymorphazone?

19-12-2010, 11:41
^ No, probably because it doesn't exist.

19-12-2010, 12:10
^^ Actually i does exist. ;)

Oxymorphazone is an opioid analgesic drug related to oxymorphone. Oxymorphazone is a potent and long acting μ-opioid agonist which binds irreversibly to the receptor, forming a covalent bond which prevents it from detaching once bound.This gives it an unusual pharmacological profile, and while oxymorphazone is only around half the potency of oxymorphone, with higher doses the analgesic effect becomes extremely long lasting, with a duration of up to 48 hours. However with repeated doses, tolerance to the effects develops rapidly, as chronically activated opioid receptors are rapidly internalised by β-arrestins, in a similar manner as occurs with non-covalent binding by agonists with extremely high binding affinity such as lofentanil.

HT harm redux
19-12-2010, 17:40
ah thank you, i should have just checked wikipedia. didnt even cross my mind

20-12-2010, 01:50
^^ Very strange. When I googled "Oxymorphazone", nothing came up showing it. However, when I clicked on the 'Search Instead for "Oxymorphazone"' suggestion, the wiki entry for it was the first one.

What confuses me is the google suggestion is spelled exactly the same as I typed it initially, but brought up different results.

21-12-2010, 19:11
Wow so it took a ton of the ER 40s crushed up to make me feel good, but just a few opana IR 10mg (generic no coating) insufflated seemed to be a lot cleaner high and nod off with much less. I'm not sure if my body is just retarded but I found this interesting, since most people want to 40mg ERs and don't care much for the 10mg IRs

Edit: First it put me in a better mood and lessened my pain, and then it made me feel some energy and feel talkative and such, then nodding off, fell asleep for 6 hours haha, 12pm to 6am. perfect, I needed my sleep schedule to regain a semblence of normalcy lol

23-12-2010, 20:12
I'm gonna try to get some today at the doc. I am very tolerant ( too tolerant ) to opioids like the rest of us but wondered what the largest milligram for opana is? Anyone know?

23-12-2010, 23:34
^^ 40mg Extended Release or 10mg Instant Release.

29-12-2010, 20:40
Ok so after about 3 weeks of insufflating the 40mg ERs and 10mg IRs, I've discovered that it will cause a lot less gelling in your nose if you scrape off the coating instead of suck it off (This only applies to the ERs). It's still going to gel up, and give you an unpleasant drip, but it seems to help nasal absorption. Some people like to save the stuff they scraped off and then swallow em all together later, but i just smash it up with some clonazepam and insufflate 30 minutes after doing the other, because I'm not the best at scraping off just the coating lol, sometimes I scrape too much off...which I separate as much as possible afterwards but still, lol. Tolerance does develop rapidly though, I cant seem to get to a nod off place without doing too much and vomiting, and not like the one time where you're like whatever and keep partying, like needing many trips to the porcelain god for hours haha. So now it's just a little energy boost, mood elevator for me haha. I also have someone else hold onto them and give me only 1 week at a time so I always have it, since I have such poor self-control lol. I'm sure there are other addicts out there who understand what I mean. Also, if the doctor is going to drug test you it's good to make sure you have it in your system haha. But, even my weeklong amount seems to last me the entire 7 days, or 6 days if not, which is good haha. Does anyone know if the 10mg IR (Brand) is better than the 10mg IR generic? I'm not sure if my insurance (Medicare Part D in CA, Medicaid in other states) will cover brand name if generic is available, and I know I sure as hell can't afford the brand name, lol. It's only a difference of like $4 if they do cover it though...(my insurance pays all but 2.50 of generics and all but 6.50 of brand name) I've read that the pink/red coating on the 10mg IRs doesn't need to be scraped off, so maybe it's that color all the way through? I'm sure there are less fillers and binders in them, but does it seem to be any better? Last time I insufflated 9 of the 10mg IRs and didn't even nod out on them haha. My doctor gives me 60 40mg ER and 60 10mg IR per month, but says he's going to count how many IR's I have left lol. A few times when I take it normally, the 40mg ER wil wear off like 30-90 minutes before taking the next 40mg ER and I will notice some pain returning and get super hot and start sweating like crazy for a long time unless I take the next 40mg ER early or a 10mg IR until my next ER dose. Is that normal? Is that why they prescribe some people 3 oxycontin/day instead of 2? Or is that because of it's new formulation (OP) being less effective when taken orally? I don't want the doctor to think I've been taking them incorrectly and don't want to let on about the sweating if it's a result of that. However, if it's just the medicine wearing off early cause I'm a big guy (284 and losing! lol) maybe he could give me 3 a day? lol. He wants me to use the IRs sparingly on an as needed basis and not 2/day if I don't need to. I'm going to try to save 5-10 for him when I see him next, lol. I'm also going to ask this question in the chronic pain forum because some of those people may know.

