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Share the visual hallucinations you've had on E/ give me some info


Feb 15, 2005
Hey, last weekend I rolled for the 5th time and everytime time I've rolled I've taken the same pills (red christmas trees), but this time me and my friend both had definate hallucinations. According to where we got the pills from, they were the exact same as every other time and we took the same 1.5 pills we always do. For both of us, we felt like we were zooming in and out on things without our control. Also, often images would stay well after they left our field of vision. Like when someone would walk by it would look like they were still there for a few secs and than my vision would catch up to reality.

Now's here's my question:

- Can your experience on MDMA change so drastically for no reason? We had never hallucinated before, so this was freaky until we got used to it. We're trying to figure out if the pills were just ecstasy. We tested them and got that they were MDMA and pillreports.com agreed they were mostly ecstasy (some caffiene also). Anyone else have their experience change so much? Or do you think we got pills with some kind of hallucinagen? Can LSD or anything like that be mixed into pills?

P.S.- I know there was an old thread similar to this, but I thought I might get better responses by creating a new, more detailed thread.
no, pills don't come mixed with LSD...

genrally, for me, when I start to "trip", it's usually because i let something trigger it. For my girlfriend, things like Vix help her out, for me, it's smoking menthols... may be more of a mind game? I know last time i tripped, i was on a pretty empty stomach.... i like it though...

One time, we were driving home and I shit you not, I saw a semi-truck do a 360 on the freeway...

also, usually if i'm hallucinating, i can't pee too easily - but thats not true for everyone
MDMA can be hallucinogenic sometimes, in some people. Pills can have MDA in them, which people report to be hallucinogenic. Also, it's theoretically possible that pills could have research chemicals in them, which could cause hallucinations also. Though, it doesn't really sound like your pills are RC or MDA containing. And no, it would be very very very unlikely for your pill to contain LSD.
This one night i took a pill that was basically pure k, i felt real bad for about 2 hours then i dropped another pill that was reported to have lsd or MDA or an RC in it and the walls started melting and peoples faces were distorted. When i closed my eyes i saw some strange ghost-like world, where everything around me was in the same place - but white, and people were walking around like the wraiths in lord of the rings. I remember at the time holding on to it for as long as possible, because the buzz was so hard, the euphoria was so immense and the visuals so extreme. It was basically the best, but the visuals only lasted an hour or so.
Other times ive taken pills with MDA in them and seen some pretty crazy spiraling hexagonal and multicoloured fractals rising out of the toilet i was pissing into. good times. it seems smoking mj compounds the visuals, and brings them back up.

i much prefere pills with hallucinagenic properties.
1st ecstacy trip: no hallucinations for me, but a girl i was with (who ate 4 of the same "LOVE" pills I ate-i had 1.5) said she saw one of my friends grow a bear and evolve into an old man within seconds and just minutes later she said another friend of ours turned into Gumby (old kids tv prog in US,idk about anywhere else)

2nd ecstacy trip: i ate 2.5 pills (dont remember any logo,but they were very small and yellow).....almost immediately after chewing the last half a pill i experienced MASSIVE trails/tracers and a few minutes later (lol,could have been an hour) while sitting on the couch i looked over to my friend and noticed i couldn't make out his face...there was this sort of grid-like distortion,anyway i looked at it it was still there (this scared the shit out of me)....at this point i went to the kitchen and poured my liquid 'safety blanked' - a glass of water....when i came and sat back down on the couch, i could see my friend fine-----VERY happy about that!!....although minutes later i realized i couldn't hear this same friend talking to another friend who was there...i even went right up to them and couldn't hear them...the music was not playing loud btw....once again, water and everything was fine a couple minutes later......the next day my friend (with the gridface) told me he was moving the TV with his mind that night-lol

5th ecstacy trip: ate 3 white "butterfly" pills...after taking the 3rd pill i realized i was tripping a little....everything and everyone had a green or purple aura around them....i noticed i was REALLY trippin when everyone's face all the sudden had this sort of stitching on it....like their heads had all been sewn together....everyone, even those not rolling, had this stitching on their heads.....this definetely bothered me to a certain degree....i also realized my perception of people's faces was different than normal...and most of these people i knew pretty well...they just looked different today...not different as in twisted or deformed in any way,but just different, like i could see who they really were (if you can understand that)

overall,i'm not sure i like it when i trip on rolls...it usually bugs me out....thinking back, the hallucinations were pretty cool, but at the moment they had me worrying more than they had me enjoying my roll

The last time i rolled with my boyfriend and his bestfriend, we all took 2 white doves. I popped them both at about 10 that night and was soaring high 20 minutes later. I was pretty messed up the entire night. I didn't have any hallucinations until about 3 that morning. I could have sworn that there was a dog in the hotel room with us. I kept seeing it run past the bathroom. Also I swore up and down that our friend was wearing glasses that night. The two of them claimed that they didn't have any however my boyfriend stood up out of nowhere and said that he was going on an adventure. He walked around the room a couple of times and then laid back down on the bed.
I hallucinate probably about 70% of the times I have had pills.
The first time it happened was definately the most distinct - I was lying on a bed with 2 of my female friends when I saw this enormous field open up with a fence and a tree in the back of her head, it was crazy! scale had no limits that night. Then one of my friend's skin became all snake-like with greeny glossy scales, which was kind of creepy.

