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15-04-2009, 18:42
If I want a good heavy nod, I'll go with methadone ANY day. High doses only plz.

27-07-2009, 10:44
It's really dependent on your personal preference as to what you would like. I have many friends that prefer methadone and others that prefer oxy. If I could only have one or the other then I would probably choose oxy. In my area methadone is much cheaper for the amount of high you get from it due to methadone being much more potent. Be careful with methadone because it has such a long come up and half life. I can take a strong dose and feel okay 30 minutes later and then an hour later be in la la land.

jackie jones
27-07-2009, 10:53
I prefer methadone for its duration. 25-30mg (on occasion) keeps me very high for 24+ hours.

Insufflated oxycodone has a great rush, but a lame duration.

27-07-2009, 13:43
Oxy(oral)- kicks in within 40 minutes, and peaks within an hour-an hour and half after taking it. The high starts off with a small rush feeling at the begining, rather a minor butterfly feeling where you feel really motivated, energetic and mabye even hungry. After 4-5 minutes this goes away and the high turns into a very euphoric, very warm and cozy high. You are able to nodd and can still feel a little stimulated in the sense that you feel you can do anything you want, be it lying on the couch or doing other stuff like computer, etc. It gets you high for a good 2-3 hours, after which you can still feel mellow and happy (afterglow) for another 2-3 hours, though the major euphoric and nodding effects have gone away. Afterwards the effects will be pretty much completly gone.

Methadone (oral)- takes 4 hours to peak. Within the first hour you feel, a slight physical relief (esp if addicted) and feel like you would from mabye a little codeine. Within the second hour the high can be felt, very much resembling oxy esp snorted in that you feel the opiate high though you also feel very stimulated/outgoing energetic. You might get the desire to do something with your time. Within the 3rd hour the high decreases in the amount of stimulation and starts increasing gradually in sedation (like a hydrocodone buzz would be) although the motivation is still there, you rather feel like 'everything is ALRIGHT'. You might get the desire to lye down on the couch or relax somewhere and watch some tv. By the fourth hour you will be very high, and sedated, you will be nodding out and feeling euphoric though not like the euphoria you get from oxy. But rather a euphoria that's not as 'stimulating/rushy', but the kind of euphoria that's like 'oh my god, everything is alllright', you feel like you can do pretty much anything but you will probably choose to chill out and enjoy your high. You feel the major effects up to 6-8 hours after taking it, and feel residual effects for the rest of the day till you go to sleep. Rather than an after glow, it's more like 'residual effects', where you don't feel as happy as on oxy but you feel nice and comfortable, and better than normal.

To sum it up quite nicely, many people say methadone isn't euphoric, though that's not true. For many people it is. If what you are after is a very euphoric buzz where you may or may not nodd out as much, though you feel very euphoric and sociable, and mabye once in a while if you want or try you can nodd out and feel euphoric/stimulated as well, then your best bet is either one of the following: oxycontin (oral-a bit more sedating, snorted-a lot more stimulated/euphoric though still mellow), hydromorphone (snorted- a bit more of a stimulating feeling than oxycontin, takes higher doses in order to get that plus a warm nodd), fentanyl (oral- mixed in a 500mL water bottle and sipped is A WHOLE LOT more stimulating/cleaner feeling than oxy, and the euphoria beats even oxy's euphoria, though you nodd easier on oxy) and that's about all I can think of right now. All those drugs are for people who like the euphoric/outgoing sociable type of high that oxy gives.

