Thread: Can you smoke Dilaudid??

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    Can you smoke Dilaudid?? 
    I've smoked Roxys and morphine and opanas .. fentynal but I've never attempted to smoke one. I used to shoot but stopped shooting years ago and now just use recreationally and I have some 2 mg dilaudids that I want to try to smoke but I don't want to waste them. And if you can smoke them do you just smoke on foil like Roxys or heroin?
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    i've never heard of someone smoking dilaudid like fent or oxy. sounds like an unhealthy waste. especially because they feel so good and don't come around often like oxy.

    plug or snort.
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    Never ever heard of smoking, I wouldnt do it personally as the buzz from snorting is so nice. Also it's not the easiest opiate to come across so use it wisely and dont waste it by experementing. Stay Safe, Peace, Mr.Heffo94.
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    smoking pills sounds very gross and harmful due to all the binders and fillers, as hydro said just plug it if you don't IV anymore bc that's gonna be the closest thing bioavailability wise.
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