29-12-2010, 22:41
^^ Opana is known for causing very intense w/d's within a very short time period.
So it's quite common for someone to start experiencing w/d's before there last dose.
Yes the IR's are red all the way through.
They do not have any sort of coating as they are IR.
The coating's on the ER's (as well as on any other ER pill) are just for identification.
Coating's do not usually play much of a part in the ER mechanism of ER pills.
Though it is (or so I thought it was) common knowledge to scrape off not lick off coating's as moisture activates gelling mechanism's in many ER pills.
I don't know if the generic's are the same as brand name as I've yet to encounter any generics.

Just to warn you if you continue to use your script in a manner other than as prescribed you will be in for a world of hurt.
You will quickly find your tolerance is much greater than your supply & that pain management will fail.
I've had 2 friends with almost identical scripts as your's end up in a terrible place by abusing there scripts.

If you're a legit pain management patient it's not sustainable to get high & maintain pain management.
It ends up being one or the other.

I don't want to come off as preachy but from lots of personal experiences it never works out.
Especially with Oxymorphone in particular.

Myself & a lot of my friends have come to hate the stuff.
Very high potency but not that great a high, tolerance rises super fast & the w/d's are ABSURD.
Hell at this point even when I'm in w/d's I wouldn't take a free Opana as it just makes the w/d's worse in the long run.
Seriously fuck Oxymorphone, I absolutely abhor it.
So perhaps I'm a little biased, but meh I love every other strong opiate I've tried.
Which is a large portion of those available in the U.S.
Just not Oxymorphone the downsides far outweigh the upsides IMHO.

Hell I've had worse w/d's from an intra-nasal (nasal spray method) Oxymorphone habit than from IV heroin.
It wasn't even a close comparison; the Oxymorphone w/d's blew the IV heroin w/d's out of the water.
With using just the IR Oxymorphone I would get sick as hell 4-6 hrs after a dose.

So please be careful & treat Oxymorphone with respect.
As it will quickly own you if you do not.

Best of luck to you in your pain management.

29-12-2010, 23:38
^^ Totally true about it really hurting tolerance. I had Opana for a couple weeks about a month ago and it's really screwed my tolerance up. Now, my morphine barely helps me if I take 10x my dose. I went days of just taking tramadol to try and cut back a bit on the days I had off and could lay around at home, and I'm still having to take so much morphine to get some pain relief back. Not to mention, when I ran out... I felt like I was dying inside. My body was so uncomfortable (even with morphine, percocets AND tramadol) and my mind was just... bleh. ALL I could think about was the Opana. The mental aspect diminished after a week, but it just really hurt my tolerance. I don't know what to do... *sigh*. :(

30-12-2010, 00:09
At this point I just have to live with the pain because of my tolerance, luckily I haven't been taking it too long, so I can get myself off and go a few days and be ok, it's just my back that keeps me coming back. To be honest, opiates are not my drug of choice lol, I'd much rather prefer ketamine or a psychadelic type drug to be honest. So, hopefully I can use them sparingly and save what I don't need for future use if I have acute pain.

