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    Saying goodbye! 
    I want to express a great joy I have in me for all that have helped me!

    I love all of you! I?m going into ministry. Iv been delivered. Healed of all my pain.

    To all that loved me and gave me drink thru wisdom I appreciate it so much. To all that condemn me. Please come to the cross cuz Jesus is about to come back. I?ll stay here to read the comments and answer any questions anyone has!

    Please know that you?re all loved by the Alimighty. Love all of you. God will heal you!
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    That's wonderful, man. Good luck to you, you seem like you would be good at ministry from your contributions here.
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    Awe thank you!!!
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    Best of luck to you dear Sonic.

    your friend,
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    Thank you.
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    You will be missed but I'm pleased to see you make this decision in serving God.
    (((much love)))
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    Just keep this positive thread going. I may not go anywhere! Lol!
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    Love all of you!
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    Remember the Name Daniel Aubrey Ball. When you see me preaching to millions!
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    Love you Sonic!

    Be well.
    Be happy.

    God Bless You!
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    Loves you too girl.
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    This brings me so much joy.
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    Peace and Love my man.
    - We don't see things the way they are, we see things the way we are. -
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    Thank you!!!!!!
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    Keep this thread HOT. So ppl are inspired.
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