Another time I was lying in this bean-bag and I noticed this little mark in the carpet and in the space of about 30 seconds i zoomed in on it and it changed into all these weird shapes.

Another time I was lying next to a friend and I could see this really really calm spirit thing floating and watching me. It kind of looked like a triangle shield with a face and heaps of tentacle thingy's flowing out of it. I felt really safe watching it though, twas quite remarkable.
the weirdest and coolest thing ever was Bart Simpson with his thumb up made out of some japanese bamboo sticks in my friend's vase

and havings super strong stobe type visuals. they were mad, but they fucked me up too much....
I've seen Shadow Men moving about in the periphery of my vision, weird neon moss on a chick's face, short waking dreams of other unidentifiable places that I become comepletely absorbed by temporarily before snapping to.
7/10 times I roll I can see blue dots on my brown-coloured bathroom porcelain. It happens deep into the roll and is a good measure that I am rolling really nicely.

I think the other times I have hallucinated has been because of taking e and dope together. Too much dope and the trip becomes baaaaaadddd!!!
Thank you for all the replies. I wasn't expecting my roll to change so much, but now it seems like it's kind of normal. Thanks!
A while back when my rolled and I was just sittin in a dark room chilling and the cieling light morphed into my friends face, a black man walked out my bathroom, and I kept seeing a girl bending over next to me but when I would turn to check out her ass she disspeared and there was just the chair. The latter being a common hallucination for me.
my one friend kept thinking a lamp in the background was a person, and a pile of clothes sitting in the dark was a black friend of ours that lives down the hall. i had another friend just talking to himself on a 30 minute car ride home
Never really seen a definite hallucination like pink elephants or anything BUT when ive had a few pills Ill start to se my friends faces on other people walking past. Never lasts long and maybe its just the club lights but ive tapped many a person on the shoulder thinking it was someone else.
If I smoke any weed with my pills and then have another one it gets worse. Ive been driving once and thought that the trees coming up on the road were people running towards me...
Like I said though it never lasts long, just blink my eyes and shake my head and its gone.
I've already mentioned this in a different thread but I've only ever hallucinated once (think Red russians) , & My boyfriend's clothes kept changing (he was naked at the time), My nipple turned into a lady bug (a huge one) and started running around on my breat so i started hitting them 8) I also saw rulers (beats me) everywhere , My guy had these awesome sunglasses on & finally his face looked like it had been painted... Like those fancy face painting that kids get done at the show. Lol. It was really weird as it wass my first & only time. I actually knew i was hallucinatine. I'd catch myself out & go "oh man, U should see your sunglasses! I know i'm hallucinating & this is so weird!" So i wasnt too scared, although i worry. It must mean its fucking with your brain in some way. :(
One time I was chillin in my basement with my friend and it was really dark, but their was a lil light from my tv. I looked at my friend and his face started to turn really long then like instantly it all sharpened up and he started to look like a vampire. It was pretty cool
i've had the most instense hallcuinations ever on some so called e pills.

i took one pill and had a mellow roll. then like pre-come down i poped another one. an hour later i didnt feel much n was ready to try to get some sleep
i was just about to fall alseep and all the sudden my world started coming down on me. i had the most intense visuals ever.
my lamp turned into a lurking ninja, and kept looking at me, holdin his sword with shifty eyes. while this was happening there were soliders leaning out of posters on my wall shooting guns in my room. i saw some of the friend in the room too, except they were only about knee high. then the bugs started to crawl all over my walls.....then the grand finally was when the ninja turned into the grim reeper(or death or whatever) and pointed his sicle at me like he was gonna kill me. i dove across the room and death dissapeared when i made contact with my lamp.

lots of other shit went on too, but i was way to fucked up to remember.

i was told the pills contained mescaline(bullshit..but the visuals were that intense). i personally believed the pills contained either MDA, DXM or some RC...or a combination. other people said they tripped too, but no one had experiences similar to mine.

but i have never ever had that vivid hallucinations, even on LOTS of good acid. it was extremely fucked up especially when i wasnt expecting to hallucinate
I seldom hallicinate, but at one party everyone had hats on. My friend Tommy had on a Wizard Hat, my GF had on a Top Hat, my friend moose had on a Soldier's Helmet...........only none of them actually had helmets on