View Full Version : White Mitzu's (black speckles)Sydney or thereabouts...any good??n/m

19-11-1999, 14:32

Its Chaos
20-11-1999, 23:55
In the last 2 weeks Ive seen about three white mitsos,and they all sounded dodgy,especislly the one that I had,it was big and the logo was stamped of center,and a split on the back.Hard pill.Ended up beeing a nice pill,clean but not that strong.all agread you could munch on these all day!
Friends had other white mitsis,and they wernt impressed at all.Mitsis are going around like panadoles.The only reason I droped the white mitsi is because,all my couta pills are buried for nye,and all that was in the house was a friken sunshine,ahh speed tab,had that, and then droped the mitsi,I cant believe it but it kicked in,thank f#$K for that.ONly made me want more.Lucky I bumbed into an old friend,who had OHHH yes EURO's.While everybody was to impationt,to score,I actually went clubing for the first time in a while http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.giffriends got mickey mouse's,what dumb dicks,if only they waited another 5min,they would have been swiming in euros.Well sorry Ive just gone on about not that much!
Well Ide say keep away from the mitsis,unless you have a guinie pig,let them try it.Thats what we do!
Also you can go on an old frase: If in doubt,Drop it! HE HE http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
pEace LovE aNd HappinEss.
Chaos http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

21-11-1999, 02:22
Hey Chaos
What have you got stored for NYE? Any suggestions?
I'm trying a few in the next 2 weeks..

21-11-1999, 04:35
Hey Gin-sipper
I had a stash of 12 CU's put away for NYE; but greed did us over this weekend (only 2 left).
So I'm off to get a batch of Euros (and yes I will put a lock on some). http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

21-11-1999, 06:28
Hm, this may be a bit late..but anyways, if they're like the white mistubishis around canberra at the moment, I'd keep away. I had one last weekend and it just came in waves and after about 3 hours it became really trippy and i was hallucinating really badly (I kept seeing midgets everywhere, and I was sure there was a huge flock of pigeons on the ground) Then I just had to sleep for ages - it just knocked me out basically. Not worth the money http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Good luck.

21-11-1999, 07:39
Thanks It's Chaos...but you guys ARE the guinea pigs..that's why I was asking. Anyway, thanks for the info...although someone posted that they were ok in a previous post...hmmm.
Anyway, I'll stay away until I know someone who's tested the ones from this exact batch.
As for NYE stockpiling...hmmm
I have 3 CU's (may be getting s'more), 5 CK's (blue ones and gold one's) AND should hopefully be getting my hands on some of the infamous Teletubbies.
I probably won't be munching ALL of these especially when there'll be plenty of G, Acid and K on hand....BUT it's the BIG BANG! So you gotta be prepared to go out in style huh??
cheers guys,
sunshine,smiles and stardust

Its Chaos
21-11-1999, 13:49
Hey Gin-sipper,for NYE had 5 euros, 7 Cu's,3 cK's orange,2 butterflys,and forgot what the others are.But Ive munched on 3 euros,5 CU's.So now they are buried underground at my mums house,hard to access!Going to get more CU's and euros. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gifand also alot of pure http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gifDisneys are around again but seam real shit.Was out on the weekend and some girls asked me if I had any choof,they ended up having the disney's,and they were not pleased,they were 14.Even after that 2 other doofes heads scored some as well,and said they were shit!Well they should have munched a euro,the place was swiming in diffrent types of pill.Even my dealer said they were shit!Now Im just yapping.So a good stash for NYE should be as above or extra http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Hey mona,found a guine pig with white mitsis and black specks,hell be trying it in the week should keep you posted!Also have you heard of playboys in syd.My bro came down,but he gets shit faced on anything.Wouldnt mind munchin one!
pEacE LovE aNd HappinEss

22-11-1999, 12:09
I was chattin to a girl on Friday who had popped a few playboys and she recommended them

Its Chaos
23-11-1999, 02:39
Cheers Smurf on playboy info,got a couple of googs to try on the weekend,but most probably drop a euro,cant be botherd trying something new untill someone raves madly about it!Got the NYE stash all ready,oh baby,alls back in order http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Smurf,what are your local haunts!
pEacE LovE aNd HappinEss

23-11-1999, 06:16
Hey Its Chaos,
Been giving GAS and home a going over. GAS isn't the most bangin music but always good for a perv (hehe).
But given the way I feel today (at home with the flu - well sort of) I will probably tone down for a few weeks before Dec goes off.

23-11-1999, 09:57
yeah methinks I'll put an order in for CUs and cK's. What's the diff between orange and blue cKs?
Gonna home thins Friday - 1st big night out since August or something so IT"LL BE HUGE!!!!!!
Get well Smurf, you'll need to be in the right gear for summer man!!!
Hey do you wear your Acupunctures to Gas or are they shitty about dress code?
Take it easy. Take it twice.

Its Chaos
24-11-1999, 01:36
How-do Smurf, thanks for the info and heard the playboys were good from others aswell.Realised when you said Gas,your in Sydney,gee,what a coincidence,I'll be in sydney on friday!
pEacE LovE aNd HappinEss
Chaos http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

24-11-1999, 08:45
Hey Scarlett.
I had a few buddies try the White Mitsi's. There are a few different ones getting aroudn Canberra. One girl friend said they kained her for about an hour and then just went away. Another guy had one the next week (which was last weekend), and he fully tripped out (mind you, he had half and FBI aswell!) ha ha.
Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that the white mitis are a mix and match at the moment.