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    Trapped in liquid handcuffs 
    Hey, I'm 33, from australia...2 years clean of a 13 year heroin and Meth habit but mostly heroin, still an addict, still get cravings and wanna rip my hair out or try get a little high from my prescription for drugs like Valium or anything I can think of so I'm not doing the best, I but I'm not perfect. Tried absolutly everything I'm absolutely any way... Now after all of that I have given myself delusional paranoia and now take Latuda a drug for skitzofrenia sorry bout the spelling, and if I miss even one dose I fly off the handles and think everyone's out to get me. I it's fucked anyway keen to chat if anyone needs any advice
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    Hey Sheep274 - I think the title of your intro, all though i don't entirely understand it. Could you go into more detail?

    And i think it's really noble of you to want so eagerly to help other people. That really sounds like a great role in the community, and of course you'll receive everything you gave back, in good feels.

    So welcome you to Bluelight!
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    Hey Sheep, baa baa. Always love to welcome a fellow Aussie to the boards
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