Thread: Feedback looping humanity into Google's social,how about no?

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    Feedback looping humanity into Google's social,how about no? 
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    I was just made aware of that video Google leaked out then pretended it was an accident and that it was just for internal employee training...right.

    I don't know that couple but that's the creepiest trailer for a documentary I've ever seen.

    I knew I was extremely individually minded, reinforced by the ethos of punk, hardcore punk, some genres of artsy side is mostly just music, I play drums since I'm 10 and some string instruments.

    This convinces me ever more to tell people to get rid of their smartphone, get a regular cell phone, there's some sweet-ass ones still, although mine will likely stop working when my provider drops GSM, I don't much about cellular types of communications, but I know GSM is pretty old and some providers don't offer it anymore,but my Motorola that cannot be on the internet, which has like 8 ports, a 25gb hard drive and is really music-centric, is all I need. You don't need a vending machine with no ports at all like some tablets and phones are today, I'm still amazed that my mother's ASUS tablet only has a port to charge the thing.

    Get rid of wifi in your home, turn it off, if you can't, at least disable 5G, it came with my imposed router/modem 3 years ago, one day last year the thing updated itself and made it very difficult to find where one can disable wonder. If you've lived in the same place for a decade+ now and had broadband of some manner, I got cable modem in 1999 but I'm aware that was just because I live in a first world country *cough*, that cable company in my province was offering cable modem by if you've lived in that situation, you likely have holes drilled in some rooms for ethernet cables. Use those, not only is it faster, more stable, any device that's not a fondleslab, so laptops and desktops and I guess the laptops which allow you to take off the screen and use it as such all have ethernet ports. With the speeds available today by fibre, cable and dsl plans that aren't rip-offs for really fast plans are out there, at least here, go with the small ISP's that only offer internet by cable/dsl and landlines if you cannot afford fibre internet. Even then, my FTTH connection comes with a modem/router that cannot be flashed with say DD-WRT and other better than the proprietary software in almost all cases, especially when forced upon you...I know there are ways to take mine out, with stuff like pfSense and other devices, but it's no easy task, but I'll have to do it so as to have real control to that network we're on that was conceived by behavioral psychologists before the network engineers etc.

    When/if my regular cell phone's mode of communication stops being usable and I mean, the thing is from 2013, there's still cool cellphones that aren't basically tracking and behaviour changing devices being sold. Sure, the 911 chip or such worked even on my old regular LG in 2007 even if it was turned off (the whole phone, not the option to disable it...), well it'll be goodbye for a while until I can afford a satellite phone, they're still close to 1k for the cheapest...but that's the only solution if you want to avoid Huxley brothers hive mind dreams (and now clearly, Google's).

    Oh and use duckduckgo, only use google's search engine if you can't find what you're looking for on there, it's basically as good as the old pre-personalization google search by now, it's like searching google from a virgin brand new connection, not like google needs you to be logged in to perform personalization.

    I agree with what she says near the end, the old saying that tech is neutral, it's what you do with it that matters, some tech is intrinsically ominously about mind control. Those old deadheads, a lot of em anyway, not all, that built-up silicon valley forgot what an Ego in the 70's and passed on those collectivistic thought models to the next generation. Me,myself and I is more important than anything else (this encompasses who I care about, because if I care about them, it's because they value me too). Psychedelics have a use and to me it was always at odds with the vast majority of users of those drugs I would encounter in real life and online, it seems they enjoy becoming part of a collective soup of human thought, while I've always been and most of my true friends who also indulged, we were hardheads and visuals from 2 blotter in the late 90's would be extremely rare, even 3g of shrooms did not shatter my reality, I could see how it could and did not want to get more. That intuition I've had all along, my internal dialogue if you will, is mine and will only be shared if I consciously decide to, taking myself out if that very important sense of self and more importantly, how I know deeply over time that I should always have listened to my own little voice when I was trying to ignore it. Peer pressure never worked on me as a teen/young adult, I made more bad decisions by crossing the lines in my own self.

    This could have been posted on at least a few other boards but since the ramifications of the tech Google is letting people know when they feel like it's the right time are more than simply code...intrusion into genetics and things like CRISPR are Umbrella Corp. levels of insane geniuses with very little wisdom, if at all. I'll be watching that whole documentary "The Minds of Men" when my spook levels go way down.

    posted from a slackware running AMD-FX8350 Black Edition desktop connected to an ethernet cable to the damn proprietary modem/router for the FTTH fibre that's 450/450 mbps for a little less than a hundred bucks a month with a landline and one TV plugged not with the wifi thingy that takes up an ethernet port for wifi tv, I asked for the very long cable because the old lady wants a TV in the house for purposes other than plugging a desktop or laptop to it with an hdmi cable.

    Seems like Google should relocate to North Korea and perfect the Kim religion over there, its ripe with a complete lack of self-awareness already and gtfo my internets already.
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    Microsoft made some creepy "future vision" videos too. It's probably not realistic for a tech company to run the world, which is how they present their visions and what makes them creepy. A lot of ideas that look cool in promotional videos don't even get traction in the real world. Some of it is such nonsense anyway, who wants to use a solution in search of a problem? Do you keep a journal? I don't. What use could I have for a ledger with the power to nag? It's like ... Google Wife for your Google Life. No thanks.

    I switched full-time to DuckDuckGo a while ago, they have adopted the features that I found useful on Google (summaries, unit conversions) and meanwhile Google went completely mad and started to nerf good results and push more advert waste to the top.
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