Thread: What you do//any advice: neighbor's vicious dog attacked.

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    What you do//any advice: neighbor's vicious dog attacked. 
    My neighbor's vicious ass dog pulled my little Eggy under the chain link fence today. Only thing I could do was scream and bang a stick up against the fence to stop it and hope one of their drunk asses hear me from their garage. If I left, the dog would have kept attacking her.

    Luckily the dog didn't even make a scratch on mine (I truly believe because Eggy was too small and wiggly on top of being in like 3 inches of gross mud.)

    *the other dog looks to be a full Aussie. Possibly chow mixed. Eggy is a chi/pickangnese mix, super tiny*

    I'm a dog lover. I even TRIED to save this dog during harvey. She was a stray, I got her in my backyard, she got out and she's been with my neighbors since. HOWEVER, dog lover or not I understand that "Bad" dogs are very real and this is one. She's chased my grandparents/me/my other dogs/she bites the other dog in their yard. The dog is dangerous, on top of intelligent. As for the neighbors, they are textbook alcoholic rednecks. Honestly just fucking stupid beyond any reason. I've TRIED to talk/reason an i get nothing.

    WHAT DO I DO? (What would you do?)
    Legally, I don't really have shit. I can't just call the pound because the dog was still in its yard and no damage (plus, they'd know it was me). I'm just so scared of that ever ever ever happening again. And like I said, this isnt the first incident. She's got ahold of my other dog once when she got out of her yard, I chased her away with a rake. My brother wants to shoot her; As much as I hate the idea, I understand why. We have smaller kids, it takes ONE bite. Honestly, with how bad off this dog is I don't believe ANYONE besides a professional could help her.

    Picture of my little ugly Eggy.

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    Probably unnecessary but extra stuff nonetheless; I considered a hot wire just until we put up a better fence (our yard is huge so it is costly) however, I have a 2 year old an I don't think it could work. I also however have no doubt if she were to stick her fingers through the fence where the dog is BARKING AND GROWLING 24/7, they would be gone. I can't stress the word "vicious" enough.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the situation. Unfortunately, a Rottweiler I had as a child had to be put down since it attacked another dog (that was out of the neighbors yard). It was a pretty unfair situation, but honestly until a dog bites someone it is hard to legally have anything be done.

    If children were not present, I would slap some cattle grade electric fence up in a heart beat haha! Do you share just one edge of the yard with the neighbor? If that is so, I would consider some chicken or goat wire (cheap and sturdy) that you can just put over what is there (make sure you set in ground a little too) for the time being. They also make some weaker hot 'fabric' wire that charges with solar panel boxes that might also do the trick.

    I would also consider a taser baton just in case a situation does happen again where you can safely intervene and remove the animal (or child!) that is being attacked.

    BTW, I think little Eggy's under-bite is absolutely adorable.
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    Awe. She's cute! I had a problem with my dog digging under where the chain link fence is broken. He would get into my neighbor's yard in order to stalk their kitty. So I placed some bricks in that spot in an effort to prevent him from escaping. Maybe you could do something similar- like with cinder blocks?

    If that's not possible, can you put her on a chain to keep her away from the fence? Like one of those spike things you put into the ground and it comes with a tether. My son got one for his dog at Wal-mart because he can't always walk him. I don't think there is too much you can do about your neighbors but I'm glad Eggy didn't get hurt!
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    I have a Doberman and he's 3 and half yrs old and defending against aggresive breeds can be a lot more tricky but one from street can be the same.

    What I do to others beside to insert my finger inside their ass, if I don't have a knife or a weapon on me, I come from his back and put his mouth down and right at the stomach I kick him ( If u don't have enough power, hold with the elbow against his throat)

    But I mostly recommend the finger method
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