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    Sent to the psychward (It was hell) (rant 
    Hi I just need to vent. I apologize for the long rant, I?m just venting. My life has been hell for the last couple of months. I was sent to the psychward recently for a total of 43 days. I?m from Washington state (horrible state by the way) Washington has terrible regulations revolving mental health. The justice system is a bit better though. Anyway I was sent to the psychward two times for real health reasons, which is extremely unfair.

    First time I had a seizure in my car when I was on drugs. Second time I endured a heart attack. Both times I was under the influence, and not treated. They didn?t even test my blood for the enzymes ( they are released when you have an heart attack). I was sent immediately to the psychward. They did a blood draw but the blood was never tested. It got quote on quote ?stale?. They waited too long and never even checked if I had a heart attack. Keep in mind I was in the worst agony of my life. The pain I experienced was literally the worst pain I?ve ever experienced. It was a severe heart attack and im only 24. It?s not right at all. However since drugs was in my system Washington forces you to go to a psychward instead of getting treated. You?re not taken seriously for real health issues after you?re in the mental health court system. No matter what health issue you have you?re immediately sent to the psychward and you are not treated once you?re in the system sadly.

    I spoke to all the patients and most have the same experience. They endure the same ?treatment?. My friend couldn?t breath from lung cancer. They sent him to the psychward. He?s unable to see if he even has lung cancer now. Go to the hospital for health issues and end up in the psychward, rather then being treated. A very messed up system. By the way the state pays these establishments millions of dollars to ?treat? these people. It?s all business. Money is truly the root to all evil.

    If you didn?t know if you try to kill yourself you always end up locked up in the psychward. Rather then helping these miserable people they are punished. One guy I met shot himself in the head. He tried committing suicide. Now he?s forced to be locked up in the mental ward for 6 months, he was charged with the gun he used to try to kill himself, and he?s going to prison after. He was extremely depressed and alone. Now he wakes up to the worst situation he?s ever been through. He talked about how he?s so miserable being locked up there he wishes he actually died. If you try killing yourself but fail you end up in the loony bin for months if not years. Many people don?t know this. These people are extremely depressed and sadly they?re forced to be in an even worst predicament after. They?re locked up with violent and insane people. They?re freedom is taken away. They?re life is even worse. A cruel system. You get no real help in these psychwards either. Youre just punished. Suicide is never the answer. A lot, if not the majority of people are there for attempted suicide. It?s such a unfair and evil system. I feel so bad for so many of these people. It?s a horrible system no one knows about.

    I heard horror stories. One of my friends fell of a bridge. Broke all his legs spine and shits in a bag. They held him there for a year (he?s still in there sadly. He was completely normal too. One of the most normal people I met there. I feel horrible that people go through so much to end up locked in the psychward. It?s complete HELL in there. It?s worst then jail. You?re stuck with the most crazy and violent people out there. They all scream, talk nonsense to themselves, and are completely out of their mind. It?s not fair. It?s a horrible system, and I?ve experienced it myself first hand.

    Keep in mind I talked to a lot of people and they all experienced the same thing. If you have mental issues or you?re struggling with drugs you are not treated for health issues. You?re locked up and punished.
    That?s Washington state for you. It?s a horrible system that only makes your life even worse after the fact you had a severe health issue or a traumatic event. Anyway the second time was even worse. I had a heart attack and I was sent to the psychward for another month. I endured the worst pain imaginable during that second ?incarnation? after having a heart attack. After that traumatic incident I was forced to endure the worst conditions possible for a month after enduring the worst pain and agony of my life. If you didn?t know once you go to a psychward you are always sent back there. If you admit yourself to the hospital for a real health issue you?re not treated, especially if drugs have been in your system. You?re not taken seriously. You?re sent immediately to the psychward. I admit I lost it a bit on drugs due to my stress levels and being up for weeks at a time. Being up for weeks at a time made me hallucinate. Lack of sleep tacks a toll on your mind. But I?m completely normal off drugs hence why I was forced to be around the most crazy and violent people for a total of 43 days.

    But I had severe health issues that got me sent to the psychward rather then be treated. Going through such a traumatic experience then being forced to be around the most insane people takes an extreme toll on you. I suffered extreme chest pains and shortness of breath for over 3 weeks there after having a heart attack. Not only was the heart attack the worst pain of my life, it was also the most traumatizing. It makes no sense to send someone sane into an environment full of the most insane people for drugs after enduring severe health issues.

