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Dissociatives Dissociatives and cramping?


May 4, 2012
Sometimes dissociatives make you pee like a flash flood, at other times you dry up.
Sometimes dissociatives cause "charlie horses" ie calf cramps when sleeping.
potassium and magnesium relax, sodium and calcium contract.
this makes vegetarians weakbodied but strongbrained and carnivores strongbodied but weakbrained.
frail professor, dumb bodybuilder stereotypes.
NMDA antagonists work a glutamate receptor.
Magnesium intensifies the brain but eases the body (calcium vice versa)
NMDA antagonists include the magnesium ion.
yin-yang, loosen tighten, right-wrong, plant-animal, life-matter

Do fastandbulbous and other heroes want to chime in on this caravan of wisdom?

put on yourt thinking cap! out of the box, schrödingers cat!
Thirst contracts your muscles. edema causes heart failure.
in that, dehydration is like calcium and hydration like magnesium.

psychedelics and dissociatives intensify your mind... like magnesium
endorphines ease your mind because you crossed the finishline.. opium dreams and kappa salvia

who's with me?

you see.. flipflops!

raising the foot = flip = calcium = exerting
landing the foot = flop = magnesium = relaxing
fat and sugar supply energy so they are like calcium, flip
protein builds the engine, so they are like magnesium, flop.

you're smarter than your food right?

my mothers brother, now in his nineties, ran marathons till the ripe age of 75 and was a biology teacher.
"listen to your body" was his motto.

He carb-loaded before the run (Ca) and aided his recovery after the finish with elderberry juice (aids any recovery, injury, illness, old age, even covid)

yin yang.

heaven and hell facilitate this fun together, again, yin-yang, i ching

40mg Memantine is my thinking cap at the moment. its such a boring dissociative you gotta think!!

psychedelics are externally sensory intensifying
dissociatives are externally sensory numbing.
both distract you from consensus reality forcing you to improvise

God (Mg) is giving this lecture to me and i type it out (Ca) as my gift to you.
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