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30-08-2006, 23:13
okay..so i plan on getting off the opiates once a-freaking-gain. ive already searched about imodium, and i know there is much controversy about how effective it is. well, if i were to get immodium (which i have), it would be to help with the uncomfort/irritation/pain of the stomach, not just the "shits" . im taking 40mgs hydro MAX daily, 30 usual, so i know my dose isnt sky-high. so yes, i am asking for help bluelighters, please anybody with PERSONAL experience with the drug, if anyone has suggestions of a good dose, becuase im sure loperamide has a cross-tolerance thing just like other opiates. so please. help. thanks.

30-08-2006, 23:17
I have personal experience using immodium for opiate withdrawal. It is mildy effective for some of the physical symptoms, but it does nothing at all for the psychological cravings, anxiety, etc. Any specific questions?

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30-08-2006, 23:19
yeah, try 2-6 mg loperamide to start. maybe some dxm to reduce the cravings, 30-60 mg should do it. the loperamide seems to keep the stomach from hurting with slightly higher dosages, maybe 10 mg in a day or so.

30-08-2006, 23:22
I found immodium extremely helpful when detoxing from around 80mg oxy. It definitely helped with more than the shits - there was a noticeable lessening of withdrawal symptoms when I took it. Unfortunately I think it actually caused its own stomach problems after a few days (it's extrememly constipating, much more so than any other opiate I've ever taken). The good news is by the time it got to that point I was through the worst of the withdrawals and just stopped taking it. I've heard that you have to taper it but I didn't have to. It didn't make bring the withdrawals back when I stopped it.

As for the dose, when I detox from the above mentioned habit I took 2 2mg pills at a time about 3times a day (above the recommended dose, probably why I got stomach problems from it). That might have been overkill in retrospect but it's hard to say. I've since done a couple mini detoxes (after using oxy for about a week and knowing I would likely get withdrawal symptoms). Those times I only used 1 immodium, 2 or 3 times a day (depending on how long I had to be awake and functioning for).

31-08-2006, 00:25
yeah... okay well ill go and grab a couple boxes soon. if i can pull it off, ill taper off with the loperamide, and use benzos as needed..hopefully i wont trade off the addictions, its going to be a tough one. thanks guys, you all are greatly appreaciated.

31-08-2006, 00:30
Didn't do shit for me, except when I had a really small habbit.

31-08-2006, 00:35
yea well, my habit isnt big anyways, IMO. i take 40-45 hydro MAX daily, i keep it reasonable..but yeah. i experience the ups and downs of opiate use daily..but i hope to get rid of this habit soon..

01-09-2006, 09:33
thanks for the info schlaemeil..yes i have used it before but i wouldnt take more then 2 of them (4mgs) . i think that 24mgs is pushing it, i guess i will experiment once again ..yea dude the "frankenshits" as you called it..ive gotten it once. and it was one of the worst moments in my life EVER..cold sweats mixed with being so tired from waking up like 20 minutes before the time came. thats where metamucil comes in hand :)

01-09-2006, 11:29
I Take it amost daily for over 5 years now. one day i woke up with the shits and they never went away. i have been through every test and several doctors. finally the gastro guy just said:
"well if the immodium works just keep taking that. your dosage is not harmfull"

at the time i was taking up to 12 a day

now i take about 1 or 2 every other day and more like 4-5 if i am shitting liquid.

my father thinks i have this problem because i "think about it" and the subconsious anxiety of the problem actually is the cause.
i think its fucking ridiculous

but anyway

IT WORKS and it wont kill you just take what you need if you overdo it youll be "manually extracting" if you know what that means.=D

01-09-2006, 19:34
I was taking 10+ mgs of lopermide at a time, it didn't help me when I had a serious habit. If you are banging 10 bags a day, it won't help very much. At least it didn't help me, and the dosing wasn't the problem.