Other people (myself included) aren't as much after the euphoric/sociable/outgoing rushy type effects that the previously mentioned drugs give. Rather they would much rather preffer something that gives you an 'everything's alllright euphoria' with the sedation and nodding which makes them feel 'secure' and 'protected' like underneath an opiate blanket kind of effect. The opiates which give this type of high are methadone (oral- very much a solid opioid high of nodding and of relaxation and the other kind of euphoria where you want to be alone, to yourself for the high and watch tv, and escape from everything into a warm nodd and feel really good about everything, and everything around you seems to be okay), hydrocodone (oral- you want to lye around on your couch, on your own to enjoy and to nodd, and get that 'everything's all right' euphoria of relief), codeine (oral- a lot like the methadone/hydrocodone high, sedating, euphoric in that you nodd out into heaven sort of feeling you get on the more sedating opiates like the ones i'm discussing now), demerol (snorted- gives a high that is pretty unique on it's own though it resembles the more sedating opiates rather than the oxy/fentanyl type of opiates which give a more euphoric/clean and not as sedating high, demerol makes you euphoric and more sedated than codeine or hydrocodone and also gave me minor visuals if i stared at a bright coloured object, very nice, and sedating). That's about all the opiates/opioids I have tried. I would much rather preffer a good sedating high, rather than a clean/sociable/outgoing kind of high. Both type of highs are good, and both give opiate users motivation though the oxy-like drugs give this effect much more so than the methadone-like drugs. Both are good, but some people like myself aren't as much into the 'rushy' kind of drugs and preffer something mellow and euphoric like the highs from weed/benzos. While others do preffer the rushy kind of drugs and will mostly preffer the highs of coke/meth/E over the highs of weed/benzos, than the oxy-like drugs are the most euphoric for them. But what people find euphoric can be relative, just like I mentioned. My idea of euphoria is to be sedated, warm, cozy feeling, nodding and have an euphoria about everything, hence the 'everything's allright' effect.
I read it all =D. Makes quite a bit of sense. Bit redundant but +1 for you.

26-10-2009, 00:57
i would safely venture to label myself a very experienced Oxy (ab)user for a few years now... and i notice that the duration of the effects of OC have a lot to do with doasage:

if I snort 20mg im good for the next 3-4 hours before i need another hit. but if I rail say 80-100mg at once (which is a lot for me these days thank god... cuz it wasnt 6 months ago!), yes I get way more high of course - BUT it also lasts like 10-12 hours for me! high as hell the entire time!

so now every time i use, it has to be a large amount so i get lifted... otherwise its kinda a waste!

im sitting here with a bag of 10mg methadones... i just popped 4 of em, 1st time trying this stuff - we'll see how it goes!


26-10-2009, 13:08
ok my 1st methadone experience is under my belt! my conclusion for this particular experiment: effects are [I]slightly[I]different, but both methadone and oxy are generally the same - in my opinion. so happy abusing everyone! its a go!

26-10-2009, 13:13
I think oxy is A LOT better than methadone, in my opinion, it is a lot stronger.

30-10-2009, 23:20
SWIM's is going back 2 his doctor soon to discuss pain management. Much to SWIM's surprise, his doctor mentioned methadone as a possibility. Most of the time, do doctors prescribe another med, such as OC, for breakthrough pain? Is it worth getting a prescription for methadone, or should SWIM ask to be referred to a real pain management doctor?

30-10-2009, 23:28
if you're taking methadone then you wouldn't feel OC if you took it

30-10-2009, 23:31
Oxycodone is technically more euphoric, quite a bit more actually. But in the perspective of a long-term opioid abuser, methadone might be preferable.

Methadone definitely gets people high, even if they've been taking it for a while. It was getting me high but I just didn't know it. I was still nodding everyday while on methadone (at least, higher doses).

27-11-2009, 17:49
Good posts everyone. This is my first time on this site and it's great! Think everyone hit the nail on the head comparing the 2 opiates. Methadone def last longer and is more sedating. With the price of oxy right now I am not suprised by everyones prefrance. One suggestion though if you smoke marijuana, smoking an hour or 2 after taking methadone will produce a much stronger euphoria than doing the same thing with oc's. That being said.....it is hard to beat 80mg of oxcontin done IV.

27-11-2009, 18:10
I too love the methadone high, when one has little tolerance to its effects is one good opiate!

