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16-02-2001, 07:40
A friend of mine is wanting to try X but she is taking Zanax would it hurt her if she was on both at the same time? If anyone has any exp on this please post...

16-02-2001, 09:48
Xanax is a downer.......Used to help her with anxiety I'm assuming? Since its a downer, it will probably bring down the roll a bit, but its affects are not long term.....Just have her not take any before the roll........Its definatly not dangerous to combine the two since there is no synergy. The E will probably take care of any anxiety she needs the Xanax for.......However Xanax could come in handy after rolling, help take the edge that somepeople experience coming down.

17-02-2001, 10:55
Stop all medications two weeks before rolling..
If taking SSRI's, start with in 6 hours of the comedown..
Why do people still ask this question...
Really, stop all meds before doing any drugs...
common sence!..Right..!!??
Tha Mechanic
Aka - Dj Sean Paul

17-02-2001, 22:44
Ummmmm....DJ, LOL!!!!! 2 weeks for Xanax? Don't post unless you know what your talking about. Xanax is a benzo with a really really short half life!!!!!!! She should just not take any Xanax THE DAY OF! Xanax is not a SSRI, I don't know what you think it is, but it is a benzo. Maybe your thinking of something else. Xanax IS PERFECTLY FINE to take with E. In fact you could take THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. And nothing bad would come of it. Might bring down your roll though like I said. Common sense? Obviously you have none if you post information not applicable to the current situation. To summurize.
If you want to optimize your roll though, don't take any the day of! When you start coming down though, you might pop a few of them to help you come down and rest easier.

18-02-2001, 03:24
My bad....Thought it was an SSRI...
You didn't have try to "be little" me though..It just shows insecurity on you're behalf..
I have no problem admitting I was misinformed,
and I'm glad you were able to get a laugh out of my misinformation...
Tha Mechanic
Aka - Dj Sean Paul
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Tha Mechanic
Aka - Dj Sean Paul
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18-02-2001, 07:53
Its ok. I appologize for "be little"ing you. You said "all meds" though. :-)

19-02-2001, 09:48
Its all good...
Its hard to know really what is safe and what not!
I figure two weeks is well done for all meds..
I had to actualy look in da book to learn about Xanax being a Benzo...
Now if we didnt know that, then wedd all be screwed....
Tha Mechanic
Aka - Dj Sean Paul
Mechanix Drum & Bass Workshop http://djseanpaul.tripod.com
Tha Mechanic
Aka - Dj Sean Paul

19-02-2001, 19:14
I know about Xanax because I love pharms hehe....Benzos and perscription narcotics are some of the best chemicals around :-)

19-02-2001, 19:31
can you feel the love? haha. keep up the good work deus
Roll safe and dance like it's goin outta style

28-01-2003, 02:56
Has anyone taken these in combination. Or is Xanax just I good comedown..

28-01-2003, 05:33
i was wondering the same thing, i used to take them to come down, because when i crash i crash hard. . . xanax helps me get to sleep, sleep hard, and it lets all my muscles relax, so i find it to be a good combo, but i am no expert. . .someone once told me that was how elvis died, not from E and xanax, but just a combo of extreme uppers and etreme downers. . . so i really don't know, hope someone here has a knowledgeable answer, cause i'd like to know too!

28-01-2003, 07:31
I would save the xanax for the comedown. Taking a xanax with E would just dull the experience.

28-01-2003, 13:32
Theres no point in taking it with the MDMA, save it for the end, its a benzo (right?) and they feel quite nice after a heavy night out.

Fried Man
28-01-2003, 23:19
if you take it together at the same time, it could lessen any negative effects you would have if you freaked out or the roll got too intense i think.

29-01-2003, 20:33
Ok..here is my take on Xanax and E. I don't agree with taking them together. I can't imagine exactly what you would feel. It is great to take Xanax on the comedown of E because of such an extreme high you feel when on E. One night I had no intentions of rolling, I just wanted to chill. A friend came over and gave me a 10mg Xanax(hehe aka blueberry or football)! I took it and started feeling all AHHHHH..LOL! About an hour after taking it, hubby(mystryman) came home from being out and shows me and my friend a handful of E pills...YUMMY! Couldn't resist, so I took one! Wow...what a feeling. I don't know about you but when I start to get on from E I get real tense and just an uncomfortable feeling(if they are good pills). Well this wasn't the case. I had the whole ahhh feeling from the xanie but yet I was ROLLIN FACE! It was great. I would do it again if I had the chance. I was all happy and gitty and ahhh from the xanie and yet rollin super hard. So I have tried taking it before hand and taking it after and both is a great feeling. I guess it will be different for everyone because some people get wrecked off a 10mg xanax. For me though it was great! Happy Rolls and be careful!!! :-)

04-04-2003, 04:04
Any of you have tried to take some Xanax before your E? To get rid of pre-roll jitters/ anxiety.
If so,how was it? How much did you take? Did it kill your roll or made it better? Any anxiety at the comedown?


