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20-12-1999, 10:06
Has anyone in Perth tried / heard anything about white TNTs? They are part of my New Years stash so I was wondering about them. Any help is very much appreciated!!

21-12-1999, 16:11
tnts are excellent!
some say they taste like year old fruit tingles http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
anyone know about blue terminators??

E Bee
21-12-1999, 17:41
I've heard blue terminators are pretty good...I know my dealer has some stashed for nye...I was wondering if they're the same pills as the blue domes though?
the bluelighter formerly known as Joelle :)

22-12-1999, 01:30
to answer the question, yes, blue terminators and blue domes are the same pill. pretty good, in fact the first time I had one i loved it but when i mixed one with orange windmills for some reason(!!) it seemed a little less strong. hehee
by the way i did hear rediculously low prices on those blue's in bulk..
stay cool

22-12-1999, 07:25
I know what you mean about the fruit tingle thing!! I had a lick of one and aside from the usual taste there was definate fruitiness!! Wonder what that's about??!!
BTW- Please tell me the TNTs aren't smacky - I absolutely despise smakcy pills.

22-12-1999, 08:46
thanx for the info on blue terminators
and no they are not smacky
cokey as
my mate said he couldnt feel his arm hehe

24-12-1999, 04:39
Woo-hoo!! Now i AM excited about New Years!! Yayyyy!!!