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02-03-2004, 15:06

i told a friend of mine that i had watched ALL aired scrubs episodes over the course of a few weekends, which left me without anything cool to watch. he suggested las vegas, a crime series about high-tech casino security and a few people who are part of the casino staff, all of them in key positions.

i have to say that it's a very nice show, although i'd wish it would be more realistic sometimes. don't get me wrong, i'm all for absurd stuff (do you know fastlane? ;)), but i think this show would sometimes to better if they didn't go overboard with a few things (i.e. 'Ed' being some sort of superman who can get all sorts of information about you, beat your ass up secret agent style and then make sure you'll never get a job again anywhere in nevada..)

furthermore, the selection of actresses is nice (i love sam), but nikki cox' tits looking like they want to jump out of her dress can get a bit boring (yes that's right, tits can be boring to me sometimes)

what i really like is how they mix a place where people have a good time with interesting crime stories (i.e. sophisticated cheating, crime 'outside of the casino' that involves guests or staff, etc.)) and a whole lot of high-tech. i sometimes feel sorry for the guy in the weelchair, surrounded by all that electrosmog. i don't even know his name, but it doesn't seem like he ever leaves the surveillance room. i also noticed that they always have to use their phones (i think it's a nextel directconnect based system), without them they are more or less completely crippled.

i like this show so much that i watched 16 episodes in four days, but that's what i usually do on dead weekends these days - smoke weed and watch one episode of <insert good series i've discovered here> after another. imho it gives a new quality to the whole thing - usually people get to see one episode a week, but watching several episodes in a row (if the series is good) feels very different. it might only be because i'm stoned then, though.

all in all it's quite a nice show, afaik a 2nd season has been signed, which is good to hear, but i wasn't really expecting anything else. i don't know if that show is very successful in the US (i read how a few people said they didn't know it, and i couldn't find a thread on it either, which made me wonder) and i don't think it will air over here before the last third of 2004, but who cares anyway ;)

let me know what you think about this show if you know it

03-03-2004, 16:27
alec baldwin guest starred- and it wasnt bad

08-03-2004, 09:03
Good show, Sam is absolutely gorgeous.

09-03-2004, 20:44
ah, i was a little worried this thread would only ge tone reply ;) isn't it popular in the states?

12-03-2004, 00:21
I love Las Vegas, I haven't missed an episode yet.

16-11-2004, 05:04
Anybody an addict like me??

Do you think Danny and Mary will tie the knot???