View Full Version : tweetybirds in sydney

19-11-1999, 12:52
these yellow pills are baad news a couple of my friends who took a whole practically passed out on the couch all night and people who took half just felt like shit... stick with cu's

24-11-1999, 08:53
Thanks Kiki,
I'm a bit of a Tweety fan (as in the Cartoon Character). So if I would have seen them I probably would have tried one.
Thanks to you - I'll knock that one back http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

24-11-1999, 22:37
The Tweeties down in Melbourne were pretty nice ... aparently the white were stronger then the yellows ... I don't know about now though, that was a month ago.

27-11-1999, 08:25
well if its the same batch i had a couple of months ago... tehy were alright, nothing to write home about...
if you can get another brand i would if i was youse...