Thread: What has your expereince been with antidepressants?

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    Strange, though, that it doesn't have the super-addiction that meth and even regular amphetamine can have.
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    Horrible. Plain and simple. LexiPro, Mirtazapine and several others that I cant exactly think of as ive tried so hard to block them out of my mind. Serious unwanted weight gain, extremely unhealthy, no excercise, felt horrible and scared if I missed a dose and just ruined me for a long time after taking them.

    Made me feel alot more down in myselfz gave me the worst anxiety known to man which I still suffer from today, extremely unsociable.

    Talk to someone, ring family, friends, see a councillor, just do whatever you possibly can to avoid these really horrible drugs. They are solely for pharmaceutical companies profits and that's it. Now this is simply just my opinion and my experience. What didnt work for me, may have worked for several others im just giving my opinion and experience so you can maybe weigh out the positive and negative comments.

    Hope your ok and everything goes well for each and everyone of you guys. Stay safe, Peace, Mr.Heffo94.
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