01-09-2006, 22:17
It should help significantly.
I suggest anyone thinking about taking Loperamide for wd to take that statement with a grain of salt, and do not get your hopes up. No offense Shlameil.

02-09-2006, 01:56
I suggest anyone thinking about taking Loperamide for wd to take that statement with a grain of salt, and do not get your hopes up. No offense Shlameil.

Yes exactly. I have no idea why people took the 'fentanyl analogue' bs and ran with it just because it vaguely has a chemical structure like an opiod and now everyone believes that you can hold off opiate wd with it or even get effects from it. It definitely does help with some of the physical symptoms but your still gonna feel like shit. So youve still got the habit itchy? You shouldve tapered with the methadone a long time ago. If you keep going your habits just gonna get worse with time.

02-09-2006, 11:12
tried it today..along with 17.5mgs hydrocodone..i took 6mg loperamide, and it worked physically for sure. its crazy. i should be aching balls but im not as much..we'll see...

02-09-2006, 15:16
Goodluck Itchy, stay tough.

02-09-2006, 16:43
Combine the dose of loperamide with 600mg's of tagamet. Something happens and you will get "feelings" like the onset of an opiate high. I was told this combo by some old head junkie who told me it's a secret among the older junkies. Just try it, nothing bad can come of it. I tried it and it definitely did something for me, it lifted my mood and sorta calmed me down ..

03-09-2006, 05:02
okay..so im trying to get off of opiates at the moment..from a 40mg hydro daily habit, i am now down to max 25mgs daily , but ive been using 22.5 usually. very strange, but anyways..okay..i have been using benzos too, but not abusing. i will never take more then 20mg valium in a day, but i sometimes mix (a valium 10mg in the afternoon, then .5mg xanax to sleep, etc) ..and dont have a script. i feel i have a slight will power ..but the anxiety usually kills it for me, which usually makes me dose half a mg of xanax or so. honestly, i dont need more then a mg of it for sure, and the valium , i know it should still be inside me, etc. but i have not been using them for over a month, and the use is VERY moderated, but i dont take too many days off. i seem to mistake my opiate w/d for benzo w/d , and worry that it could be both. my doses of benzos arent ridiculous , but i know frequent use is what will cause w/d , so i guess i should step on the brakes a bit..i took .5mgs xanax today to ease my chest pain, and anxiety which must have come from the opiate w/d part..because i took a valium last night. i know if i was sober, i wouldnt feel like that from the benzos ive been using..its been moderate. ive used benzos before, same fashion, having half a gram of valium last me for a couple months (estimated) , and experienced no w/d symptoms. im basically asking for detailed benzo opinions, such as if my use of 1-2mg MAX xanax daily. and if i take a larger dose one day (say 2mgs) i wont dose as much the next day. but i dont even recall ever taking 2mgs..i usually take .5, 1, or 1.5 if its all xanax. if i take valium, ill never really take more then one and if anything..ill pop half a xanax or a whole (1mg) . i hope this isnt too vague, but yeah..opinions are appreaciated..i know some of you knwo how i feel. its just the worry in the back of my head, that at one point or another ill know will come back becaues it always does..thanks.

03-09-2006, 07:48
i think that loperamide is absolutely essential for kicking, and i personally think the best is the immodium loperamide/simethicone combo. it gets rid of the shits and also calms my nausea. i too wonder how effective it REALLY is. i think knowing that you're taking SOME FORM of opioid (even tho it doesnt penetrate the BBB) is a bit reassuring, and since most people would agree the hardest part of kicking is the psychological aspect, it does do some good. its also nice not shitting brown water. I can't honestly tell you from a physical standpoint whether it eases wd as a whole, but loperamide/simethicone WILL help some of the GI symptoms, so defenitely use it.

I think the best way to kick (if nothing to taper with) is a mixture of immodium, clonidine, benzos (fucking essential as well in my opinion, makes wd somewhat bearable), diphenhydramine, and some sort of otc painkiller such as apap or naproxen for the aches (however nsaids may irritate the stomach, ive thrown up from taking a bit too much ibuprofen for an intense headahe before).

