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    Help! Dr took sudden leave of absence 
    Hi all, fairly new to group. Having an issue. My doc has prescribed me pain meds for a while now. I have a knee injury that I?m putting off surgery till after holidays to fix.
    Anyway, I contacted the office yesterday to make an appointment for refil. They said he?s taken an extended leave of absence and likely won?t return till we?ll into November. I told them I am on medication that can?t be suddenly stopped. They recommended I see a PA at an affiliated practice but that it will be at her discretion wether I will get a new rx from her. NY (as well as the rest of the country) has some pretty stringent laws regarding opiate prescriptions. I?m kind of freaking out. I don?t want to get sick. I skipped a dose yesterday just to see how I would do and my knee was throbbing. I?m on 10/325 oxycodone at the max dd. I have always been good about taking meds as directed. I?ve never given my doc a reason to think I was abusing them. I know for sure I am dependent though. Anyone have any insight regarding a situation like this? I want to know what I can anticipate when I see this new PA tomorrow. Will she just shut me down all together since she?s never met me before? Or will she look over my chart and see my case through ?unjaded? perspective?

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    Hi Julia,

    I'm afraid that Bluelight does not allow discussion about getting or maintaining prescriptions from doctors. Therefore, this thread will be closed.


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