Thanks for all that info, IndustrialStrength and Silenced, yes I noticed how it made my tolerance rise quickly. I might ask about fentanyl patches again, since abusing those things is way too difficult in my opinion, but I would probably need to wear 2 100mcg/hr every 48 hours and I'm not sure if I'd be able to get any doctor to prescribe that, and my pain mgmt doc is pretty conservative so I know he wont haha. I had some 25 mcg/hr patches but they didn't really work, with my weight a nurse told me I'd probably need a 75 or 100mcg/hr, but yeah not even the maximum IM dose of dilaudid in the ER helps lol, which I think is 4mg (Thats the IM amount, which is roughly 20mg orally)

30-12-2010, 10:35
Ok wow so I feel like such an idiot for sucking off the coating instead of scraping off the coating on the opana ER 40mg tablets prior to powderization and insufflation. ~WARNING~ Ok so read this before reading further...even if you're considered opioid tolerant, even if you've slammed a lot of heroin, never do anywhere near half the dose I did tonight your first time with opana ER, even though it was nasal absorption and not intravenous....from what I've read it's pretty difficult to IV those opana ERs. (But not the IRs so I'm sure the people who are into IVing are already aware of this, lol, but most likely prefer heroin since opana IR brand name is ridiculously expensive.....I'm not sure about the generic(s), I'd have to look it up.

Ok so I'm writing this part about 90 minutes after finishing the prior paragraph, lol, nodding off and taking a little nap with the little dog on my bed, with my old bed's waterproof bottom cover under him cuz he pees when he gets nervous or excited or even just warm sometimes! LOL! (Wow I had to fix 2 typos and 2 grammatical errors in that one lol, I'd be a total passed out rock if I'd had any alcohol tonight (which would have had the potential to be harmful with the dose of oxymorphone I took tonight, and I've got 1 eye closed like a couple times when I was drunk, although I'm not seeing double...it could just possibly be me, I'm pretty farsighted with my left eye being worse than my right eye, with an astigmatism on top of that, haha. Ok so I shaved off 6 40mg opana ER tablets and snorted a total of 240mg ofoxymorphone over the period of roughly 60 minutes...I did not actually time it, but that's how it felt...which could of course be askew haha. I remember last time I went for the sky 320mg was far too much and 160mg was far too little, FOR MY EXTREMELY OPIOID TOLERANT 280LB BODY, LOL so I went smack dab in the center of those numbers.

Well shaving the coatings off instead of sucking the coatings off has caused much less gelling inside my nose, and a much cleaner high, which could possibly be more potent because it's about the same as the last time I did such a high amount at once, and I'm pretty sure my tolerance has increased a little bit since then. [Jeebus it's taking me forever to write this omg lmao.] The shavings I powderized along with 1mg of generic klonopin (my favorite type of generic actually), the ones with the uppercase Rs on them: red for 0.5mg, yellow for 1mg and white for 2mg. So altogether between 4 hours and 5 and a half hours ago, a period of 90 minutes at least (which is strange since it seems like my peak has been lasting about 30 minutes hahaha, way later and longer than usual), I took (intranasally) 240mg brand name oxymorphone, which my doctor described to me as being 5 times more powerful than morphine; 1mg intranasal clonazepam; and about 4 or 5 tokes from my 2 and a half footer lmao, a full ground up bowl, and my bowl is pretty big lol...maybe not as deep as my belly button, I don't know if that thing even has a bottom...I should contact some Universities and see if I could make some money with scientists studying black hole time travel and my navel. LOL that was so silly, you know I'm high when I say cracked out crap like that lol. I don't really have anyone to talk to with my euphoria lol, it's 1:00AM and a Wednesday night/Thursday morning here on the West Coast. Maybe I'll call my bipolar tweaker friend haha. She's usually a motormouth and alright to talk to as long as she's not coming down or screaming at her boyfriend omg hahaha. (I mean no offense to anyone bipolar, it just really doesn't go well with methamphetamine, which really doesn't go good with anyone except the most severe ADHD sufferers)

Wow it took a few generations to type all that....

Ok talk to yall later, happy highs! :P


30-12-2010, 22:17
This last month, my doc switched me from the dreaded OP oxy's ( which I'd been taken for going on 5 years ) to opana ER 2 x 40mg three times a day. I've been looking all over for a method to defeat the timerx but to no avail. From what I've read, it seems the work around for this would be to boost the BA of the oxymorphone by consuming alcohol.

