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15-08-2005, 07:14
Hallucinations on MDMA

Happened this weekend on 3 pills that were given a resounding 8 on Pillreports.com. I have never had a pill that was given a legit 8 and I can say the experience was very different towards the end of the night. I saw geometric shapes and mathematical equations all over people’s faces…spiders walking out of mates eye…very weird but I was still able to tell from my time reading here that it was the pills and I didn’t freak.

Here’s my question…how much MDMA is generally needed for that kind of effect? I have seen two posts on these pills on pillreports.com, and tests showed them to be pretty much straight MDMA. The next day, my friends all commented that they had never had that before (I stupidly had one more pill than them. (1.5 at 10pm and 1.5 at 11.30). Slept like a baby when I got home and no come down. But I realise I must have been pushing it to see stuff like that.

The other thing is, is there a way to stop it or do you just do as I did and accept that you’ve had a bit much and just ride it thru until its time to go home?

15-08-2005, 07:28
I used to find that i would often hallucinate towards the end of the night after a few pills. Usually good quality bikkies around the 2-3 range. Something i used to believe would bring it on would be smoking some snow cones(crushe up pill on top of weed) before the comedown as well. Combination of upper and downer would usually bring on slight and amusing hallucinations. Did you smoke any weed?

I didnt think there was anyway to stop it mainly because i enjoyed them so much anway. Closing your eyes to try and get to sleep brought them on even more.

I think it might have been doses in the range of 150 - 250 mg's of MDxx along with the combo of weed that would bring it on.

fuck in heaven

15-08-2005, 07:41
A good strong dose, just one good pill for me, is alll I need to get a bit of visuals of MDMA. Trails and distorted faces first for me and it doesnt take much. Some people find a pill and a cone towards the end will do the trick, others need much more before they start seein crazy shit

Theres a few good threads on MDMA visuals around the forum if you can find them.

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15-08-2005, 08:19
At high doses of MDMA you can get significant conversion to MDA in your liver. This in turn could possibly explain why you had hallucinations. I have also experienced some fairly funky visuals after excessive consumption.

Another reason could be the fact that what you consumed was not in fact MDMA. How do we really know these days????

This is just my 2c though

[Edit] - Follow the link below to BigTrancers post and you will find a better explanation.

Check BigTrancer's post regarding conversion (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=197722&highlight=Hallucinations+MDMA)

15-08-2005, 12:41
Thanks guys. No, I didn't smoke any weed. Just a lot of ciggies. However, the night before, I had just one on it's own and I had full shutter vision...and very strong effects. The things I saw on the night I had three, went WAY beyond the kind of visuals, wobbles etc I normally get....this was just...fucking strange lol

15-08-2005, 13:55
Doesnt sound like mdma to me, can you point us in the direction of the pillreport artical?

15-08-2005, 15:01
Ive always gotten mild visuals off clean mdma, often seeing things that arent there (ie shadows forming into people) or confusing things on peoples faces (ie thinking somebody is wearing glasses when he isnt) and the comedown at very early hours almost always brings strange visuals when im sitting relaxed (ie, pavement stones pushing further out then rearranging themselves, forming into patterns/shapes/pictures) but your experience sounds very very full on.

Im not sure if something that lucid and animated could be attributed to just mdma in your system...not too sure if mda would do the trick either, worth some research.

15-08-2005, 16:18
Clean MDMA upto 125mg or so doesn't cause visuals for me. However you add maybe 20-50mg of MDA into that mix and BAM.. the trippy peak with the delusional comedown!

Cheshire Cat ^..^
15-08-2005, 19:07
Same. Never got any visuals of clean MDMA. Maybe a bit of CEVs after 150+mg and few cones but that's it.

If I want E visuals I get MDA and a lot of weed...

16-08-2005, 03:04
They were White Kangaroo / Qantas and the report I went off is on the first page of Pillreports.

Everyone is rating them bloody high...so is there anychance it was just too damn much. I am usually a 1.5 - 2 pill guy, of the "normal" average strength pills. These damn well felt like MDMA except for the early hours of the morning with those visuals in the average light of the outside area of the club....no hallucinations inside on the dance floor. I just figured I was fucked :-|

16-08-2005, 08:29
Originally posted by Cyberdyne
strange visuals when im sitting relaxed (ie, pavement stones pushing further out then rearranging themselves, forming into patterns/shapes/pictures) but your experience sounds very very full on.

AHH ha ha OMG iv had that happen of MDA and cones. I was sitting there when the bricks on the wall started to glow a little, then rearrange themselves forming patterns that looked like a crossword.

16-08-2005, 08:53
OK...from what I have been hearing from others familiar with these pills, I took close to 300mg of MDMA that night....I guess that explains it. You live and learn I guess. It's not something I'd choose to repeat.

16-08-2005, 12:47
No, There was no other drug use throughout the night other than a few beers and two packets of ciggies.

And the pills were damn clean...I tried one on its own the night before!

The pills tested positive for MDMA only, if you read the report, and they are fucking strong.

I know MDMA is an hallucinogen at high enough dosages. My original question was based on my disbelief that three pills would cause the hallucinations I had.

I have since spoken to a number of people familiar with them, and they seem (through an educative guesstimate and comparisons to other pills ) to be of at least 100mg MDMA.

I simply took too fucking much :(

uni bum
16-08-2005, 15:25
Originally posted by Slateroz

I simply took too fucking much :(

No you didnt, you just get hallucinations easier than your friends. If I have 2.5 pills of decent quality MDMA then i get hallucinations, and i usually have 4-5 pills in a night. And most of my friends dont get hallucinations at the 5 pill range. MDA is another story though of course. Just enjoy it man, it makes my night. :)

17-08-2005, 14:39
some people are more sensitive to OEV's and CEV's. i find that these come on only as im coming down off E's and im smokin some cones. however there are some of the 'trippier' pills that are weirder. i believe to be MDA. rare as they come, i somehow dont really like them. from what ive noticed these pills bring on more fractal pattern psychedlic type hallucinations.

however, contradicting my above statement which states that i only get them while coming down, ive found that ive had "delusional" hallucinations on really clean smacky MDMA. by delusional i mean seeing people that arent there. talkin to a tree thinkin it was a mate while on the way to a rave. i cant explain for these things but can only say the pills were way too fuckin strong

17-08-2005, 16:23
definately quantity is the thing, though i tend to get slight hallucinations depending on how much caffine and sugar ive had, haven't really found anything like that from weed though.

19-08-2005, 07:05
I have also had some experiences with hallucinations while on the white kangaroos as have a few others that I've spoken to on the subject.

My own experience with it was after two pills over the course of around five or six hours. Being reasonably low tolerance, they smashed me around a fair bit and after my peak, as I was starting to feel a little bit closer to baseline i began experiencing mild hallucinations, shadows forming into different shapes, things moving that weren't there and just a general feeling of trippyness overall.

Possibly something to do with the pill? Or maybe as you said and just a little to much taken.

Witch Doctor
20-08-2005, 02:31
^^ that sorta sounds like sleep deprivation.

20-08-2005, 04:43
Originally posted by static_mind
AHH ha ha OMG iv had that happen of MDA and cones. I was sitting there when the bricks on the wall started to glow a little, then rearrange themselves forming patterns that looked like a crossword.

Heee heee, its fantastic eh, cos you can sorta snap out of it but then it sucks you back in every time...Its just like gradually the outline in a certain area gets stronger, then it appears to be slightly higher up, then it wobbles round a little bit, then starts moving left right, up down, all the bricks in different directions till its formed a new shap or face or something, then the outline fades and a new outline comes in....such fun