Thread: do opiates give you energy?

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    oxy gives me energy. Not the type where I wanna go run a mile, but the type where I feel straight up good and wanna dance and ride in cars with my boys, etc

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    ...not only more energy and stamina, but the ability to concentrate on and perform irritating or unappealing mental as well as physical tasks (balance checkbook/do taxes, mow grass/weed garden in 95-degree-+ weather). This is really just a strong therapeutic dose (20mg hydrocodone), but I still think it's bizarre. And counterintuitive.

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    Lower doses of hydro - 5mg - 10mg, I tend to do stuff I dont want to do, for example, work =)

    However if I do more than 20mgs, I get lazy and sleepy

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    i noticed lately that i too have a hard time sleeping if ive taken some opiates. even tho i want to sleep in my mind i cant for some reason. aside from stimulants opiates are the only other drugs that stimulate me and motivate me to change stuff about my life.

    i get the same feelings with pot and get all hyped up with new ideas but nothing gets done and i fall asleep lol.

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    Once after a surgery, I was on a morphine drip. I was up
    all night, although pain free. I felt a little wired. I can do
    40mg of oxy and nod like crazy.

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    i don't get energetic in the least... but won't sleep. just rest happily in a state between sleep and awake. i tend to nod out for hours but never sleep. heh, sometimes it can take 6 hours to get one sentence written on here. ah well.

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    Codeine causes insomnia. The histaminergic action might make one more allert. If you need morphine to wake up, that´s what the doctors call chronic major depression.

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    I always thought I got hyper from opiates because i have ADD, but i guess its not just us ADD freaks... there was a time when everytime i did dope, i would get a huge hard on.. thank god that doesnt happen anymore (well usually not) sorry to be graphic -contin

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    when i snort dilaudid, i get a really nice rush then slowly mellow out and get that wonderful "warm and fuzzy feeling". lol.

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    Opiates give me energy, even heroin unless of course I'm nodding out and its alittle hard to have energy when you can't keep your eyes open no matter how hard you try. Just enough heroin or other opiates to get high with out anod make me more productice at work or home.

    I have (real) ADD.

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    Been an opiate user for almost 10 years, and the thing that keeps me wanting to go back to them (even after a couple of years clean) is the awesome energy mixed with euphoria it gives me. It's a "mellow energy" if that makes any sense. I'm willing to do more, and in more of a people mood. I feel like I can get along w/ anybody. then, if I'm still on my buzz at night, I am happy to just sit on the sofa and watch tv/surf the net/read, etc. anything, just so I can stay awake and enjoy the buzz (I think a previous poster put something like that - staying awake to not miss the euphoria).

    ok, enough typing, where's my tussionex??? it's dosing time...

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    yo this thread is from 2003. nice job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by absent minded
    yo this thread is from 2003. nice job.
    thank you. I found it was still an interesting subject. (btw, "nice job" on what? posting an opinion?)

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    morphine based opiates are sedative. Thebaine based opiates are more stimulative.

    i.e. morphine, dilaudid, etc vs. hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc

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    It depends on the opiod with me. On Oxy I have lots of energy, and in combination with alcohol, I'm a madman. It's like I'm rolling. Morphine on the other hand makes me very relaxed and tired. Heroin is sort of in between and so is methadone.

    Note: Doing oxy and drinking is usually great fun, but can result in miserable hangovers. I wonder what the deal is with that? I think I'll start a thread on it.

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    oxy always gave me a lot of motivation to get up and do things although I was very relaxed at the same time.

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    I dont get energy from them but if i do a low dose of H then i will stay up all night and just feel good. Only when i do a huge mainline i will nod off all night. Also fentanyl will keep me awake but just feeling banging the whole time so i dont mind

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    Opiates always gave me energy. They'd knock out all my friends but I'd do a bunch of oxy and clean the house and do my laundry. Of course, I got addicted and they didn't so I think the people who are stimulated by opiates are predisposed to addiction.

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    man thats exactly how i am, they give me energy and i just wanna go out and do stuff, or clean my house or whatever

    if i take a big dose to get high ill nod out though but if i take a moderate dose to where i get a good buzz i have lots of energy.

    i usually can fall right asleep if i want to, and if i cant i feel so nice it doesnt matter. its like being in a dream world. its great, can u tell im buzzed now?

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    Most every opiate I've ever done gives me some type of energy. Of course, some opiates are more stimulating than others, but all of em give me some degree of extra energy. Oxycodone is probably the most stimulating of the opiates (well full agonists atleast). Next to that, would be Buprenorphine, but this is, of course, a partial agonist opioid.

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    yeah i guess unless i take a bunch. but id have no trouble getting to sleep

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    Sounds like my g/f...she will clean our house, our neighbors house, and plant the garden at like 3 in the morning. haha. Then she'll watch tv shows until the sunrises. I'm more sensible. I'll only clean our house, and mow the lawn no later than 12:30am. My g/f is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristofires
    i swear. i cant even nod out anymore on opaites or sleep. i can stay up all night on them. how many of you get energy from opiates? i see people all laid out on the couch and stuff high on opaites, and i cant sit still.
    yea they do to me

    but they also relax me

    if i lay there and zone out, they act like a sedative. if i am doing something like homework or school, they mentally stimulate me

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    p.s. the reason opiates are often very motivating to a lot of people is the extra release of dopamine. opiates dont 'directly' cause this afaik (they directly activate opiate receptors) but downstream changes include extra dopamine

    also, the reason oxycodone is more stimulating, is because it is more specific to the MU opiate receptor, whereas morphine and hydrocodone activate both MU and KAPPA opiate receptors. the kappa opiate receptor is more responsible for the drowsiness opiates can cause

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    I'm pretty sure that the thing about the kappa receptor is wrong.

    Oxycodone is highly mu1 selective, but morphine hits mu1&2

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