View Full Version : film: Going Down - The Rise & Fall of Heidi Fleiss... (on tv)

14-03-2004, 20:29
Jamie-Lynn Discala (aka Meadow Soprano) will be playing Heidi Fleiss in this USA movie.

It's on Monday, March 29th. 9/8 Central.

I'm a big fan of Jamie-Lynn (she's so gorgeous!). And Fleiss' story is intriguing to me. I really can't wait to watch this, even if it IS on USA.

What do you guys think?

15-03-2004, 12:30
this sounds interesting...

i haven't seen any of the later series' of the sopranos as i just haven't gotten around to buying the dvds, but she seems like a really good actress.

plus fleiss is quite an intriguing lady...

16-03-2004, 00:02
By the way, Jamie-Lynn Discala is on the cover of FHM this month, pick it up.

There's even a fold out of her, and on the other side, there's a big advertisement for "Going Down".

punch e punch
17-03-2004, 06:01
If you haven't already, watch Nick Broomfield's doco 'Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madame'.

Probably even more dramatic than the movie (I imagine).