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15-03-2004, 13:10
Saw this today through pay per view on optus, thought it was an awesome event though I thought the rock and sock connection should of won. Undertaker's appearance was so good, cant wait to see more.

But what about the final triple threat match between triple h, shawn michaels and chris benoit - did anyone see this???

What a finale it was, but i think the bleeding incident with triple h and shawn michaels was not only a dangerous mistake but it was pretty hard to watch at one stage coz triple h and shawn michaels really were suffering, what did ppl think?

15-03-2004, 16:20
*prefacing this by saying that I am not a wrestling fan, since I was a varsity wrestler and study martial arts, so take this all with a grain of salt*

I watched most of this, and my friend summed it up best by saying "It's a soap opera for guys." The best parts were the Undertaker's match and the Cruiserweight rumble. There's no denying these people have some athletic and acrobatic talent. There were some bad (read: unscripted) falls, and I have to think the final match was actually a planned bleeding. Having small razors stashed here and there to slice above the hairline is pretty common in the wrestling world.

All told, I'm glad I had a six-pack of beer, otherwise the ludicrous "submission moves" and "slaps" would have been even more painful to watch. It's still absolutely embarassing to think people A) think this is real, and B) think that most of these moves are more than noise.

Entertaining overall, though.

15-03-2004, 16:39
i would hope that most people don't actually think it's real?

i'm not at all a fan of wrestling, but i think (but hey, prove me wrong :)) that most fans of the "sport" are aware of its pretty much entirely scripted nature. there's a documentary that was done about five years ago which covers it too, called beyond the mat. it wasn't as amazing as i had heard (merely just okay), and it pretty much covered stuff that i already knew, but i have heard that many people found it quite eye-opening.

why, i'm not sure, but there are worse things to watch...

and yes, it's most certainly a male soap opera - there's actually, suprisingly enough, a fair amount of academic material around (which also looks at stuff like b:tvs and assorted other cultural phenomenons) that give credence to this pretty much accepted idea, now...go have a look (or if you're real lazy i could probably look back through my old uni notes and find it for you :)).

anyway, sorry mr_audio, back to your topic :)

15-03-2004, 17:02
Well ofcourse I know its not real, the entertainment is the reason I watch it in the first place, and I also know about the deliberate bleeding involved in some incidents.

But with the triple threat match's bleeding incident I thought was not deliberate. For one there is a young crowd present therefore the amount of blood on both shawn michaels and triple h was too much to be played out, they looked like they jumped out of a pool of blood and also by the way they were moving; they looked pretty damn @#$%&* up to me hehe I mean obviously even if there was any medical attention provided to the wrestlers we wouldnt be able to find out as they would never let this kind of information out but who knows ay hehe ;)

Either way it was entertaining!

15-03-2004, 20:16
me and my room mates reaction was this


yes it was nice to see benoit finally get the belt but the best match was of the night was the evening gown match and it only lasted 2 minutes and was it just me or did jesse ventura look sick?? I mean like terminally sick, and as far as shawn micheals and triple h bleeding, they are famous for being able to bleed espically shawn, he ranks up there with ric flair for being able to bleed the broc lesnar goldberg match was entertaining cause everybody was giving lesnar a hard time cause he's quitting the business cause he's unhappy, overall to be the MOTHER all PPV"S for wrestling each year it felt like a typically run of the mill PPV

15-03-2004, 22:06
I used to care, but once the WWF won the Monday Night Wars and completely botched the potential Invasion angle, I lost interest. I used to love watching ECW though.

Really though, I think we're beyond the "people think it's real" phase of Pro Wrestling. There are probably a few marks still out there however.

At least there will always be hot chicks when you watch the WWF. Mmmm Stacy Kiebler, former nitro girl! hah.

16-03-2004, 06:01
Basically, the WWF hasn't recovered since Vince McMahon decided he was more important than any of the wrestlers and decided to place himself and his family in the center of every storyline.

The whole WCW takeover was so poorly done--that was one of the biggest things all wrestling fans wanted to see--WCW v. WWF and Vince ruined it.

16-03-2004, 07:17
I always thought the best parts of the WWF were when Pete Rose would get fucked up. That guy has no shame... hilarious!

17-03-2004, 07:45