04-04-2003, 04:10
"Any of you have tried to take some Xanax before your E? To get rid of pre-roll jitters/ anxiety. "

You don't like the anticipation and pre-roll jitters? I'm sorry..Never thought anyone would hate it enough to take a Xanax to kill it..To answer your question, no I haven't, and I wouldn't really reccomend it either..It might help you with your problem initially, but do you still want to be all relaxed and out of it when your bean kicks in with it's euphoria and energy? You could look at in the light that the Xanax would be wasting part of your time feeling the beans.. I really wouldn't want to kill that bomb speedy feeling when a bean begins to kick in, but to each their own..Coming down is a completely different story..That's always when I divulge into my k :)..

04-04-2003, 20:32
No, I don't like the anxiety before rolling. I think someone said here that he was taking a valium in the afternoon before rolling and was wondering if anybody tried xanax.
Not right before taking your roll but hours before so that it would not kill your energy but make you have a cool, relaxed evening.

04-04-2003, 22:49
you're better off saving the Xanax to help with the comedown after the roll.

05-04-2003, 19:51
unlike most people, As the quality of pills has gone down since I've been rolling I find the taking xanax wilst rolling throws me into a pure salad world.I'm not just talking about talking salad, I mean full on walking a dream sometimes, sure the talking is there but the effect is so worth it. Now I don't remember as much as I should about these nights:) but it helps me get to a higher peak than the pills themselves.Some people don't think it is such a good idea to mix things of this nature, and they're most likely right.That type of call must be made by you. You have to be smart about it, you know don't take a hand full of xanax and wash it back with a handfull of beans.Take your normal dose of each..I would try to take them right at the same time.. But as for the jeters and such ..i feel that is have the fun of it, the waiting..the hopeing for the night of a life time...Be safe Rave hard


05-04-2003, 23:04
Chickenbone, how many xanax do you take? Do you still have energy to dance?

06-04-2003, 00:48
ohh yeah....i dance. I take usually one to start..blue football. Then if i feel that its strong enough to keep up with the pills i don't take anymore, but if the feeling i get from the mix starts to wear thin i take another half....i start by dropping 2 beans and 1 xanax..But don't worry about the dancing...that comes naturally and its just that much better..Be Safe Rave Hard


07-04-2003, 06:25
hey, i am on xanax prescription... (panic disorder) when i first started taking E i used to get very anxcious sometimes i would have a light panic attac right before the peek... here is the deal...
xanax is going to influance your roll. but that is very litlle... if you dont want to be too anxcious take 1mg that is 1 blue pill 1 hour before droping the E pill. you will feel xanax relaxing you and getting rid of tansion and then when the E starts to hit, you will just be eaven more relaxed... trust me on thisone, it will overpower xanax by far... you will forget that you ever took one. and xanax works in your system for atleast 8 hours (4 hours peek) so it should cover your come down a litlle too. you will be very relaxed again... trust me i've done 3 mg of xanax and e still the roll was intense. E is very powerful drug...

Crimson Cloud
07-04-2003, 06:48
I find the taking xanax wilst rolling throws me into a pure salad world.I'm not just talking about talking salad
What the fuck is a salad world? And what the fuck is a talking salad?

07-04-2003, 23:08
i guess people call it different things..around here,(Florida) talking salad is a term when sombody is rolling so hard they start talking about stuff thats not there..people that aren't there. things of this nature..the hallucation part of rolling. I get it somewhat when just rolling...but when I mix with xanax or acid or somthing i am like living in a different world. I have been caught talking to lamps and stuff...the people I am partying with ask me to come back into another part of the house and I'm like why? the party's in here man..:) I don't know what else to call it when this happens..thats what we've always called it.


07-04-2003, 23:49

Thank you for the advice. I also have occasional panic attacks, especially when I smoke pot. Xanax helps at that times,and will probably with E, or E+pot. Do you smoke too when you do E+xanax? I think I am going to do only 0.5mg though, one hour before, as it is usually what I take.


08-04-2003, 00:31
I usually smoke only as I come down..helps with the landing. Sometimes gives me a little boost...but most of the time just lets me down easier...


