View Full Version : Drink spiking, have you had any experience of this?

18-12-2004, 23:22
Hi there guys, a friend of mine and I are conducting some research on the incidence of drink spiking amongst clubbers and would be very interested to hear of anyone’s experiences.

Have any of you or your friends had direct experience of this?

If so please go to abevolution (http://www.abevolution.com) and help us with our research by completing a brief survey.


19-12-2004, 00:28
I think we'd all like to hear a bit more about ABevolve before we recommend that anyone fills in the survey. It appears quite a commercial site, and searching further afield, I can find no other mention of your organisation. Are you university based? If so, can you post a copy of your ethics approval for this project please? What do you intend to use the data for? If it is for commercial use, my understanding of the ethical situation is to offer a financial renumeration for those who are answering...
Thank you.

19-12-2004, 04:26
I've been spiked twice, but until I hear what this site is about I refuse to share any details with you

19-12-2004, 04:50
Can't say i have, but if your offering, name the club & i'llbe therre

19-12-2004, 11:40
Cross-posting this kind of spam into all the drug discussion forums is really the wrong way to go about attracting useful replies. Please consider emailing the moderators of a collection of forums for permission before going ahead and spamming away. The answers to drplatypus' questions would go a long way to helping your case, feel free to email me to discuss reopening your thread in one of the Australian forums (BTW: drug discussion is probably more appropriate in this instance than social or events).

BigTrancer :)