Most downers will help you.. alcohol is debatable: it usually helps for a little while during the few hours that you're drunk, but being hungover on top of your wd SUCKS, this is why benzos are infinately more useful in this situation. amphetamine is also debatable: i would personally say absolutely not, since even normally they cause depression and shitty feelings for me, but it temporarily will get rid of the w/d lethargy (i would think in this case the cons outweigh the pros, however.. you dont need extra anxiety depression, or the horrid crash. maybe very low doses might help a bit tho).

I have heard of people using G to get thru divorcing the monkey, but havent even tried it so i wouldnt know. As for dxm, even tho its synthesized from codeine, shows up as opiates on drug tests, and people will say that it helps, i personally stay very far away from it during w/d. maybe a very very low dose, but nowhere near even first plateau.

Good luck man, im trying to kick too, but im on bupe, which defenitely helps, although you're prolly better off in the long run (and im still gonna have to wd from the bupe)

03-09-2006, 07:50
also, with your hydro doses, you will be completely fine. 40mg isnt "nothing", and depending on how long you've been using you may feel sick, but i doubt it'll be any worse than a moderate cold. reassurance helps alot during w/d, at least for me, the worst part IMO is not knowing how bad its gonna get. but trust me man, the "accute w/d" period will be just fine, during this time, find a new hobby or passion to keep you away from this shit in the future. thats what im trying to do, and its SO FUCKING HARD. just the habit of always having some sort of fix to isolate myself from this cruel world, its hard to break. and im sure most people that have gone thru this know what im talking about. let me know how its coming along

03-09-2006, 08:28
Ok itchy i merged both of your threads and am gonna change the title to help me! (opiate w/d..benzo info needed..immodium) since they were very similar topics.

03-09-2006, 13:27
hang in there itchy.


04-09-2006, 10:35
i took less then 15 mgs (just around 14mgs) of hydro today. i can't believe how i feel at the moment, i feel like im gona have to go through another round, becaues it seems unreal that i am almost numb of pain at this moment..i took my last dose more then 6 hours ago. its unreal, i dont know what to say of it..it is probably the marijuana. and the ativan (half a milligram.) but yeah, ill be able to sleep..to say the least.

05-09-2006, 08:53
wow. today, had to work. 7.5mgs hydro TOTAL. i have 50mgs here at home now, its 10:53 PM. i have no intention to dose. lets hope this goes somewhere good..

05-09-2006, 16:50
If you have taken loperamide and haven't experienced any adverse reactions to it, i'd say get good and into withdrawal and then take 24mg of it. While that may sound like a lot, i've taken some truly ridiculous doses. .

I don't think it's possible to take too much immodium when you're kicking a major opiate dependancy. As everyone knows, it does wonders for the inevitable gastro disasters. Some people also think that large amounts of immodium also help with cravings but I think that's wishful thinking. Loperimide is an opioid that cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, no matter how many tabs you pop.

As Schlameil said, if you don't think it works you probably aren't taking enough. I used to pop it like candy when I was kicking.

05-09-2006, 17:42
I was using benzos (mainly valium, sometimes stronger shorter acting ones like lorazepam) for anxiety and insomnia with opiate withdrawal. I'm new to benzos so I can't give you a detailed opinion about the level of your use, but in my case I was using them on and off for about six weeks when I started to get a bit paranoid that I was going to get hooked on them as well. Anyway, I decided to cut out the benzos altogether and see what happened and it turns out I was just being paranoid - went off them a week and no withdrawal symptoms. I wasn't using them everyday like you though.

