Thread: Apple's Dishonest Business Practices

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    Apple's Dishonest Business Practices 
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    I guess most of you probably know by now about Apple's notoriously user-unfriendly business practices and their record of refusing to accept liability for any of their numerous hardware failings over the years. It took them two years to even acknowledge that the failed keyboards in their newer-version Macbooks were a problem, and even then they've tried their hardest to blame customers whenever they feel they can get away with it. And then there's their failed GPUs, logic boards, overheating CPUs and so on.

    One guy who has been consistently calling them about their ruthless business practices for years is Louis Rossmann, who has a whole bunch of very informative and revealing videos which have probably done more than most to put pressure on Apple and help dampen the popularity of their products. Anyway, this is a good example of how they treat customers:

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    Very informative video CFC. Thanks for posting. I will continue to check out this guys videos. Another informative guy that shows up after the video has ended is Linus Tech Tips.I must say that I have learned quite a bit from him as well. It seems that many people have been having problems with late model Mac products, including the MacBook Pro.I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro, with the Intel i5 dual core processor. It works pretty well. It was made when quality mattered. There are videos that show how simple it is for a computer savvy person to upgrade their older Mac product, in my case, MacBook Pro, with a SSD drive, or even remove the optical (dvd) drive and add another SSD drive , tweak some settings and have pretty close to newer spec MacBook computers. You may give up a few minor conveniences but you have a screaming Mac computer for a fraction of the exaggerated cost of a new one. The major point, IMO, is the build quality is much higher in "older" units. Just choose not to buy into their bullshit tactics.
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