But when one takes it everyday the effects are barely felt.. People on MMT generally dont feel their methadone. Unfortenally thats the case.

04-12-2009, 00:42
I was going to suggest opening a methadone recreational use thread, but this seems to have most everything covered... However, if the mods think that it could be useful, maybe a rec thread could cover some material not addressed here...

But thanks all, the info from top to bottom has been useful to a methadone newbie!


18-01-2011, 06:42
Ok, I just wanted to chime in here. I was, am, addicted to Vicodin's. I usually take on average at LEAST 8-10MG pills a day. I have such a high tolerance, but it's an expensive habit, I would easily take 15 to 20 a day if the money was there. So today, I decided to get some Methadone. I have taken it before as well. I took 30mg's of Methadone just about an HOUR ago. I didn't notice anything within the 1st 30 to 40 minutes. But it has kicked in pretty damn hard.

This is just MY experience, and maybe it will be useful.

I have a crazy euphoric buzz going on right now. I feel like I have taken about 50mg of Vicodin's, like when the Vic's PEAK. And I am a BIG guy too. I am 6 ft 4", 275lbs.

I usually have a very high tolerance for almost anything that's recreational. And BTW, I DO NOT drink alcohol. I have been sober off that for at least 3 years.

I wanted to see if the Methadone could help me to cut my Vic habit. Truly, it is outrageously expensive. I'm usually copping those every 2 days. So that's like $60 bucks every 2 days. They can go for around NO PRICES a pill around here.

I am sick and tired of even THINKING about spending so much money on this stupid habit. It really urks me. In the last 2 years, if I had saved that money, I could have literally bought a brand new car by now. It's sickening.

If this methadone can help me take LESS pills, because it lasts a lot longer, and help me to get rid of the Hydrocodone habit, then yes this might be for me. I can only imagine how bad my liver count is right now. But I am glad I quit drinking a while back at least.

It has been a good 36 hours since I popped a Vic. And I swear, my withdrawals were making me want to go into some kind of rampage. I did take a little frustration out on my lovely girlfriend, I raised my voice a bit, and she didn't deserve that. She is really a God-Send, she is there for me through EVERYTHING! We have a nice home together, we have everything we need. But what I don't need is this stupid addiction. I just want to stop this, and tell those peeps I get them from to stick one up their a*s!!!

I have a very addictive personality to begin with. I am also a heavy cigarette smoker. That is another expensive habit in itself.

But all in all, I ran into this site/forum, because I was doing my research.

I have a total of 8- 10mg Methadone's left. I would really like to utilize them for my benefit. I am not a dope user either. I am what you call a "Pill-Popper". I don't use Meth, have NEVER used, WILL never use Heroin, or anything with a syringe. No coke, weed, ANYTHING, but just the Vics. I have smoked weed in the past, and for a while I liked it, back in the 90's. I haven't smoked that crap for about 12 years, no joke. All it does it make me extremely hungry, then after all I wanna do is go to sleep! Munchies, something funny on TV, then I snooze. That is no fun. And I decided to quit drinking, because i never know when I will have to get in my car and drive. I had ONE DUI back in 1999, my 1st and my very last. I got my license suspended, and had to ride the city bus. NEVER again.

In closing, for ME, the Methadone has come on REALLY super strong in the last hour and a half that I took it.

I am NOT tired, I feel stress-free, NO withdrawals, happy, sociable, energetic, etc...

I just hope I can end up falling asleep later on.

Addictions of any kind are BAD.

But Methadone is LEGAL (Doesn't make it right to be addicted to it) , And before I got it today, I told my girlfriend, that I am going with that instead of Vics.

And, they were NO PRICES a pop. MORE expensive than the Vics I could have got.

I can barely afford my house payments every month. But if I stop Vics, who KNOWS what I could do with that money! Go to Hawaii? Look at a new car? Shop the mall up?

One step at a time.....

Please, methadone, help me!!!!!!

18-01-2011, 06:55
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