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    Base Camp 1 
    I must approach this in a new light. A new frame of mind has been attained and my last journal has been abandoned.

    I will take this very slowly. Very small posts.

    2 months clean today.
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    Congratulations, Save!


    "All of the significant battles are waged within the self." -- Sheldon Kopp
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    The avatar size calls for something to the point if you will. A symbol might work best but everyone finds what works for them. I guess for me the only thing I can think of that will work is directly symbolic. Perhaps an object or just an image made small will do the trick too.

    And so I would like to share some images to reflect how I am feeling right now a little more vividly.

    I should note part of my addiction is purely biological. That makes this all the more delicate and quite frankly difficult. (video not supported for embedding)
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    Nice visuals!!

    I know exactly how you feel.

    Congratulations on 2 month's! You are doing a great job.

    Solid ground will return underneath your feet. It will!

    Much Love!
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    Didn't see your old thread but if you are 2 months clean what made you abandon the old journal? What's your DOC?

    Good luck anyway. Hope all stays well.
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    Thanks! Thank you all! I am shy even online! SO please excuse any bizarre responses or lack thereof.

    I will try to be amiable and sociable. Actually I plan on discontinuing self-help meetings offline and transitioning to just here and the NoFap (*cough*) support forum community.

    Rio it is so hard to say what my DOC is, in my first inpatient rehab I was called a "garbagehead" by the attending doctor. Does that answer it? As of late I found myself being killed by a chemical known as propylhexedrine. Not without life deteriorating levels of alcohol. And pixel damage.
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