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    Hi all, always reading but first time posting 
    Hi, 49 yr old woman here, tried meth 2 years ago and am now a heavy user, 2 grams a week. Can't seem to get off this shit on my own, but no way I can go to rehab. I've read about kratom being helpful but can't seem to get a straightforward answer on what to expect, what strain I should use, how much, etc. I also have ADHD and am unmedicated so it affects differently it seems. Any knowledge you're willing to share would be most appreciated .
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    Hey I am 25 from Cali been clean from crystal 6 months. Weed, kradom or getting a lighter stimulant prescribed for you adhd May help with cravings and help you ease down. How are you though? Are you able to keep a job and a place to live? Let me know if you find something that works!
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    Welcome to Bluelight Aline328 - Glad to have you.

    Meth is a beast of a drug. I give you props for being so proactive in wanting to get off of it. Here are some places you may like to check out: The Dark Side for support from others having issues with addiction, and Sober Living to help maintain any progress you've made. There is also a Kratom Mega Thread that you may be interested in:

    These sub-forums and threads can offer a lot more than i can, so i urge you to check them out!

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