View Full Version : Kratom & Salvia 10x-first time with both-Seperate, Brief Reports

Summer of Love
15-01-2005, 19:24
Well, just to get started, i love opiates, and have been wanting to try out Kratom for quite a while now. It had just been sitting in my drawer for a while, i didnt have any other opiates, and i was bored, so i decided to give it a shot.

9 grams of "super kratom" was put into a large coffee cup, juice of 1 lemon was squeezed on to the powder, didnt bother with any filtering, just microwaved the stuff for 3:50, and drank slowly. Bitter as hell and grainy, but bearable.

I don't really know all the time periods, but i found the high to be similar to around 30 mg of Hydrocodone,(i have no tolerance to opiates at the moment) but a bit more stimulating. It's an interesting and underrated plant, imo, and im still on it at the moment. Pleasant, warm euphoria, itchy, and was able to obtain a mild "nod" state while listening to music. No nausea, surprisingly. Simple but interesting. Further experiments will be conducted most likely, as i found the experience to be very clean and crisp.

Now for the Salvia. This is certainly some interesting stuff.

A small bowl was packed with 10x Salvia extract in a glass pipe in my bedroom, and simply smoked with a cheap, regular lighter, hits held in for around 20-30 seconds. After the 2nd hit, the "pull" that i've heard so much about hit me, and a state of disassociation somewhat similar to Ketamine took hold of me.

The only way i can describe the pull is trying to go somewhere, but the experience wouldn't let me. I needed to rinse off my hands, but it felt as if some strange being grabbed my body, and basically slammed me back onto my bed. The "body load" was actually rather nice, but a little prickly, and i was sweating quite a bit.

I had a CD with Tussinspace 4 ready to play once the salvia hit me, and i must say it went very well with the very intense but brief experience.

This occured last night by the way, so i was able to explore the headspace in complete darkness. The music sounded spectacular, and the visions mimicked the flow of the music, similar to other disassociatives, but much more colorful and "friendly" in nature. Shockwaves pulsated through my body with every note, and it felt as i was being hugged by some female entity, and briefly during the experience, even with music fairly loud, i heard a gentle female voice say "you'll be fine, just listen to what i have to tell you". Odd indeed, as i really have never bought the whole idea of "plant spirits", but this seemed very real, and was extremely comforting considering i was totally immobilized, almost like a K-hole. Low contrast patterns were everywhere, in layers, somewhat like a warped set of circular stairs, forcing my "spirit" down the salvia tube.

I don't think this was a full "breakthrough" experience, very close im guessing, but i was able to analize salvia space, and even though it was rather intense, i really did enjoy the experience. Salvia for me was very similar to other disassociatives, but very different as well in a way i can't quite explain. When on DXM or Ketamine, i'm totally emotionless most of the time, but in salvia space, i was having fits of laughter and basically bouncing around on my bed like one of those click beatles when they shoot themselves back on foot. Definately not a party drug, and one of the strangest drug experiences of my life. Aftereffects are pleasant, feels rather rejuvinating. I can definately understand people describing Salvia as a healing herb.

Excuse the lack of detail by the way, as im still on the Kratom, and sipping on another cup.

Edit: Took a single, very small hit of the Salvia 10x just now, no pull, but an interesting synergy with the Kratom. Color and music enhancment similar to high dosages of cannabis noted with the small puff. I could see tiny puffs of Salvia 10x being a booster for other drugs, as it is very relaxing and warm, and with a toke that small, no powerful disassociation noted. I intend to try this on my next mushroom trip, instead of using cannabis as a booster. I hope everyone enjoys reading this report, and to all who haven't tried Salvia, please don't underestimate it for the sake of yourself and the legal status here in the US. NOT A PARTY DRUG, and i could never see myself smoking Salvia with large groups of people. Be safe.

Feeling surprisingly opiated off of the Kratom, considering i expected little to no effect from it, and it's not even an opiate. Capn MU is getting some definate action.

El fin opiated rambling. Peace.

Summer of Love
17-01-2005, 14:01
I've had a couple more Salvia experiences, all sub-"breakthrough", and i must say i really like this herb. I'm ordering some 20x extract soon, along with a small amount of Kratom, so expect another trip report in the next couple weeks. This is some powerful stuff, and i imagine the 20x will be extreme overkill, but then again, i like extremely intense disassociative and/or psychedelic experiences, as they seem to put my ego in its place. Salvia is more disassociative in nature than, say, LSD or mushrooms, but along with the disassociation, i always get a feeling somewhat similar to powerful tryptamines, both physically and mentally, not to mention the visual activity is totally different from any other disassociative drug i've used.

