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    made baklava tonight. had a piece at a mediterranean place yesterday. decided i wanted a tray of it. test run, but still went all out. 35+ layers here ...

    anyone else making something good?
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    Oh man that looks so good! I love baklava. You should submit this to the current photo contest (topic: food). I have to make the poll still so you didn't miss the cutoff.

    I made a really nice baked salmon with Chinese-style stir-fried vegetables 2 nights ago. It was the second time I managed to really get it to resemble Chinese food in the subtleties of the flavor.
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    Baklava is the best.

    I'm armenian, so my grandma used to make it all the time!

    The crisp.. The sweetness.. the zesy crust.. and some of those are Giant pieces, too.
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