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    hi everyone. new here and looking for support in regards to P.T.S.D. Any thoughts, suggestions will be taken on board...
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    what help are you getting? is there anything you've tried that hasn't worked? are you able to get specialist therapy? i've had wonderful experiences with EMDR and ART and i think EMDR is now well established for PTSD, it seems too good to be true but, for a therapy, its well supported by research.
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    Hey I've been diagnosed with PTSD myself here as well. I made a similar post in the Sober Living subforums and got a pretty decent reply, might get better responses there.

    Personally, I haven't really found anything that really manages it completely. I've come to understand it as part of my personality and a struggle that I will likely deal with for the rest of my life although it doesn't have to control and dictate my life.

    Some things that help are benzodiazipines, music, support groups, intense adrenaline inducing activities, and cannabis. Benzos and cannabis are both risky in that they both carry the problem of dependence and addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy has also really helped me a lot- the symptoms are still there but they don't feel as scary or life controlling anymore. Just more like part of my personality that I need to be aware of and vigiliant in managing. Exercise really helps as well to help regulate my mood.
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    ive had help through various sources... as far as VA goes, they can fuck themselves. i have a good counselor right now, but even they say that my illness is far beyond their scope. having no family doesnt help either. so i could safely say, that if not for my beloved dog, i wouldnt be talking to you right now...
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