Bugs Unable to appeal discord ban.


Nov 12, 2023
Now, before you cast judgement, I must state that the reason I was banned from the discord server is frankly outrageous. The reason as stated by the bot message I received out of the blue was as follows:
Reason: Defending cannibalism, seems like a hill they're willing to die on. If not trolling, please seek help.
When I read the rules, I did not see anything in the rules stating that merely holding such a trivial belief is a ban-worthy offense, but I digress.

I assume the error itself comes from me being previously banned due to me trying to join the server when I was still 17 (I turned 18 on February 22. and appealed that ban shortly after). That ban of course got appealed, but now its not allowing me to make a new appeal since appearantly my "appeal has been approved" ( I am unable to fill out the fields and forced only to try and join back, which of course doesn't work because... It's not appealed.)

Also, since I'm kinda using this as an alternative method of appealing, I'd like to state that I was not once told to stop or even asked for clarification, an admin asked me for a "clarification" (it was limited to basically just an "aRe YoU bEiNg Fr?") and then gave me the silent treatment till I was suddenly gone from the server and got that message from the bot. (I must emphasize that I do not believe murder or such should be justified by "the hunger", it's ridiculous that people even just assumed that based on what I was saying.)
I've seen a holocaust denier try to explain his "theories" in the VCs, people discussing far more sensitive topics than cannibalism and general weirdness, but none of those things were ever punished so I assumed such a trivial opinion that MEAT IS MEAT can be more contravertial than denying the holocaust lmao. I may sound angry and "judgmental", which is because I thought I had found a community where I was accepted only to be singled out and fucked over without even being allowed to get a word in. I am sorry if any of this has hurt any feelings but frankly, my feelings were obliterated when I saw I was banned for this lmao.

This thread is all over the place but I sadly have no idea how I could make it more "structured" or topical so hopefully a simple apology is enough.
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What in the fuck?! You got banned for defending cannibalism. That’s so weird to get banned for
Exactly, on top of that it was basically my first real "offense" since my previous misdeeds had more just been miscommunications which got hashed out because I was allowed to explain myself and not immediately "punished".
I don’t know what wkuk means.
I’d be pretty offended if someone ate someone I know