My feeling about what was happening with me was that my anxiety from the opiate withdrawal was making me needlessly worried about my benzo use. I wasn't using them recreationally and only when the anxiety/insomnia was unbearable so I think I was probably using them correctly. However, one of the reasons I started getting paranoid about getting addicted to them was that I was starting to think I couldn't fall asleep without them - which was probably the beginning of psychological addiction. I had to suffer a few nights with insomnia to convince myself I could stop taking them (which I decided to waste a weekend doing since I work), but I now know there's no chance of addiction, which is one less worry (among the million worries getting off of opiates has created).

Anyway, in my case benzos were definitely essential in first stages of opiate withdrawal. Sounds like you're still there. However, I think the every day use of xanax might be a bit dangerous. You definitely need to know where to draw the line between useful use and trading one addiction for another. Unfortunately I can't really offer a useful opinion about that since I am not that experienced with benzos.

05-09-2006, 20:29
i feel the same way dude!..although ive been using the benzos daily, it has been moderated, and in no way imo, "abusing". ive been taking half a mg of ativan, or half to one mg xanax a day. and no, it does not go over that . but yeah man..the confusion from opiate w/d making u think somethings wrong..ANYTHING..from the benzo use, to simple issues..anyways, every morning feels like ive gotten through the worst but i know mentally, its probably just started :T ..wish luck guys,,this step was NOT easy by no means..just had to go with the flow..and listen to my instinct and NOT do the easiest thing..

05-09-2006, 21:27
^^^ I agree it does sound like we're in a similar situation. Maybe my post on benzos and opiate withdrawal will be helpful to you:


There was some good advice in there. My fear of benzo addiction definitely turned out to be just a fear. I don't want to make you overconfident though. I wasn't using benzos everyday. I'm not sure how long you can do that with Xanax and get out without withdrawals. I sort of got the impression it was a few weeks.

That being said, I do think it's different if you're using a drug for its intended purpose though and not recreationally (which it sounds like you are). I mean I don't actually like benzos beyond anxiety/insomnia releif. I'm not totally sure what the benzo high even is. That made it pretty easy to give them up when the time came. Eventually my fear of getting addicted outweighted the benefits of using benzos. In fact I actually think they had started to become part of the problem as both my anxiety and insomnia seem to have essentially disappeared now that I've I stopped taking them.

05-09-2006, 21:53
dude im so glad to see someone that has such similar feelings..dude im telling you, i can barely see the benzo "high" either man..i too, use it solely for its anxiety relieving properties. the amts i even take dont completely kill my symptoms at all. ive been sleeping in very uncomfortable positions (physically/mentally) and i applaud myself for having the will to do that..but i also have to thank the fact that i dont find it worth it to dose at late hours on opiates. but yea. im gona take some imodium soon..hopefully it will go well with the advil/weed.

05-09-2006, 22:34
^^^ Opiate withdrawal sucks... no real way around that. It does get better though. Unfortunately it's a slow process. I totally remember being in that phase where you couldn't sleep because it's too uncomfortable - glad to say I'm not there anymore!

14-06-2009, 23:02
w/d bump save

15-04-2014, 16:50
wanna ansswer you just testing..

