Thread: Valerian and Ecstasy?

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    Valerian and Ecstasy? 

    I've had a good time combining large amounts of pill form valerian with alcohol. I find that it provides a very easy lucidity to the drunken loss of inhibition, though this generally causes me to become a bit boisterous and righteous. I do love the combo though.

    Anyway, I've been thinking about mixing large doses of valerian (3x 2250mg tablets) with an ecky. I would welcome any comments on this idea, and especially would love it if someone having already done this combination could recommend for or against it.

    NB: large amounts of valerian on it's own have a reverse stimulant effect, and can actually keep you awake. This stimulant effect is not diminished in synergism with alcohol, but I can't say for ecstasy obvioulsy.

    All thanks, xxuxx

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    Hmm interesting *Bump

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    Never taken Valerian while rolling, but it works great on the comedown as it will send you right to sleep. It's also a pretty useful aid in ludic dreaming.


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    Tried it. After being disappointed, I tried with a higher dose. Still not much.

    Then I discovered that 20-30 mg of a good opiate is the ticket. Just when you are starting to come down, hit about 20 mg of hydrocodone. I think that might be the feeling you're after. I wouldn't recommend using too much APAP though. MDMA is a wreck on the liver and kidneys.

    To be honest with you, GHB in the right dose at the right time is THE comedown drug, although H beats everything.

    Too bad H is so addicting. I don't ever touch it now. But the oxy and such are easy for me to manage. I actually (amazingly) do not much care for oxys by themselves. I save all opiods for rolling.

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    Valerian is too weak to work after taking something as powerful as MDMA, I must have taken 10-15 pills once after a roll to try and help me sleep, not even a yawn. It's a weak herb that works for some people when sober.

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    I'm not talking about taking it after a roll so as to get to sleep, I'm talking about taking valerian during the roll, to enhance the experience, as I do with alcohol.

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    Valerian is a stimulant in large doses.

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    Well, it didn't make me any higher as I was just coming down if that's what you want to know.

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