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    Detox Takes Months 
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    Heroin? Nah. Never shot that. Bumped morphine once in a crackhouse with someone who asked me to shoot it however, I denied. I knew that shooting it could have converted me into a dope fiend on the spot. Also almost bought a batch once but backed out at the last minute out of fear of becoming a heroin addict. As if being a "regular" addict or crackhead or meth abuser or alcoholic is any better.

    Anyways my story is long but I want to talk about all of it with you here, just not today. Short on time. Terrible relapse recently and I got asked to do more shifts than I was scheduled for but I feel I can muster the strength to work through them (attractive females in the workplace isn't hurting me not show up).

    Word of week: ENDURANCE

    See you next week with more of a bio on my issue.

    Oh btw someone told me alcohol and the other shit I was using takes months to get out of my system. Like on a cellular level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shenming View Post
    Oh btw someone told me alcohol and the other shit I was using takes months to get out of my system. Like on a cellular level.
    Welcome. I heard that once too, though it was anecdotal. I've never read anything like that in the medical literature. I did have a rehab psychiatrist tell me that it takes about 7 years for the brain to completely heal itself, but the majority of that healing takes place in the first year.
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    i got told in rehab that all drugs are stored to some extent in your subcutaneous fat and those being released can contribute to extended withdrawals. it wasn't by a doctor though, but a psychologist who's done enough rehab and research for me to be inclined to trust him.
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    I dunno. Unless you have liver damage or a compromised immune system, your body is pretty damn good at cleansing itself. We are exposed to all kinds of toxins daily (even if we don't drink/use) and yet we live 70, 80, 90+ years. People used to say that LSD stayed in your spinal fluid for decades. Bullshit.


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