Thread: Best drugs to send to prisoners?

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    Best drugs to send to prisoners? 
    My boyfriend just got eight years in the North Carolina department of corrections, and I'm trying to find out the best way to get him something. He wants me to send him k2 spray, but I got to thinking that I could break down other drugs and spray them on paper also. I'm doing research,but I can't find any threads on k2 spray. And I don't know where to look. What do you guys think, should I just stick with the k2 spray? I was thinking about maybe some 2cb because I really enjoy that high. Where do I buy the spray? Can I just buy the k2 "aromatherapy" liquid and spray that? How concentrated Is it, how do I figure out the dosing? Any comments are welcome, I'm just stumbling around in the dark here. I was taking subutex, crushing it up and mixing it with paint, but they don't allow paint in the prison mail. So any ideas will be appreciated, thank you.

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