Thread: What drug helps you anxiety and depression most? (+ what about Wellbutrin?)

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    What drug helps you anxiety and depression most? (+ what about Wellbutrin?) 
    So I have pretty bad anxiety, depression and OCD. I take Klonopin and Lexapro, and those help for my social anxiety, but I'm still a very anxious person and still very depressed.

    I know that the best thing I could do right now is quit most or all drugs, including caffeine which makes me very anxious and start exercising really hard, and I'm going to seriously cut down on substances soon (coffee too) and get back to exercising a lot, but I wonder if maybe there are drug options, both that my psych could prescribe, or even illegal ones or ones that can be found online, that might help.

    Honestly, Kratom is the best thing I've ever used for both anxiety and depression, but I need to cut down on that a lot or even quit (AT LEAST temporarily) as I don't like being dependent and WD makes me depressed and tired. Phenibut and F-Phenibut help temporarily, but I'd never let myself do those a lot as dependence is terrible.

    I'd REALLY like to try microdosing shrooms and plan on it at some point but right now where I live is not a good place to start trying to grow spores, so I have to wait to move to another place for that which may be sometime.

    I'm very interested in Ketamine infusions, but I don't know how easy that is to get prescribed.

    I'm also interested in Kambo and may try that, but for other reasons now isn't a great time for it.

    Since I like to drink and use certain other drugs I need to be careful when asking for prescriptions for things to be sure they don't interact badly, and I don't know what else to try, but someone did suggest Wellbutrin as it is different from SSRIs and also good for addictions which I have, and it would be nice to have less cravings for substances as well so any choice I make to use is less impulsive.

    Has anyone here felt that Wellbutrin has helped for their anxiety, depression or OCD?

    Are there any other drugs or supplements of any kind that people would recommend?

    I'm also totally open to any suggestions that aren't drugs (I've tried neurofeedback, hypnosis, exercise, a little meditation, and all have had some good results also, but not as much as I'd like).

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    In my case walking seems to have the most benefit on my anxiety but also Buspar the medication. Walking and buspar seems to have my anxiety under control. Walking at least a mile a day makes a big difference I think it has something to do with clearing the mind or cleansing the mind of your living area, tv, ect and over the course of the walk you decide what to think about. Walking is like meditation.

    Buspar seems to help reduce the feeling of anxiety almost immediately but doesn't cure it right away. I think it takes a couple weeks of using it to get the anxiety to go away all the way. Buspar is not a benzo its actually really inert there is no noticeable effect whatsoever besides having less anxiety. After a month of taking it I haven't had any serious anxiety.

    Before I would get severe anxiety where im clenching fists and teeth and feeling like I want to destroy everything. Almost into a psychosis.

    I would have to say that buspar alone doesnt cure anxiety it just really reduces the potency of it. Combined with walking, in my case, has made my anxiety go away.
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    You've been a member for several years, so you should know that BLUA, but I'll let this off as a warning...

    This site does not allow people to suggest drugs for others to take. MH in particular strictly prohibits this kind of talk. Especially when it comes to self-medicating with controlled substances.

    No amount of anecdotes will advise you better than your doctor. We can't and won't give out recommendations, as it is not our place. Talk to your doctor, seriously.

    When it comes to non-medication suggestions, we can suggest some of those. That said, all of your questions can be found in other places. Here, we don't tell people what to take, other than by order of a competent doctor. PM me if needed and we may open a thread about non-medication actions.


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