I guess i'm just very sensitive to Salvia, as i took a small pull of the 10x around 20 minutes ago out of the same glass pipe i used in the report above, didn't expect a trip because i took such a small toke, but even that put me in a brief but fairly intense disassociated headspace, with very colorful visuals in the dark, and the feeling of a gentle female pressence. Strong, but surprisingly comfortable imo, besides the prickly feeling during the first 5 minutes.

Since with the Kratom i didn't filter the "tea" that i drank, i expected some serious colon cleansing after the constipating aspect wore off, but surprisingly, even though im back to normal when it comes to digestion, no negative effects noted. Also, i went ahead briefly after i wrote the report above, to finish off the small amount of "Super Kratom" i got(12 grams total), and after the stimulating, opiate-like buzzing stage wore off after about 4 hours, i experienced the "nod" effect rather intensly, like taking around 60 mg of oxycodone orally, but not nearly as euphoric. I'll still compare the effects more to hydrocodone. I just didn't expect such intense effects(or any for that matter) from very crudely made Kratom tea, but for someone like me with no opiate tolerance, it kicked my ass.

19-01-2005, 01:47
wow, sounds like quite an experince / experinces.
i want to try kratom, but trouble getting hold of it here i guess, i should look a little harder. but great report and cant wait to try it myself

24-01-2005, 21:56
Great report, concise and entertaining. Kratom and Salvia are both amazing substances, glad to hear you had positive experiences.. Salvia for me is as magical as Mescaline but with a dark side to her; I have never had an unpleasent expereience with Mescaline, while Salvia regularly puts the fear of (god?) into me. Good luck with that 20x..

Summer of Love
24-01-2005, 22:21
Few of my salvia experiences have been very euphoric. It can be pretty enjoyable at level 2 and 3 experiences, but 4 and up are just too intense and altering to the point that i don't even know what the fuck euphoria is, as my ego is totally dissolved, and have no recollection of even smoking the stuff until i "wake up" and find a pipe with ashes in my bedroom and the smell of the salvia.

My only mescaline experience(san pedro) definately softened the ego, but didnt completely obliterate it, plus the experience was just EXTREMELY euphoric in nature, even moreso than my best LSD, mushroom, or MDx experiences. Only problem was puking up fucking disgusting cactus juice before the trip really started to settle in. I definately want to take san pedro again, just waiting for the right time/place to do so.

I've had a few more salvia experiences, but i don't feel like posting up another report until i can really get used to the effects, as they are very strange and very strong, and very hard to explain at higher dosages. I really like the stuff though, even though it's not exactly recreational, it's just a really internal experience, and i'm very familiar with disassociative headspaces. Plus, i like the "afterglow" after an intense salvia experience. I'm gonna pass on the 20x, as i broke through fully on the 10x recently. Blackout/overkill isn't what im looking for. I never experienced any fear on salvia, just total detachment, which i'm used to from using DXM, Ketamine, and PCP multiple times.

Kratom is a very simple experience, not nearly as nice as strong pod tea or high dosages of oxycodone, but it still definately feels like an opiate. More pleasant than codeine IME, euphoria on about the level of moderate dosages of hydrocodone on its own, and a little bud mixed with it kicks the euphoria up a notch.

26-01-2005, 14:36
nice trip report :)

I am kicking myself, as of Jan 1st Kratom has become illegal in Australia :( So I won't get a chance for a while to try it I don't think

Sounds like you had a really nice time.

Summer of Love
27-01-2005, 10:16
I can definately see Kratom becoming illegal here in the states too. :X I'd definately be pissed off, as i find it to be a great alternative to hydrocodone, it's cheap, and with a bit of a tryptamine feel to it. I'm on 12 grams of "super" Kratom right now, just dosed about 20 mins ago, with a little weed mixed in, and it really does feel VERY good. I feel opiated but stimulated at the same time, and it's not nearly as hard to take a piss as with other opiates. Before i smoked the weed, along with being stimulated and opiated, it felt like a +1 psychedelic as well, especially noticed with music. Strange. The weed i've been smoking sucks, so it just added a bit more euphoria and a little more psychedelic activity. I imagine i'm going to start the "nod" phase in around 3 hours, as i did the last time i drank Kratom tea. Last time i had The Big Lebowski playing while on Kratom, and while i felt opiated, i didnt expect a nod due to the stimulating characteristics of the high, but at around the time when Donny had a heart attack, the nod state hit me really hard, and i ended up passing out after the nod for 6 hours. Fun Stuff.

Today i received 10 grams of Salvia 10x "incense", lol. Expect another trip report in the next few days, this time i think i'll try the salvia along with a few different drugs, so it should be very interesting, and hopfully not too overpowering like my first level 6 "breakthrough", which just made me completely black out with very odd, colorful "dreams". Never underestimate salvia! I learned the hard way, but i still enjoyed it in a strange, twisted way. I don't plan to go past level 4 from now on.

Well, im gonna enjoy my buzz with some music, so peace everyone.