So last night, I took 3 of the 40mg pills, crushed up and then swallowed, followed shortly thereafter by 3, 99 proof peach shots. As minutes passed I could feel the oxymorphone coming on much stronger then earlyer in the day when I had taken 3 x 40mg w/o drinking ( I am not a drinker anymore btw ). So this afternoon, I'm going to take 4 x 40mg and drink a couple glasses of wine and see if I get similar effects.

P.S. I'm well aware of the dangers of mixing these two substances, and I don't recommend anyone else do it unless you can snort 20 x 30mg roxi's in a sitting and not nod out. I'll report back.

31-12-2010, 01:17
@Paulycodone Glad my don't suck the coating off advise helped. :)

Sorry I don't have time to write more but glad my tip was of use to you.

01-01-2011, 04:47
I've tried to google the TimeRx stuff to find out more information about how it works and the dangers it can cause if used intranasally. Is there anyone online who has been to medical school or knows enough about all that who could enlighten me? lol. My mother used to say id get cancer from drinking diet soda, but my dad the pharmaceutical dompany guy said you would have to drink like 4 cases of it a day for it to even be possible lol so I try to understand for myself certain things, haha..


01-01-2011, 05:03
Rather than take the time to explain it all as I don't have time atm seeing as it's New Years.
I'll just link you to the thread with the pertinent information.
Remember it's in Advanced Drug Discussion so please be sure to follow the guidelines there if you choose to post in the thread.

OPANA ER insuffalation and Silicosis (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=521995)

There are some very knowledgeable & well educated posters in that thread.
Read that & you'll find everything you need to know about Opana ER & the dangers of snorting them.

Hope that helps.

06-01-2011, 04:33
Ok I know this is the "ER mega thread" please forgive me as my question is related to the IRs but I wanted a lot of people to be able to see and possibly answer my question, lol.

Ok so: I'm kinda loaded and can't find a direct answer through google...is oxymorphone's bioavailability close to 100% IM as well as IV?

I have a crazy tolerance so IV would be safe but my veins are deep and I'd have to be very very lucky to get one myself. Is it worth it to IM oxymorphone IR? Or is insufflation better?

If it is better to IM it, is it easy to just powderize it and mix with water or do u have to heat it and everything, which I've never done, lol?

Thanks =)

06-01-2011, 04:58
If it is better to IM it, is it easy to just powderize it and mix with water or do u have to heat it and everything, which I've never done, lol?

Thanks =)

I got the IR 10's for quite a while for PM.
IF and that's a big IF - you are going to IM or skin-pop (sub-cutaneous) then the BA will be from 95-100% and for all practical purposes the same BA as IV. However it will not hit you as fast.

ALSO, unless you use micron filters, sterile water, and new needles every time, you will develop an abcess, if you haven't noticed, the IR's are kinda sweet, that sugary stuff (there is a list of all the ingredients in the IR's that CH has compiled on here - look for it) will be heaven for bacteria, so be careful.

I personal snorted them as they are 4-5x as strong as oral and don't carry the risks via that roa as the ER's do. For me, the 2x boost from intranasal isn't worth the shootin since i can't hit a vein either.

If you do, be as careful as possible, please. You don't want an arm falling off or some shit like that.

09-01-2011, 22:32
I had never tried Opana until a few days ago and i like it because I need less than other PKs and get a very good nod and euphoria. A 30mg ER will get me high 2-3 times for about 5-6 hours when I snort it. I have virtually no opiate tolerance so it's very effective. I will definitely pick more up in a month or so. I try to only do opiate based drugs once a month to keep my tolerance down and keep the high special.

10-01-2011, 02:49
^^The reason that there is no warning for silicosis is that these pills are not intended to be snorted, they are intended to be swallowed.

Drug manufacturers are only required to warn about difficulties that would arise from normal use of their drugs; if you are an abuser you are pretty much on your own.

Also keep in mind that Opana is a relatively new pill. It's only been out less than 5 years, so you can't argue for the lack of silicosis reports as it takes around 10 years to develop after repeated exposure.

call me oxy or BUD
10-01-2011, 03:54
i cant figure out how to get to coating off to snort these dang opana its driving me crazy pls help