View Full Version : Green CU's???

20-12-1999, 08:02
anyone tested them??? how long do they last etc... i heard they are pretty strong and you only need a half... is this true?
i have the opportunity of getting some.
thanks people!

20-12-1999, 10:06
get some!! These were probably in the top 3 pills of the year, i've seen two different batches, originals were dark green and thick as hell, looking like original euros but with a CU stamp, newer pills are lighter green and thinner with a different CU stamp, but both are very tasty....strong pill, do the whole though...only thing is, you may want to be careful with mixing these with others, all the people I know that mixed the CU's with Butterflys had visuals which were unexpected...still, one very tasty pill...

20-12-1999, 12:07
CU's are GREAT!
We had these a few weeks ago, and they come from the same people who make the EURO's and all the CK's, so they're pretty reliable.
Some people say they sit you on your ass...yeah, actually they do. BUT just take a shit load of speed and talk yourself out of it and you'll be fine. As for the come up well...CHRIST ON A BIKE! (thanks ping ping http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif)
This had to have been one of THE BEST come up's I've ever had. All three BL's (apples arrived slightly late http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif ) sitting at a table gripping on for dear life, when all we could utter were the words "Fucking hell, oh my god" through severly clenched teeth.
One did me for the whole night and I NEVER take just one pill. We were all so excited to save them for the next day that we only had one http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
I love CU's...I can't wait for NYE!
Oh yeah...some people have also said that they may have some K in them. Pinger, Pillcat, apples and I all experienced some 'mild' disorientation, but friends of apples had a weird ass time on them so...yeah!
I say gobble gobble http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

20-12-1999, 12:34
I've munched on 19 in the last 5 weeks and they are great. The "horny" pill in my eyes. And oh so great for a laugh. Don't u just love that feet tapping uncontrollably at the table. An excellent come up, and real chatty. Not that dancey so a lick of speed will overcome that nicely. But try and select the fat dark green ones. U can see the difference when they are side by side.
Much better than a cK, which can wipe u out somewhat.