Would Remote Mind Control Be Possible With Current Technology?

snmfmy you dispense “medical“ advice that is often deeply flawed. You clearly aren’t a medical professional.. your posts are often extremely abrasive.

You post with such authority on this. Why you haven’t experienced it and don‘t know me from Adam. You regularly post with abrasive authority on subjects you have no authority over.
No he really is
Even if he was he seems like a pretty cool dude. Insulting him was uncalled for IMO. Simply state what you know and leave the insults out of it, at least that’s what I would do. I don’t think anyone likes being called delusional, regardless of if they are or not.
Even if he was he seems like a pretty cool dude. Insulting him was uncalled for IMO. Simply state what you know and leave the insults out of it, at least that’s what I would do. I don’t think anyone likes being called delusional, regardless of if they are or not.

There are a few interesting quirks around delusion. According to the DSM the diagnosis of delusion doesn't require any justifiable proof. Instead it's based off beliefs that are not in line with the beliefs of large groups of the masses. Because large groups of the masses believe in Religions they are excluded from delusional beliefs despite being based off concepts that are utterly impossible to prove.

A person is still delusional if they have true beliefs that contradict the false beliefs of the masses.

I have been enduring this for seven and a half years. Snmfmy conclusions, despite being presented in a weak abrasive manor, are logical. They aren't correct, but are conclusions many logical intelligent people decide.

At first I really wanted to warn people about this. That has proved much more difficult than I initially figured. Now I'm focused on escaping and leaving a strong trail so current and future victim have solid science based explanations and knowledge to counteract and defeat the program themselves. Trying to convince ignorant people this is going down is an act of severe futility. They can figure it out when they get lit up.

Really in the end when your tortured and abused on this level who the fuck cares what the snmfmy's of the world say. Beat the system and escape while leaving a trail for others to follow.. period.
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giggles you doubters ever going to realize what's up? it isn't easy to drop your sheeple skin but its possible.. good luck
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I'm somewhat of a skeptic on this conspiracy theory, but I have often wondered if it would be possible. There are people who call themselves "targeted individuals" and claim that the government is using HAARP and/or other high tech installations to beam mind control signals into their brain. In other words to change their emotional state using electromagnetic frequencies. I find their claims rather chilling and sometimes wonder if they are on to something, as some of them honestly don't strike me as crazy but merely experiencing something that most don't. However, do their claims violate the laws of plausibility and physics? In other words, could governmental organizations beam signals into someone's brain from afar like that? Or is that impossible? Thoughts? How much energy would it take to do that? And if it wasn't directed at one individual but merely these people are more astute to it than others....... perhaps a diffuse signal of some kind is being beamed from such installations to the populace at large. That would make somewhat more sense to me given the way that I understand these things, though admittedly I still don't buy it. Perhaps, that actually is a scientifically valid hypothesis though? Though, perhaps that isn't possible either. In short, do you think it's possible that the government could come up with an installation that is capable of affecting the thoughts of the populace by using electromagnetic waves. What if they put something into the air (e.g. chemtrails) to amplify the signals? Would this be scientifically possible? Not saying it's happening. Just curious if these types of conspiracy theories are within or against the laws of physics. Not plausibility. Because while I don't believe in these theories, some people I have seen and talked to online do (in the course of my conspiracy theory/ufology research). Simply out of curiosity I wonder if these theories are plausible. Even if perhaps these people have simply gone off the deep end........ perhaps what they are saying is not 100% impossible. Or is it?
Lots of sleight of hand involved, but it's been possible with cult tactics and a little social engineering. I wrote a document explains exploiting the individuals in phases like software.

This is how adverts and companies use scarcity, familiarity, and other attributes to tug emotional triggers. Trolling is another form. Fuzz the ever loving shit out of someone's brain until you get an anomalous reaction.
snmfmy you dispense “medical“ advice that is often deeply flawed. You clearly aren’t a medical professional.. your posts are often extremely abrasive.

You post with such authority on this. Why you haven’t experienced it and don‘t know me from Adam. You regularly post with abrasive authority on subjects you have no authority over.
I know that many of the things you post violate the laws of physics which means if you believe they happen, you are delusional.
I know that many of the things you post violate the laws of physics which means if you believe they happen, you are delusional.
taking into account that this thread reflects a learning process over years of research, meaning initial determinations may be incorrect, what are some of the posts that violate the physical laws?
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A book that’s really relevant to the current criminal program.

Intel Community’s Havana Syndrome Report and its Flawed Assumptions​

By Dr. James Giordano

It was with particular interest, and considerable consternation that I read the recently released Director of National Intelligence office's report addressing anomalous health incidents commonly called the "Havana Syndrome."

In the main, I believe that the conclusions offered by this report are inconsistent with over five years of evidence and analyses by numerous individual and institutional subject matter experts. In addition, the report also makes flawed assumptions as a result of its compiling disparate patient data that have been accumulated over this five-year period.

