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Hey everyone, I'm Gh0st.


Apr 3, 2024
I'm gh0st.
I've been coming to this site for a while now and figured it's time to register already. I'm unfortunately fortunate enough to to have access to an almost endless amount of the best dope money can buy. It comes with its downfalls ofcourse, but for me...life is miserable without it, always has and always will. It's only when the drugs run out when the problems start. Benzos and opiates saved me from myself more than 20 years ago. Life is bland...slow paced and boring without it. What's better than feeling better than your regular self? Those who pity heroin addicts, I pity them. On the best day of their sober life is how I feel almost daily times 50. It's why the cravings never go away and your brain tries everything to stop you from stopping. After feeling it....why tf would you want to. No matter how bad ive wanted to want to quit I never truly have. So I quit trying to please others and make myself miserable, and started saying fuck others and do what makes me happy. Sorry for the rant...
So long as your use has more upsides than downsides for you, I don't even see being addicted as necessarily a problem.

Fellow opiate user here, welcome to the best forum on the Internet. ;)