15-04-2014, 17:42
heres the cocktail..man i had 5 methadone prog..4 of suboxone..15 years professional addict to heroin..n today im straight whit nothing.no fuckn opiates @ all..i did drop methadone from 200 to o once..from 90 to o another time..now its my 57th craving in life..stupid ennough not to understand but my cocktail works..fuck your doctors posologie..fuck your baby toy dolls friends advice whit posologie whit immodium..which is not dangerous at all like tylenol(acethaminophen)which can smash your liver if not respected.immodium you can take all the bottle at once..100 tablets..it'll help not dangerous for liver or so..but dont need to do it whit my cocktail.. for sure you need shit loads of benzos for anxiety..insomnia.. you need clonidine for cold turkey too..immodium man listen to..Try get some benzos first xanax(alprazolam) rivotril(clonazepam) ativan(lorazepam) valium(diazepam) or theres many other..the rivotril last longuer than the other i think..around 30h or so...if you can find those 3 you re allready in busines..youll need beer to..they said no alcool whit benzos.you gotta understand that they mean the opposite. thing is we re fighting the devil here..they said the opiates chimically change our brain whit the years.it will not fix our brain but we need chemichals to pass trough the hard core craving wich anxiety is nothing ..the anxiety we experience as nothing to do whit normal anxiety...its 100 times worst..so fight fire whit fire..suboxone is really good to for a craving..i was frightened to take the pills cause there is the opiates ennemy in it..naloxone..narcan kind of.. so if you can pass around 30 h whitout opiaces lets say whit the cocktail..you take subox for few days ..first day is weirdo but not like a craving second subox day allready better.n before you get addict you slow down the dose..lets say you take a 8mg first shot n 16 next day..n 12- 10-8-6-4-2...only 8 the first cause its not comfortable but ennough so you cannot use..cause it will not be pleasent at all..you cannot o.d on subox..i tryed...not to od but i took over 64mg whhen i was at 4 n..notting...not even stone.. magic.. but lets say fuck off subox...cocktail only like an adult..lol.. be carefull not to relaps on benzos..can be fatal..i know ..they said not do it whit opiaces so i was..perfect it mean on benzos itll cost me less on morph or down to be stone..wich did work...n brought me close to death many times..so be sure of you ..have someone whitout the same problem around that as a head on his shoulders..you do your last shoot.. you wait until you feel fagget n need some ..you begin whit...lets say all at the same time...lol. go benzos go..whatch out i took to much of those n had epilepsy in whitdrawals..but i was takin between 10 to 20 2mg rivotril at once twice a day at the end..which is totally stupid..i realise further that i could say fuck doctors posologie but fuck mine too..lets have a middle..lol.. you kick those whit beer n even pcp or ghb whit..but carefully those mixt whit are dangerous too.. than you take clonidine at night whit ..the best would be 4 to 8 valium 10 a day..few beer.. clonidine 20 twice immodium you take some sip in the tablets bottle.. n at night before bed you take few rivotrils 2 mg ..it should help you sleep. for muscle spasms, theres the cyclobenzaprine which look like yellow houses pills..but watch out its same kind of fuck cirokwell..fuck n anti deepress shit....which is head or tales thats gonna knock you out or make your night worst..n the best of it all, man you smoke pot...i use to smoke a lot but on heroin..didnt need to..but in craving i realise that it makes me realise that heroin is shit..now when you arrive at morning youre still knock out especially if you took antideepress pills alson..benzos knock you but at least when you get up youre muscles are top shape..antideepress shit can help you knock out but the next day youre muscles are dead...so you need speed (wich is the worst ennemy of the craving..) so it'll get you out of bed n house to spend ennergy..you have youre benzos always close.each time you think axiety is comming..never to carefull jump in the bottle..lool..so the bad effect of the speed will not go on ...than my way is to spend (depend what kind of craving..like heroin can last me 2-3 weeks..cause im stupid n smash half gram a shot at the end..went to europe africa n east n west america.i did try many good heroin..n allways finish to think im a horse..but 200mg to 0 methadone ..fuck man..3 months craving..dont even remember the first one..peoples told me it was the worst best party of all time for me..) so if you follow me, man i swear you need to transform your craving into a yudge party man..music non stop.. fuck friends.masturbation..whatever..your sences are comming back..sex , music.color..food... man i feel like im cutting the strings that the devil was pulling since long time n was playing whit my head..man you have to be able. its a question of life or shit..!!!i might have forgotten some ingrediants..but trust me i know how to crave someone so he will not suffer a second mentally or phisycally... Rickos los tabarnakos montreal quebec..french frog Tabarnak.!)

30-08-2015, 12:43
I'd try a phenergen 25mg x 2 at night with 10mg val and try to avoid combining benzos. Taper off your benzo by 2mg every 2 days using a pill cutter. Be careful. Detoxing from benzos is even worse than oxy detox.