In light of this, I advocate the need for further consideration of the following issues, as raised by the report.

First, it should be noted that the original medical problems experienced by personnel working at the U.S. Embassy in Havana were the events that prompted subsequent in-depth study to investigate possible causality. Such studies were urgently needed precisely because scientific and forensic analyses — which used approaches and methods routinely used to determine decision thresholds for possible exposure risks and occurrence of resultant health effects in military personnel and veterans — explicitly ruled out a number of the possible causes mentioned in the current report.

Some of these were environmental variables, gross exposure to industrial or ecological chemicals and/or toxins, the presence of pre- and/or co-existing medical conditions; and psycho- and sociogenic effects.

To wit, the intelligence report fails to acknowledge these previously established observations, but rather attributes all of the incidents reported to date — inclusive of those occurring in the original cohort of patients from Havana — on the factors that had previously been negated.

In this regard, the report inaptly aggregates all reported cases of such incidents, and does not distinguish between the specific findings relevant to those individuals originally affected in Havana, those in a current evaluative/verification pipeline, and the overwhelming majority of subsequent cases.

These latter broad public cases may indeed represent incidences of other probable cause, such as those described above, but these have been — and should not be — inappropriately conflated with established case reports. To categorically aggregate and conflate all reported cases is both technically erroneous and ethically problematic, as it is a misrepresentation of data and evidence-based knowledge, and in thus conveys non-veridical information, in violation of professional responsibility and public trust.

To be sure, those cases of personnel originally affected in Havana were viewed as medical anomalies. Link to this report.

An important study was performed by subject matter experts convened by the National Academies of Sciences in 2020, entitled “An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies.” The study gathered all extant medical analyses — including those not publicly available — to form the basis of their conclusion, which stated, “the committee found a constellation of acute clinical signs and symptoms with directional and location-specific features that was distinctive; to its knowledge, this constellation of clinical features is unlike any disorder in the neurological or general medical literature.”

While study participants acknowledged the heterogeneity of patient presentations and thus the possibility of multiple causes or mechanisms among different patient cohorts, they concluded that many of the symptoms and signs were, in fact, consistent with exposure to some form of radio-frequency and/or electromagnetic energy.

Second, the recently released intelligence report fails to recognize and acknowledge the existing scientific and technological readiness of devices and methods capable of emitting directable energies. The United States has significant programs in this area of technology development, for purposes as noted by one directed energy research center to include “space exploration, communication, manufacturing, and defense.”

The growing field of directed energy has been estimated to reach a market value of close to $13 billion by 2027. The report’s failure to acknowledge these developments disregards existing U.S. patents, technical reports and publications in the peer-reviewed scientific and technological literature demonstrating progress, and the ability to operationalize, or dual-use viability, of engineered products/devices of these types.

The report also does not address or acknowledge explicit reports and evidence of programs of research, development, testing and evaluation of directable energy technologies that have been engaged by both trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific near peer competitor nations.

Third, in so doing, the report dismisses iterative analyses of both governmental and nongovernmental experts that were constituent and contributory to describing relevant aspects of these incidents and their probable cause.

Therefore, at face value, the report is inconsistent with the scientific, technological and medical evidence gathered and assimilated to date, and is antithetical to previously published Defense Department and Department of State perspectives, as well as the executive branch’s position regarding the evaluation and care of the initial Havana cases, and those in the verification pipeline.

But perhaps more importantly, as written, the current report could stigmatize and/or elicit medical biases against those patients with legitimate and substantive medical conditions caused during — and by — their activities in service to the United States. This disrespects those persons/patients affected by these incidents, as well as those providers who have dedicated professional expertise, skill and time to their evaluation and care.

In conclusion, I opine that the current Intelligence report raises far more, and multi-dimensionally serious, questions than it answers; and further, it may impede the momentum of U.S. efforts — as established by the current administration — to recognize, quantify, develop preparative approaches, and sustain readiness for risks and threats posed by current readiness levels of radical leveling and emerging biotechnologies.

Dr. James Giordano is Pellegrino Center Professor of Neurology, Biochemistry, and Ethics at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington D.C., and was a consulting forensic neuroscientist on the original Havana cases.

From my considered research every one of the symptoms of Havana Syndrome are easily attributed to continued infrasound exposure. By using different techniques and frequencies of infrasound the symptoms of the Havana Syndrome can be turned on and off and varied with each victim. From my considerable personal experience there is sonic weapon system currently assaulting and torturing innocent victims with infrasound thats almost impossible to escape from. I'd be surprised if the Diplomatic victims weren't still under attack. It doesn't even seem possible that they are all still being assaulted, so this probability likely hasn't been considered. I have been trying to escape for over 7 years.. I thought it would be much easier. At least i'm aware im still under attack and that it's an infrasound assault. If I had their resources this would be over in a few months.
Prolonged Covert Torture and the CPTSD it causes can have profound effects on minds ability to process memories.