    I saw patients violently attack staff. One of my roommates punched a staff member in the head multiple times right in front of me. I was forced to sleep next to this person after. Talk about getting no sleep and on top of that I suffered the worst panic attacks of my life. On top of that I was around people that were insane. I admit drugs is a terrible drug, lack of sleep plus it?s effects make you lose it after awhile. I hate the drug I was doing now. I didn?t even enjoy it. I was just terrified the whole time from certain aspects that were going on in in my life plus the lack of sleep took its toll. How is it right to send someone who?s completely sane when he?s off drugs to a psychward after having health issues? Did it help me in anyway? No it made me worse off. Nothing good came from it. Think about being around mentally ill people for 43 days. It makes you feel crazy just being there. The amount of stress you endure is much worse then you think. How is it appropriate to put someone with health issues in a psychward? The moment I was sent there I automatically get sent to the psychward now. No matter what health issues you?re having. If I?m dying I can?t even go to the hospital as anything I say is invalid, once your sent to the psychward no matter what health issues your having they automatically put you in the loony bin. Everyone I talked to is immediately sent to the psychward after having real health issues. Once you?re in there you?re entire credibility is shot down. You?re punished not treated.

    If I ever have extreme chest pains or shortness of breath I can?t even go to the hospital in fear that I?ll be sent back to the psychward. I admitted myself into the hospital by calling 911 and told them I was having a heart attack. Immediately after I was sent in the ambulance as I?m having the worst heart attack imaginable I?m sent right to the psychward and given a month. It?s a horrible situation I?m in that I can?t escape.
    If I?m having health issues I never go to the hospital anymore as I know what the outcome may be. I?ve had moments where I think I?m dying from a second heart attack and I can?t bring myself to risk ending up back in the psychward now. I?m automatically denied treatment now that I?m in their system. There?s nothing I can do either I went to different hospitals every time and I?m still not treated, not taken seriously, immediately strapped down, and sent to live long periods around the most insane people imaginable. A lot of them are violent. You can?t even have a conversation with any of them, because when you do they speak complete nonsense. No one at the psychward even looks at you when they talk. They?re incapable of even having a conversation. You start talking to them, at first they seem normal but after 30 seconds they start speaking nonsense. So your forced to isolate yourself as much you can. You can?t escape it though. You?re forced to hear screaming, yelling fighting, complete nonsense, people speaking gibberish for 24 hours a day. Think about what that does to you, you mentally detoriate as days go on and on.
    On top of that I have severe ptsd. I have been through hell and back so I experience horrible anxiety. So that just makes everything worse. I apologize for ranting but I need to vent my frustrations and anger for the situation I?m in. I also don?t deserve it in my opinion. I?m a good guy, I don?t steal, I have morals, I treat everyone well, I treat others the way I would want them to treat me. I seriously have been through horrible traumatizing events in my life, and it just gets worse. On top of that after being released I?m on mental health court probation. So I?m forced to be completely depressed in my mind for months after. Drugs and alcohol really help my anxiety ptsd and depression. It?s the only thing that helps. It?s an escape from reality. Yet I?m forced to be sober, I?m forced to have no relief, I?m forced to be depressed, I?m forced to be in my thoughts , reliving the pain I?ve been through, even after suffering a heart attack.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. I am a psychward veteran in Florida and Vermont and it is the same story in most of them - no medical attention whatsoever and very little psychiatric attention from a doctor who only meets with his patients 5, perhaps 10 minutes at most, meanwhile you know they're cashing in on your insurance payouts. One time when I was at a place called The Center for Drug Free Living (ironically located next to a liquor store) one other guy said you'd get more medical attention over at "33rd St." (county lockup). The only exceptions are the more expensive privately run, facilities, or those associated with teaching hospitals.
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    That sounds worse than what I've experienced in Alabama. They held me 25 days after a suicide attempt and only that long because I was actively suicidal on the unit. They send people to the state hospital after 4-5 attempts it seemed from people I talked to. You can be kept there awhile I'm sure and you probably end up being on a government leash for years after release.

    The short term wards where decent. The university hospital was nice. Good groups. Structured rec time playing volleyball everyday. Decent food. Great doctors.

    The 2 regional hospitals left much to be desired. Dirty smelly places with rude staff. Less treatment on every level. One put me in a jumpsuit like I was in prison.
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