Thread: Trial for Neo-Nazi Accused of Killing Woman at Charlottesville 'Unite the Right'

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    @What23: i agree with swillow.

    people are not always what they appear to be. there are aspects of ourselves that are always hidden behind a curtain of some kind or another. it's why it's called discovering ones self or knowing ones self. so i get where your coming from.

    yes, if a black person did this they should get the same treatment, just as the white guy should get the same treatment. judgement should be passed on morals, fairness, truth and legal system but this isn't a perfect world.

    your gonna find one thing very odd about me: sex, race, religion, politics, etc.. all of those things in this world people choose to define themselves as and use to separate themselves from everyone else means lil to nothing to me in the same context everyone else thinks about it...





    people are people. we are all human. if people want to make a big stink out of what color they are, what sex organs they have or how unfair anything is and not going about things in a correct way and instead keep complaining well... wish in one hand and shit in the other. the world will be a very stinky place soon and there's no whining when the "fittest" are in control of everything cause they can't stand it.

    having rights means having to fight for them. having rights means working to keep them. having rights are a responsibility and not a privilege. not rolling over when someone says something is unfair.

    it means you gotta put in the time to see the truth of something the best you can. to put in effort at thinking about a situation and the outcome of it. especially what the repercussions of that outcome should be if someone else is done wrong and how exactly they were done wrong; you've done a lot of this already in a way. but the point is a human being ran over and killed another human being (intentional or not) and needs to be punished for it. it's pretty apparent at this time the guy is not trying to hide his connections with a bunch of race haters. not letting hate determine the outcome in a systematic way is what defines society in one way in terms of law. spreading hate is just as bad as taking a life out of hate imo. leave it up to the investigators and those who are in a seat of authority to make the right decision, if they do not then change the system.

    hitler was a human being and i can sympathize with that as well. i like the inner workings of that dudes mind but i am not anywhere close to sharing his views on killing other people, especially for the same reasons he did. he was a smart and charismatic mother f**ker. going out of his way to kill off that many people (not just jews) and spreading the havoc he did is beyond reproach. it was flat out wrong.

    i agree with you on the whites being treated unfairly part but that's not to sympathize with race haters (or to say all whites are not guilty of doing something wrong), it's to say people need to stop blaming other people for their problems, people need to stop believing that hate is something that doesn't exist, they need to start believing that the only way things will get better is with a lil bit of effort.

    life is hard, people as a whole suck (not all the time) and anything worth having is worth fighting for. in this country we choose to use protesting as a weapon of peace instead of spreading violence, fear and hate. this kid decide the latter over the former; that is evident. why he did it is relevant only to the judicial system in an impartial way. why he did it matters to people only because they either judge someone and are wrong themselves or they are wise and choose to avoid those kind of people or help them see the error of their way.

    personally: kid should go to jail. how long? 50 years minimum. when i say minimum i don't mean parole, isolation, nothing. he wants to take a life, society should take his without crossing that line of taking his mortality. we stick those "fittest" in jail for a reason, why we keep letting them back out when things haven't changed with them, idk.

    Quote Originally Posted by SheWasLvL18
    Quote Originally Posted by zephyr
    In one way of thinking, the whole background if perp and victim and the circumstances surrounding the events of the crime are totally relevant in determining the sentence.
    Exactly. Context is important.
    exactly exactly!
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    ?Hopefully, this will signal a chance for healing, although I am not entirely optimistic about that because the entire culture in which we live is so steeped these days in white supremacy and white nationalism that violence is becoming less an exception to the practice of American democracy and more like a brutal showing of it,? Lisa Woolfork, a University of Virginia professor who was in a crowd of counter-protesters, told AP News.

    This part of the original post seems pretty exaggerated, is there really a dramatic increase in white supremacy and violence that's obvious?

    If so, did these people magically spring out of nowhere or were always there except just not out in the open?

    People dont just automatically decide to become a white supremist overnight, if theres anything to be done about changing this behaviour then its figuring out how this happens.

    Mainly a lot of education when they are kids and some exposure to other cultures besides their own would help.

    I would think families pass down their perspectives.

    I would have thought a Professor that wa as interviewed as above would realise the way to fight hate groups is to educate , have some kind of open sharing of views and to realise that the freedom of speech these groups do have does not mean anyone really will listen anyway, if the whole thing had have been basically ignored it wouldnt have made many headlines.

    Just a bunch of losers marching about and yelling really
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    invegauser- are you 'white', in a white majority area? Or are you a somewhat privileged person to live in a country whose core population is white (like, 90% + in rural parts, like the U.S., England, Scotland, Germany...)? You say you don't care, but so often, the reality has been that enough people care - that enough reality exists that supports that being in a "minority" makes life more difficult in most circumstances. The western countries have been the first that I'm aware of that have had stable and robust economies and/or enough wealth to make it possible that people, many people can enjoy certain freedom in a bubble. In most times throughout history, and this will happen again if we fail, so I tend to treat this as something at the base, like a black mamba near my horse's legs or something (I'm trying to be creative), that I have to be aware of, it did matter who/what we are, even if we're idealistic. In most cases, still, you will face extra challenges being "in the minority". If it doesn't "matter"--to a white person in a white country inhabited by minorities that you're trying not to be a dick to (naturally, as it hurts the "group" not be a "group", and we would sense this, and 'pain', and want to avoid that as much as possible), it's at least in part just because of a desire for it not to matter, and also, you probably just don't see it from the perspective of 'have nots'. Or if they "took over".

    I tend to view what occurs as in behaviors of individuals as more a face of a reality that still exists whether or not someone is "wearing it" or not(?). Hitler was very much like any other cell, interlinked within cells interlinked within cells, cells cells cells. LOL.

    There is a basic process that's the same. You can hang the guy but the spirit that made him still exists. The reasons he made the "choices" he made still exist. He doesn't really have enough power, to be that unique.
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    Quote Originally Posted by What23
    are you 'white', in a white majority area? Or are you a somewhat privileged person to live in a country whose core population is white (like, 90% + in rural parts, like the U.S., England, Scotland, Germany...)?
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