P.S. what do you call it when you start to halucinate? talk about things that aren't there? other than talking salad?

08-04-2003, 01:00
I just found this post from a mod when doing a little searching..

quote:"Never heard the expression, but there is a term called "word salad" that describes a type of highly disordered speech displayed by people with schizophrenia. So it may be inspired by that. " Made since to me when I read it so I thought others would like to see it as well..


08-04-2003, 03:54
My wife is on Xanax so I have it around the house all the time. Once in awhile rolling I sneak two or three and I NEVER remember ANYTHING the next day. My friends digital camera shows me what I've done or what they have done to me the next day. WOW ! So becareful I know I won't mix them again unless I want to be made a fool of. I had no idea ! Scarry !

10-04-2003, 03:55
I'm very sensitiv to psychoactive drugs, and you'll be amaized pot is one of them.. i do pot only with E (MDA) ocasionaly. i do it right after the peak... it makes me see things. it's amaizing.. the space distorsion i get on it... It's a lot of fun, but i need a sitter because short term memory becomes real short. like 10-20 sec. so it's always "what did i just say, where are we going, am i dreaming" and so on...
but a lot of people take pot afterwards to go down and it helps them... let me know how it works for you...

10-04-2003, 06:30
Well I love taking a Xanax on the come-down of rollin, but I have tried taking it before a roll too. On one occasion I only took half a xanax about 1 hour before dropping E, only because I didn't know I was gonna get any E that night. My intention was to split the xannie with my brother and we were gonna drink with some friends. It didn't do too much since it was only half of a xannie, but it did make the come-up on E alittle smoother. Since it made it smoother, a few weeks later I took a whole xannie about 2 1/2 hours before I dropped E. Unlike what some may say...it didn't take away from the come-up. All it really does is keep you from getting that tense feeling in your body and nausia. My peak and roll all in all was the same. Just as strong as if I didn't take the xannie. The thing that you shouldn't do is take the xannie and then take the E right after. That will certainly mess your roll up! Take care and Happy Rolls!!! ;)

10-04-2003, 19:26

What do you mean by a "whole xanax"? A blue one? 1mg?


10-04-2003, 19:29

I usually smoke pot when I take E and also on the comedown, love it with a glass of champagne. I've been doing that for 4 years but last time I had a very bad panic attack when I smoked on the comedown. I think that the xanax will take care of it.


11-04-2003, 01:12
i also get thrown into a salad world when combining the two and i love it. all of my friends do, also. we dont usually go to a club when we roll, we chill around my apt and talk, listen to music, go swimming/hot tubbing. we usually eat 2-3 mgs a few hours before we eat the pills, and 1 or 2 mgs during or after. and 90% of the time we get a case of whippits each. we wont even roll if we dont have weed. but we always have good weed so that never happens ;)

we have a great time and mucho salad is talked (especially during the comedown) i used to have a 'book of salad" that had every stupid thing one of us said but i cant find it.

also- when i dont eat xanax b4 the roll-- i puke almost every time.
when i do-- i have never puked.

the best nights of my life were spent on xanax/good pills/whippits and weed. my favorite combo.

11-04-2003, 07:59
We don't have xanax where I live.. We probably have prescription drugs similar to it, but under another name..

What type of substance is it and whats the chemical name?

11-04-2003, 22:07
Originally posted by pzykiq
We don't have xanax where I live.. We probably have prescription drugs similar to it, but under another name..

What type of substance is it and whats the chemical name?
Xanax = Alprazolam...
Similar to Valium...
they all belong to the Benzodiazepine Class of Drugs...

11-04-2003, 22:23
Originally posted by ManiE
I think that the xanax will take care of it.

ManiE [/B]
Xanax is going to help with any panic... i dont know if 1/2 mg is enogh, but that's up to you... on thing about panic...
when you take drugs keep in mind that reality, your body are going to experiance changes. And you cannot always anticipate what exactly is going to happen. But i try to keep in mind few things... drugs are very strong and you cannot fight them.. and the ones we are talking about,,, you are most likely not going to die and eaven if you are there is nothing you can do about it... so yu have to learn to let it go...
you also said that you got panic attack this last time you took weed after E. That pill that you had might have been MDA (MDA makes you halucinate a litlle more) and the weed might have been a litlle stronger... so you ended up experiancing something you didn't expect... and boom (if you are like i used to be) PANIC!!! Instad let it go and observe... eventually you'll find out what it is that makes you panic, and it might be something interesting like space distorsion... where it takes you hours to get to the end of the room... something i had from MDA + Weed.
anyways hope this helps with your panic.

