Thread: Just in time for Halloween: share an eerie legend from where you live

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    Just in time for Halloween: share an eerie legend from where you live 
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    One of the most famous North American hauntings, the legend of The Bell Witch, took place not too far from where I grew up in Tennessee and was the basis for the film An American Haunting starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek. The Bell Witch was a spirit that terrorized the Bell family farm in the early 19th century, eventually causing family patriarch John Bell to fall ill and ultimately poisoning him. With its earthly mission apparently completed, the spirit departed, promising to return in seven years, which it did. On the return visit, it promised to return in 107 years, which would have been 1935. Perhaps it did return and no one was around to realize it.

    One of the better known Central Florida legends is that of the "Interstate 4 Dead Zone." In the late 19th century, the Roman Catholic Church attempted to start a colony on the Florida frontier, called St. Joseph's Colony. The colony was short lived and was wiped out by a yellow fever epidemic. Four members of the same family were buried in the same spot and remained there undisturbed until 1960. Although the land changed hands, landowners knew of the graves and respected them. The land containing the graves were purchased for the Interstate 4 right-of-way in 1959 and the graves were marked for relocation, however, they were not. Apparently on the very day that fill dirt for the new highway was put on top of the graves, Hurricane Donna churning in the Gulf of Mexico off Tampa took a hard right turn and took a path directly over the surveyed route for the new highway. Highway construction was halted for a month. On the day the highway opened, a tractor-trailer hauling a load of frozen shrimp jackknifed in the vicinity of the graves. There have been over 1,000 crashes at the same location since the road opened in 1963, a significant number of them fatalities. Weirdly enough, I witnessed a crash at this very spot and nearly became part of the crash myself.
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    I don't have one from where I live now, but where I used to live, there was this really creepy old graveyard. Every time my friends and I would drive past it at night, it would seem to be slightly lit with a weird green misty light. It was SUCH a creepy feeling going by there. There was a house right next to it, if you were in the basement you had to have been not 20 feet from some bodies. I'm getting chill just thinking about that graveyard now...
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