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What can I do with ordine morphine hydrocloride 1mg/1ml


May 8, 2014
Swim wants to no can I use this by iving it or do I have to take it orally or plugg it
First off welcome to Bluelight!

I believe Ordine is an oral morphine solution and I would strongly advise against injecting it, I think plugging it would be a lot less dangerous than attempting to inject it but cannot say for sure that it is safe.

We don't do the swim thing around here, it offers you no legal protection, everyone knows you mean you and it just gets annoying and confusing.
if you want to inject then get a butterfly and inject 50 mls water, then repeat until nice and high. if you have not tolerance then 2 x 30ml barrels with 23 gauge needle shots one after the other.

I need more info on the drug u have just morphine pills? or just straight powder? or liquid? cause 100mg is not that much powder (just a point?), and 50ml water can be injected quite easily right equipment.

Also if powder (HCL) does it mix into a clear solution/cloudy? more info thx

You could do a lot with 1mg per 1ml solution safely. Let me know more about ur product please. thx.
The name is ordine 1mg/1ml morphine hydrocloride

My next question I am on 120mg a day of targin (oxycodone) and 4mg of clonazepam am I safe to orally have 20ml of oral morph after taking 4mg of clonazepam?
I take my targin in the morn and clonazepam at night just want to no if adding 20ml of ordine a cppl hrs after clonazepam will be fine I have a pretty high tolerance to oxy and benzos
i would say 20 ml of your morphine liquid should be fine with your oxy and benzo cause you take them daily and have a tolerance.

I usually take 80 mg oxy a day injected as a base habit, and also about 20-40mg valium regulary. the valium is not daily but usually 3-4 times per week. Now that OC oxy are getting very scarce I have often had a grey nurse (100mg MS Contin) injected after I have had the 80 mg oxy and 20-40mg valium and while very stoned (nodding off and on for hours) I have not come close to ODing and I know what I am like when I am close to the edge.

Now i am in no way advising you to take 100 ml of your morphine liquid, but if like ypu said you take 120 mg targin plus the benzo daily and have a tolerance, then 20ml/mg morphine should be fine to start with and text the waters.

Please anyone else reading this without a opiate tolerance don't take 120mg oxy + 20 mg morphine + benzos at the same time as that could definitely semd you to the morgue.

safe using Bmajor! and how you got that liquid I will never know (salivating).
Well I had some fun with it all gone lol I got my hands on it from a sad event would rather the event not happened wouldn't trade any amount of drugs for that :( but yeah 100ml 2mg klonopins n 80mg oxy was nodding for 12 hrs with a massive smile in my face lol thanks guys for the input but the oral buy it's self even if I swallowed the whole bottle wouldn't have done anything lol
I'm also interested in this I have access to 2mg/ml ordine (liquid morphien) was also wondering if you could safely IV it I have blue micron filters 2u what ever it is (one of the smallest for bacteria and other very small things....I was reading online and someone suggested doing up a "duel micron rig" where you attach the blue wheel directly to a green wheel or green attached to blue that way green wheels have slightly bigger holes I believe 5u and then it makes it easier to push through the blue filter witch are prone to getting blocked as they are so small....my main question on oral morphien like ordine what particles would even be in the liquid there's no binders or bulking agents I guess it's not intended for IV so I understand the use of the blue wheel to avoid bacterial infection but don't know what use the green wheel would be....I'm also on 2.5mg of loreazapam daily and also methadone daily but I'm able to get 2 take aways at a time hold out for 2 days on the third have my morph instead of any methadone and hopefully get a nice buzz going.....I've managed to get buzzed off that rikodene crap slightly so I'm sure a stronger opioid would have better effects (my methadone dose isn't the highest in the world 80mg)