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    A Conversation with Albert Hofmann 
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    Drugs offering benefits beyond merely "getting high", including plants which technically are not at all drugs regardless of what psychoactives are present in them, unless you want to expand the concept of drug to be something more than a mere chemical substance which in that case we can call the internet a drug, anyways I just want to point out that before acid became slang for a drug that was not originally intended to be an "illicit street high" it was coined Delysid by its father and was used for therapeutic purposes.

    I think people are beginning to see how something like LSD can be more than an illicit chemical to make completely illegal and ineligible for further studying under human consumption again.

    The veil of ignorance that is so very cherished by an entity like the American "rehabilitation" industry that treats chemical issues with most of the time rancid unworthy chemicals (thanks Big Pharma?) is lifting slowly it appears.

    An old but still relevant article I want to share here:

    A Conversation with Albert Hofmann

    I am sorry if my words came off puzzling. I kind of switched thought trains in the opening sentence.
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    Gonna move this to drugs in the media. Do with it as you see fit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Safety 1st View Post
    I am sorry if my words came off puzzling. I kind of switched thought trains in the opening sentence.
    this made me laugh. i read the first paragraph (which is also the first sentence) and was thinking to myself "that's the longest run on sentence i have read in a very long time". then i read the rest of the post and got to this which explained everything.

    so, thank you

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