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17-03-2005, 01:48
Just a few questions re this substance. I'm really interested in toxicty and whether anyone is aware of its scheduling.

I've looked over at the TGA import lists and can't see anything any listing for 2-methylamino-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)propan-1-one.

Perhaps i'm not writing it properly?

Does anyone believe this substance is an analogue of MDMA and thus illegal?

Bluelight shows alot of discussion in Europe about it and 6 or so threads in aus-drugs re VelocideX asking similar questions (however that they were 6 mnths ago and don't discuss effects or toxicty (and its gets a bit confusing because it was mixed with a discussion re MDBD).

Any info would be handy

17-03-2005, 05:12
It may not yet be listed specifically by the TGA, but methylone is technically covered by the analogues law. It is definitely an analogue of MDMA as it only differs by the addition of the carbonyl O on the first alkyl carbon

courtesy of Erowid

http://www.erowid.org/cgi-bin/chem_compare/chem_compare.cgi?LM=_ch_methylone_ia_methylone_3d_ mid.jpg&RM=_ch_mdma_ia_mdma_3d_mid.jpg

17-03-2005, 06:50
if something isn't on the TGA's import control but is scheduled does that mean the TGA don't even have to list it?