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  1. How many people have you had sex with?
  2. meyers-briggs personality test
  3. Why are women attracted to men who are assholes?
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  5. guys, do you prefer full figured women?
  6. Circumcision?
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  9. Pride Parade!
  10. The Official A/S/L Rollcall Thread! v. Come join the orgy!
  11. Post your favorite lovesong lyrics here v. 2.0
  12. What misconceptions did you have about sex when you were younger?
  13. would you ever pay for sex?
  14. share your best "sex related" compliments! come on, you know you want to!!!
  15. so she offered to go down on me...
  16. My fiance has been doing meth behind my back...what should I do?
  17. What were the first words you or partner said after losing your virginity?
  18. *MEGA MERGED* Sex Toy Thread! Suggestions, Questions, Experiences!
  19. they would be SOOO lucky to find you... (merged)
  20. they would be SOOO lucky to find you... In BIZZARO LAND (merged).
  21. Rim Jobs Anyone? (merged)
  22. The Mega-Merged "Friends With Your Ex?" thread
  23. how small is small?
  24. Sex in odd or unusual places (merged)
  25. Curves or barbie dolls
  26. How old was the person you lost your virginity to?
  27. Boys: have you had same-sex thoughts? POLL CLOSED - results pg. 8
  28. How Fast? How Hard? And What Position? (merged)
  29. Girls: Playing with your boobs
  30. Blowup Dolls
  31. Male Body Hair
  32. Fuck worried I might have HIV
  33. Rimming?
  34. Clit piercings
  35. OK!!! whos done it?!?!
  36. OK!!! whos done it?!?!
  37. Hmmm...Fat Chicks: The Ultimate Malian Sexual Hesitation
  38. PLEASE help me..I'm so scared..how could he do this? *Update page 4*
  39. Ass to Mouth - Why not?
  40. Girls And Hand Jobs: merged
  41. Get your scientifically determined porn name here!
  42. The Mega Merged Drugs & Sex Thread
  43. Why do girls like cumshots/facials?
  44. What about the asian men?
  45. This is the "I was CAUGHT masturbating thread" Share your stories
  46. whats ur least favorite part of the female body?
  47. How often do you masturbate??
  48. 40 day and 40 night Challenge
  49. gay marriages (merged)
  50. Circumcision MEGA MERGED poll and discussion