MC Mitzi
11-04-2003, 23:06

Sorry people but it's really f*cking me off, if it's that horrible don't take pills in the first place, if you still want to take them, bosh a few bongs before you come up.


11-04-2003, 23:41

Thank you for your feedback :)
Seriously, what is your problem? Who said it was horrible? I enjoy taking pills, I've been doing it for a long time, I am 35 now...and if I can make it a little bit better by taking a Xanax or two I don't understand why it would bother you so much...
Can you imagine? Taking a xanax...Now, that's really fucked-up !

MC Mitzi
12-04-2003, 17:03
Why take some fucking pill or two on top of other pills when you can just smoke some draw or have a few shots of vodka, xanax would make your high shit anyway it would chill it out too much.

I didn't mean to come out arsy as fuck but i don't see why you would even consider taking a xanax before a pill, after i can see the point but you'll miss out on mad hallucinations on the comedown.

12-04-2003, 18:11
I am with MC Mitzi.

You start mixing too much and you just can't really enjoy one. Know someone who tooa Xanax then a roll and it just cancelled eachother out. To top it off they ended up sleeping right though the roll.

Wasting pills like that is just wrong...

Pre roll jitters is part of the journey....

12-04-2003, 18:49
Pre-roll jitters are part of YOUR journey. Not everybody enjoys them...About mixing, what's the difference between mixing E and Pot or Alcohol and E and Xanax?some people think weed kill their roll, some love it, same for alcohol. Your friend think the xanax killed his roll, most posters here said it enhances it...If I don't think that it is wasting a pill, but the opposite, I really don't understand why that makes you mad.

12-04-2003, 18:55
Also, I don't have "mad hallucinations" on E so it won't kill them. And about the question "why take a xanax when you can smoke a bong?" Why not? apparently you have not even tried it but you know that it will be worse than smoking?
Why can't I smoke AND take a xanax? ohh...I know it's the mixing...
Maybe it is the fact that it is a legal drug that really bothers you?

12-04-2003, 22:46
i think our friends on top have a real problem... they probobly dont know nothing about MDMA nor any psyhological problems.
Let me tell you something guys. one thing is for sure we all like taking E. But i used to have Panic Disorder and the comeup on E used to be very hard to handle. If you are so "Fucking" (to use your language) healthy and not suffering from any mental disorders then hey... mind your own shit. There is people that need help here and you are not helping...
You just keep taking Vodka and similar stuff to get relaxed. I wonder what kind of life you will endup leading soon... And i dont meen no harm with this... but i hope that on day you'll endup having a panic attac so you know why some people go this far just to be able to enjoy life like others do...
but i still think i waisted my time. i dont think any of this will ever reach you... i doubt you know what is Panic Attack. You probobly never heard of it :-)
Reading books might help you with that disorder... called stupidity
whoa can't wait for the smar comment.... lol

18-04-2003, 06:10
(I did a search for xanax and didn't find my answer)...Is the "zanzibar" combo (xanax + ecstasy) good? Does is intensify the effects or make your roll better? I know people take it to help to go to sleep but I was just wondering what's the pros and cons of taking it together and what the effects are...and of course if it is worth it.

18-04-2003, 20:40
*bump* anyone out there?

18-04-2003, 21:01
FairNymph once told me that taking xanax before E would block the E effects. Im not sure if thats logic though.

18-04-2003, 22:48
I'd go with what fairnymph said. Taking a depressant right before you drop will probably kill your roll and nnot be any fun at all. Again, I have no experience with it, so I don't know... but I'd suggest saving the xanax for the comedown.

19-04-2003, 00:41
Do a search on it...I myself love the mix..I am one of the people that has seen the decline in the quality of pills over the years and now out of necessity(sp?)(i feel like a am in 6th grade, I can't spell) I have tried many different mixes.
I really like the mix of xanax and MDMA. It puts me into a non stop salad world..by that I mean i'm not just talking salad, and am living a dream, walking it...it adds to the tripping side of MDMA. I would think taking to much could down play your roll but if you just take like a blue football within an hour..i do it at the same time...of taking your bean your good to go. You can experiment with the amount and time..but I have never had a bad effect from that mix..GHB and MDMA yeah, but not Xanax and MDMA...be safe roll hard


19-04-2003, 09:30
i've read of valium used to deal with some of the side effects (jaw and eye action) back in the (legal) day. xanax, i belive, acts the same way.

personally, i love xanax the day after, especially if i actually have to do something important like go to work.