Trauma can make victims more susceptible to suggestion. Because the illegal torture is done covertly, to innocent undeserving victims, by unanimous coward filth, victims may become extremely susceptible to suggestion.
Suggestion delivery through the forced audio or posted on line can have profound effects on victims; implanting discrediting delusion and false memories.

These are called suggestion-induced false memories.

Because many of us are repeatedly hit torture, abuse, many forms of physical stimulation and all the forced verbal techniques large targeted spreads of memory association are performed. They regularly use tonal or word cues heavily primed and associated with fear when targeting a new thought, belief or behavior.

These false memory associative action

Because trauma can affect memory so profoundly and they can order the AI to deliver torture sessions everyday, for years, its utterly inhumane.
Getting back into how the remote contactless BCI works. I have not been able to figure out how the "remote neural monitoring" but research has lead me to really focus on a silent speech interface. Victims of this filthy program began posting reports around 9-11-2001. The technology of this continued Nazi death camp research certainly evolves, but given its first reports, common physical sensations/side effects, known abilities and remote capabilities I believe that a SSI based off facial muscle resonance is strong theory of how the BCI or remote neural monitoring works.

An Introduction to Silent Speech Interfaces
João Freitas • António Teixeira Miguel Sales Dias • Samuel Silva

Speech communication assumes a dominant role in how we communicate, and it is nowadays available to support interaction with machines in a wide range of sce- narios, ranging from personal assistants for smartphones to home entertainment. While in many circumstances audible speech may suffice, there are a multitude of scenarios for which it is inadequate due to ambient noise, need for privacy, or as a result of existing speech impairments. Nevertheless, the audible speech signal, although it is the more significant outcome, is the end result of the human speech production process that includes multiple stages (e.g., message conception in the brain, pulmonary and muscular activity, and articulators’ movement). As humans are able to interpret a set of non-audible features, such as lip movement, which become an integral part of the communication, researchers are starting to explore how the information from the different phases of the speech production process can be acquired and used in the development of enhanced speech input modalities for interaction of humans with machines. This area of research, commonly designated as silent speech interfaces (SSI), holds a potential solution for a more natural human–computer interaction (HCI) in the absence of audible speech and is theoreti- cally able to address several issues inherent to automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology based on the acoustic signal, addressing a broader set of scenarios from speech recognition in noisy environments to communication with speech-impaired individuals. Commonly, these systems sense and collect data from key elements of the human speech production process—from glottal and articulators’ activity, their neural pathways, or the brain itself—and create an alternative digital representation of speech.
While notable work exists, the literature on SSI still lacks an integrated view of key aspects, technologies, and findings that enable a systematic approach and a clear perception of what is at stake with SSI. In line with this current status, our goal was to address this gap collecting, in a single source, the grounds for further devel- opments, hopefully motivating further interest of researchers for this multidisci- plinary research field.
vi Preface
This book constitutes a broad and comprehensive overview of the existing technical approaches in the area of SSI. Each technique is described in the context of the human speech production process, allowing the reader to clearly understand the principles behind SSI in general and across different approaches. Additionally, the book explores the combined use of different data sources in order to tackle limi- tations of simpler SSI approaches and to address current challenges of this field. Another set of information deemed relevant concerns existing SSI applications, resources, and a simple tutorial on how to build an SSI.
All these contents aim to guide readers—even those not particularly acquainted with the different disciplines involved—from the application contexts in which SSI may play a key role to the more technical aspects of designing and developing such systems.
And our effort would not be completed without some thoughts on the future of SSI. After all, as important as understanding where we are, in this research field, is to set our minds to where we need to go from here. May readers find this book a source of knowledge and inspiration for the future of silent speech interfaces.




February 2023

Reporters inc

Some strong comments.

alright its moving forward a bit but good lord by the time people get past the simple but powerful manipulations we are going to be already living in a fucking techno authoritarian world. The more this progresses the more im inclined to believe the US may have nothing to do with this. NATO may actually be under attack by a new form of warfare. Welcome to the Silent Torture War.. yeah and don't even act fucking all surprised if your eventually hit with remote forced re education as we all warned you, in every fucking way possible, but it was almost impossible to break your denial driven mass delusion. It certainly smells like Chinese cooking. Americans just don't have the patience for this type of bullshit.
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Neurolink will make this completely possible. They have a remote control feature. All done in the name of health and science which can go bad quick.
Not sure if someone already mentioned this but all signs point to that very real possibility.
Here is a strong example of real mind control presented by Sword and Scale.. fire episode and that’s mind control.

look at where you get your casts and load up Sword and Scale episode 168.

Hell yes S&S respect.. based off the Chinese method of false confession. The real deal facilitated by the forced audio is so exponentially powerful it’s in a different universe. TRUE

Someone has to deal with the monsters though and these people are true heros.

The filth behind the MK bullshit are monsters and we have all of us.. victims, non ignorant and the heros. Think a tech multiplier based off bullshit is going to win this war?

Bring it

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