Thread: Benzo, Vyvanse, Vybrid, Seroquel, Intuiv, Propranolol, Wellbutrin XR

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    Benzo, Vyvanse, Vybrid, Seroquel, Intuiv, Propranolol, Wellbutrin XR 
    So I am disabled and diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, bipolar and mind crushing migraines. I've been treated for over 2 decades. Recently just got bad news and going through chemotherapy.

    My psych meds are so helpful. However my pain meds are not working. They put me on fentanyl and Roxy. The fentanyl is worthless. The acute pain is only helped by IV meds. However, I am a needle phobe. I've been on morphine, vicodin, oxy, hydrocodone, empada, fentanyl, lomotil, and Roxy. Currently I'm on Roxy and Fentanyl, but I'm in serious need of replacement for the fentanyl. I've been looking into Opana ER. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Sorry, no, we don't suggest medications or otherwise drugs for people, especially Scheduled substances.

    Talk to your doctor.

    *Sigh* please read the bluelight user agreement.

    Open for now because no explicit question about what drug to get. This is on very thin ice.

    Acupuncture and massage are things we can recommend. No "what drug should I take". Kapeesh?
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